(Advice video) 4 reasons why your default daygame vibe is shit

Watch the video if you haven’t already. Although this entire week and the last has been nothing but student success testimonials. Yes, I have the most in the world for student pulling and getting laid. So basically to the industry, fuck your theories or idealistic thinking that sounds good on paper. I’m a scientist, I field test and tell you the data. I don’t have opinions as facts. In fact, I rarely have any opinions of my own. I just tell it as it is, so you guys get laid from my coaching.

What do I mean by one vibe? Most of my students including most dating coaches have only one vibe. So tall good looking white coaches all acts natural. There is no variations in tone or facial expressions.  What they do it vibe their SMV white privilege and their UAR or universal attractive rating value. Hell, they don’t even have to be good looking as long as they are tall. You have other lesser coaches who just acts gamey and overly confident. Of course, that gets you into number flake hell. You got Jan Lifestyle who claims to teach 3 vibes. Copy and pasted from Julien Blanc. In reality, it looks like one vibe, normal talking, and self-amusement, overconfident shit. Also, having no facial expressions and squaring off acting creepy and autistic. He acts like white guys vibbing your LMS or height, muscles. Then you have Asians who are beta, platonic who doesn’t flirt. Nobody seems to have more than two vibes or one.

What are the three components you need to have? Basically, you need to have accurate emotions. Does she even know what you are trying to emote? If you were sad, or connecting, do you look like you are connecting? Or are you too busy laughing? Do you look like the vibe you are trying to portray?

  1. Work on your facial expressions. Does it match what you want to portray? My last boot camp student, he pulled 2 girls with me. No matter how many pictures we took of his facial expressions, it all looked the same.
  2. Change your tone to match what emotion you want to portray. Is there any congruency between your tone and your facial expressions? If the answer is no, most likely you are Asian. Just kidding.
  3. Do you have any emotional impact when you do the two steps above? Most of the time, when an Asian student flirts, you feel absolutely nothing and dead inside. My good-looking second cameraman in that video. He doesn’t emote too well or I can’t feel the emotions. Sometimes narcissists can block the emotions from reaching the women. Women think with emotions and this is how you tune to their frequency.
  4. Spice it if you want to create a stronger emotional impact. There is a time to be gamey, flirty or whatever emotions. There is a time to not be like that. There is a whole timing behind it and only my Skype and boot camp students know. Of course you know what happens if you spice up a soup too much, it taste horrible. Just like your overly gamey style of game you aren’t aware of. Of course if you don’t spice up the emotions at times, you sound platonic. You become her gay best friend. Only tall white guys with looks can use no spicing or all natural. Everyone else just seems platonic.

I know this advice is a bit on the advanced side. I can talk about game for hours and you probabally don’t understand it anyways. It’s easy to talk about but hard to execute. But how did you think I pulled 2 girls on my first try? Even your natural tonality could use more accuracy in terms of the three steps above. You can push it further, but still seem natural. You push it too far, you become a cartoon. Find the balance. Only the most socially intuitive will understand this post.

Bruce Lee explained it best. Watch this video and look at his facial expressions. His tonality for different emotions and his emotional impact. Remembered for generations after generations.

If there was 2 pulls 5 approaches apart. One SDL and one pull with 2 girls. What was so calibrated it gave me this ability? Hint, hint. It’s not like you can replicate it without my training. But enjoy the knowledge.

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Edit: I don’t feel like making a new post. Just trained the second former Justin Wayne 6mm student. He is an older Latino guy. He got zero results. He also trained with Deepak 6mm program too it seems. He got laid in Europe.

