R.I.P Hugh Hefner



You will be missed. Someone who brought lifestyle game to the world. Along with sexual revolution.

2 more days to the Wayne Playbook sale with 4 Skype this month. After this I don’t intend to bring another sale. Its costing me money giving away too many skypes since people pays me $200 per skype. How am I worth that much? More than most dating coaches? Well, first of all I do have more testimonials than most dating coaches. I think I can command practically any price I want now.

summer sale

Also, Wayne 30 is out.


Do I plan on releasing anymore products this year? Nope, Fashion Domination for Game hits next year in 2018. I don’t plan on releasing too many products. All my products has to better mankind. First was social skills, second passive value or fashion, aesthetics. Third is text game to get more dates. Forth, I might consider releasing a product on advanced level game. But no one will buy it. No one is at that level yet. Only one of my students is. Its a fun idea to toy around with. But after that i’m done. My Wayne Playbook brought more than half my testimonials. It works. All of these things have helped in specific categories. Imagine if I released a product on how to teach daygame. I’m one of the best teachers in the world for daygame. But only two people would buy it. Justin Wayne and Scam Lifestyle. They are notoriously bad at transferring their game and teaching. I guess some people just aren’t born as good teachers. Especially when their students doesn’t get any results for a wide spectrum. If our game is really similar to Justin, I doubt it. Then why does our game consistently works for most of our students? Its not the same. Every year our game is different, or evolved.

Although Wayne Playbook is a more suitable product for PUAs and people who are intermediate or higher. Its is the more effective problem. Wayne 30 has me explaining and demonstrating it. Watching myself teach or explain in such detail is amazing. You guys are so lucky to have me teaching you though bootcamps. I wish I could of taught myself, now I can.

I was teaching my camera man how to fight. He is afraid he will get hurt. I taught him how to disarm weapons and beat the shit out of people. Lol, in two days he can do it. I wonder sometimes is it my game, or is it because i’m a gifted teacher, instructor. No matter what I teach or subject, i’m good at it. I think its both. We are all given talent.
We must not waste it, but nurture it and help the world make it a better place.

-John Wayne

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