My 5’7 Latino student in Europe (Same Day Lay)

He was trained by 5 dating coaches. Some of the very best in the entire world. Venusian Arts, Deepak Wayne, John Wayne, Jorge Eros and Justin Wayne. Like I said, I always get Justin Wayne students who doesn’t get results. You have no idea how many I got. Do you kind of see a pattern that keeps happening over and over again?? Not saying anything more… Sometimes positive stereotype Wayne version doesn’t work for everyone. This guy is short as me, 5’7.

Long story short, lets talk facts. He pulled in one week after my Skype coaching. He got laid after 590 approaches or a same day lay. He is a hardcase. He argued a lot in the past, but now he said I’m the very best dating coach in the world out of the other ones. His words, not mine. You will see in the video testimonial. I have like 4 video testimonial to update or more. I just can’t keep up to be honest. I’ll post his soon. He still made it to the hall of fame, or the testimonial section again. I’m very happy he got laid and his first lay in daygame is a same day lay. He said I am the best coach out of the many that he trained with by far. You save more money by training with me instead of a ton of other coaches. You get the results faster.



Oh right, if you are a hardcase, check out Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I updated the page and will keep updating it. Just get a copy already, you know it can change your life forever. Imagine going out 30 days and repairing one thing at a time.

Just a rant. If a system was designed for a preselected black guy with protector status. There was always a biological attraction to begin with. I have students who are shorter black guys with no muscles or fashion. They can’t make positive stereotype systems works. They don’t have the protector status or preselection. It is just a matter of getting over her fear for positive stereotype preselected protector status black guys. It has nothing to do with the face. I know other PUAs who has like 700 laycounts who aren’t attractive, but they have protector status and preselection. It helps to some degree. It gives you more room to apply game tactics. For me as a shorter Asian PUA, its an uphill battle. Its like open heart surgery. One mistake i’m fucked, game over. Its really hard to empathize with us. Most would tell Asians to be more alpha and less beta, or more dominant. They really don’t have the empathy to understand. Having 3 Asian students with some limited success, mostly with Asian girls isn’t the same as my side of the fence. Having over 70+ Asian guys with success. Its not even comparable statistically. My theories aren’t theories and they work. On one hand I love the last name, Wayne. I want to make a stand and make this the most amazing name in the industry. For students results that is, that is my world class ability no one else can match, teaching. On the other hand, its conflicting. I just want to believe again. I’m really upset seeing people suffer and not getting results using other systems that isn’t ours. I’m going to separate two Wayne systems, one for positive stereotypes and one for negative. Samurai vs the ninja. We have to play the invisible game, the asymmetric game and the smoother, spicing, escaping up the escalation ladder smoother.

I’ll be dropping my next infield soon, 2 blondes 8.5/10 in the looks scale, pull and one f-close. The world will be shocked. Lets just say she is not my equal. I’m like 6/10 at most, maybe 6.5/10 compared to a Hollywood actor for UAR and SMV. Regardless I hope his pickup mastery does well. I don’t mean in sales, I mean people are getting results. Or I’ll be flooded with more clients again for repair work. I don’t want to do the repair work tbh. Some are so demoralized others so gamey. Its a headache to repair them. This is my perspective as a dating coach. Like I said, 250 testimonials of students pulling and getting laid. Its hard to challenge my domination of the industry in terms of students results. Go google ever single big name coach and see if their students pulled or got laid. Testimonials shows transferability of the game to lower less privileged students. If they don’t have it, just testimonials phrasing the coach. Then I don’t give a shit, it doesn’t count. It isn’t who is the best mpua, i’m sure i’ll reach the top in a few years. But its about who’s game is transferable to their students too. The proof isn’t who is the best PUA, I can post infields of really hot or younger girls in their prime same day lays. It is who can transfer their game to their students. Most privledged guys can’t. Most white dating coaches can’t either.

Another rant, I have so many things to say. Where I am taking the system. I’m improving certain aspects. Multiple mini samepagology or progressively setting the frame. I’m adding a brand new objections dealing module. None of my previous clients learned it and it won’t be in Wayne Playbook. There are PUAs out there with high lay counts who are into objections dealing. Although that didn’t work for me. I discussed it with Deepak. We have created something brand new. I’m also focusing on getting no girls. Since I don’t have any yes girls or maybe. Its getting harder here in Vancouver. I’m going to phase out most of the canned openers. I’m going to emphasize adaptive openers. 5 vibes are going to be emphasized with individual acronyms. I’m going to create a look at her body language and social cues. Adapt to it, 5 different ways. Like too platonic do this, she is having a shield up do this. She is looking away bored, do this. If she wants to walk awy do this. If she isn’t as attracted, do this. This is taking spicing to another level. Most people are just talking about how to make better eye contact or not uptalking. We are talking about advanced level stuff. Yes our game is on the advanced level. This is going to be 2018 version. I’m introducing a new text game that has 3 openers depending on how the interaction went. How to spice, how to escalation ladder it. Its field tested. Our Vancouver students got pulls, 4-5 dates a week with 8/10 or higher girls to them. I told the students to save all their text. Maybe introduce social game two years from now or lifestyle game. The Wayne 30: is a prerequisite to it for social skills. Also, adding a new module to no girls. Meaning like a boxing match you are willing to risk eagerness and willing to give up a round or two being beta. But continue to be alpha afterwards. We can’t get away with being nice or give validation as an Asian or East Indian negative stereotype. It has never worked, I’m aware of my value. There will be a huge upgrade on vibe correction. I’m introducing it with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Learning to love, forgive and accept yourself, while improving on what you can improve. We are taking the game in a new direction. All negative stereotypes will be able to run my game if I can run it. Well, you will see. I haven’t reached my full potential yet, I just started. I was an official Wayne since January the 1st. Can’t wait for you to see my second infield. It will shatter RSD and blow your mind. Its even a faster pull too with two blondes. I was able to adapt to a f-close. Its pretty efficient. You’ll see. I don’t give a fuck I said all of this tbh. I just feel like saying it. I don’t need permission to speak my mind. Just saying, good luck with your product.

Click here to see the product.

John Wayne

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