His problem is directly related to this video. He can’t show the accurate emotions like I can in daygame. Its not just that, every single calibration is off in Wayne 30 for him. He needs to relearn the social skills. He is now training under me since he bought the playbook before. I never knew that until he asked for his 3 Skype coaching. After my training on Skype, he is so shocked beyond belief, he would recommend me to everyone where he lives. I can post his picture censored, but I don’t want to. I’m very surprised by the lack of results on the Justin Wayne side of things. My last name is Wayne, but I’m getting a flood of 6mm rejects or Justin Wayne victims. I’m being objective here, not trying to hate or nothing. I’m saying, it seems my coaching abilities are beyond what is normal for most daygame coaches. Maybe some guys are good MPUAs but not good coaches. He trained under all the Waynes now. For some reason, he said what I teach is different and way more calibrated down to the millisecond than the other ones. I like to think all 3 Waynes have a different LMS. My last infield girl was 8.5/10 blonde I fucked. Now I pulled another taller 6’2 Russian and same day lay. Then pulled 2 younger girls, one is 9/10. I say that because she is slightly prettier and has a better body than the last one a bit. So I am running a 9 game and a 6’2 game. While I won’t have the same results as Justin due to my LMS. I am teaching other guys like black students who has LMS and he will kill it. Asians of course has it harder. They have to work harder than the white or black guys to get over the line of fuckability. Like Bruce Lee said, do not pray for an easy life, but the strength to endure a difficult one. But we have the closest thing to a silver bullet to daygame success for you so far.


Now I’m finally on the right side of the chart teaching a 9/10 game. It only took me 5 approaches apart from one pull to another one. My efficiency is going up dramatically. Which my clients will learn too. But it took a long time to reach this level. I need to really bulk up or get ripped to improve my LMS. I might hit another plateau if the game can’t get much higher. The game is fine, it’s high enough. I believe 10 game or that style will revolve around the 5 types. Sneaky Wayne game, Chode game, Dominant game, invisible game and hybrid. Learning how to use all of them at the right situations. Ninjas often have 5 elements, earth (stability), Fire (offense), water (adaptive), wind (soft) and void (abstract). I’m getting 4 type of girls, one super pretty ones now. 2. Way younger than me, like way younger. 3. taller than me, like 6’2 level now. Lastly even some outside my subgroup.chart-smvDeepak told me when he trained me. I have a lot of room to grow. He will incrementally get better every year. But I have a ton of potential growth compared to him at this stage. It has been almost a year as a Wayne and it been a wonderful year. Regardless I’m still giving you the 9/10 game. Our game is stronger than Wayne Dating by far for student results. Our ratio system for romance and sex. It’s not all 80% romance and 20% sexual. Women might not see an Asian guy as a potential romantic partner. Of course, if he said one student got married. He was really good looking Asian guy, although his hair sucked. That’s not typical and only one of many. A lot of my calibrations I keep secret from the public, the Asian Wayne version. But Justin’s LMS is higher than mine. Black guys are preselected protector status as you can see with my students. White women in u.s love them. I give my 8.5/10 or 9/10 game now to my black students, they are unstoppable. Black guy in a month gets two fuck buddies. Same day lay the first approach after my Skype. For most of my black students, its the same story. The White student in 3 months gets 4 fuck buddy and one HB 9/10 girlfriend. He is preselected and although not good looking, his SMV being white is higher. I can’t teach you LMS. I can only improve your aesthetics or UAR though fashion. So you appear to be more attractive. Even if you aren’t by default. You don’t have to be good looking, but you can be looking good. Or just get jacked, or ripped. That helps too if you want to bypass fashion or calibration. I personally am struggling to gain any size working out. You get my point. The reason why my game is more relatable or effective than most companies were I am working with less LMS. I’m squeezing water out of a stone and a lot of it.

But I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle and both Deepak and I will get him laid. He already got laid with 6mm for Deepak, not Justin. I have no doubt about that he will get results with my coaching too. He also bought Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. His social calibration is really off. But since he will recommend me to every PUA he knows. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it. I can’t help you guys if I can’t sell to you. That is why I am trying to improve my marketing. Even if I am not a marketer, but a world-class natural at teaching daygame. If you are the best dating coach, then you should make the most money right? Wrong. It doesn’t work that way. The best marketers are the best scammers, its horrible. Yes, I admit my privileges at teaching. I can’t teach others to teach like me. Just as Michael Jordan can’t play golf or baseball as well as basketball. It’s just what I am good at on a world-class level. I’m really happy I can change lives. Deepak has chosen extremely well hiring me. From a dating coach who didn’t have a lot of subscribers for years like myself, hustling. But having a 75% student pull rate before or 70%. Now it’s up to 80%, 70% student lay rate. I’m glad my life has such purpose. That I can contribute to society and make it better.

Too bad the Asians are still brainwashed by RSD. Or other high LMS privileged Asian dating coaches who only get student results from night game. Which requires no social calibrations. Getting no results in daygame. If 1/5 Asian guys won’t get married or procreate. Then learning the right style of game is a matter of life and death. They don’t know they are weeded out. Some Asians are turning into panda bears, an endangered species. 51% of Asian women are marrying white guys. You can also see the online dating stats are so bad for Asian guys and so good for Asian women. This is evolution guys, you are being replaced. When you give me that attitude looks don’t matter, you don’t think your hair is bad or clothing is good enough. You are saying you have no social intelligence and are going to be weeded out. You keep going direct because LMS doesn’t matter to you. So you drop out of game in Vancouver. So stop learning the wrong systems or privileged positive stereotype systems. Why not train with the best dating coach in the world statistically? I am the best, its impossible for anyone to really say otherwise without proving they have the pull/lay daygame testimonials behind it. I’m fucking flooded with so many testimonials, I will post more different content for a while. But there are a ton I still need to censor, edit and post. Maybe I’ll change it up now. Maybe people are tired of endless testimonials. It won’t end because my game works. You are learning 8.5/10 or 9/10 game now. I finally can teach you this level of the game. So you could at least get laid with my coaching. Fuck all the opinions or whatever. Just go with the testimonials. Go with the student results, ignore everything else. Who cares what I say or what others say. As long as you are getting laid, who cares about any theories or endless RSD bullshit floating around. My best advice, stop watching their videos and your game will skyrocket. It’s white privileged poison. With these 2 hour rants, there isn’t that much info to game. The rest is fluff and bullshit. rsd sheeps

Updates, turns out the student I’m training former Justin Wayne 6mm student, Deepak got him laid is the guy in the next student boot camp clips. I’m training him further, with Wayne 30 social calibrations and further tweaking his game. You will see both Wayne Dating Lifestyle coaches are superior to Wayne Dating. Also, Deepak gave me his second youtube channel called Wayne Entertainment. That now belongs to me and I will post content on it like advice videos and testimonials. Anyone who acts like a faggot on it, i’ll just block them from it. Not being a dictator, but I can do what I want.


wayne entertainment.png
Can’t believe I made this. It looks so professional


All the GamingElite youtube channel stuff will be moved over. I’m also renaming this site eventually. Wayne Dating Lifestyle Vancouver or Vancouver daygame sounds so local. It will be covering more geography. I’m growing and we are a global world-class company. We are not small time trash. We are world class superstars among the biggest names. I will still keep this site for free since I’m allowed to. But we will have a new site eventually where I will be blogging too. But I would not be as mean there saying the word RSD Nation faggots, or RSD victims, shitty coaches like Scam Lifestyle can eat a dick. Learn how to fucking coach. I won’t write like that sort of language, my default alpha language. All the articles will be remixed. I’m still keeping this site as a lead generator. I’m going to post my second camera mans interview of me as the first video as an introduction. Stay tuned. I’ll even post more boot camp clips and other material on Wayne Entertainment. Any videos I want to post on Wayne Dating Lifestyles youtube, Deepak will let me. Next year I would most likely have to learn how to travel. I have people who want to train in my boot camps in every continent, every country, every state, every city. Of course, I choose who I want to train too. I won’t deal with no passive aggressive faggots. We will see what happens. Vancouver RSD victims can go act resistant. The world loves me, even if Vancouver doesn’t. But deep down you guys know you aren’t getting results. You all quit due to direct game. You deserved it for being stupid. You know the prices will eventually be raised too for you guys. I can’t keep coaching for such a low price if i’m this consistently good at getting you results.


I’ll be expanding.


Click here for the video section. Updated video advice

-John (the emoting) Wayne

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