I’m being blackmailed by an Asian sociopath name James the faggot

Identity revealed by clicking here

If you don’t have time to read, just watch this video. Its faster to get the information.

This guy is called James Deguzman. He is some kind of L.A event guy and he is trying to sell his program online for $2000. Turns out he knew Justin Wayne, but no proof he was trained by him. Maybe drinking buddies.  blackmailed



I had an old student we will just call him G. This guy was really good. Got laid once a week. I taught his brother, couldn’t help him. We will call him M. He has signs of aspergers syndrome. I thought they were threatening me. I was going to post their pictures. They are from California. This guy got really angry at me, he blamed me for his brother not talking to me on WhatsApp. I actually gave him a free skype session to his brother and I also interviewed him and gave this guy some advice. I guess he was very ungrateful, dark triad at the time. While none of his advice worked for campus pulls. I field tested it, but the theory was nice. Regardless my student wasn’t trained by any other coach. He used some of RSD Luke’s game.

His brother M was the one who actually blocked me on WhatsApp. I was giving his brother and this guy free skype sessions. I wanted to help him the best I can. His brother blamed this on me for treating him bad. But it was his brother M who actually blocked me on WhatsApp. Not the other way around. He was discouraged when I tried to help him further. Perhaps he felt shame after I told him he might have comorbility or aspergers. Its a very emotional thing. Some of my students have it, so I was going to make a product called from hardcase to hero.

At the time I thought the tall women was a 9/10, but she was really just like a 7 to most people. Maybe I liked taller women. So maybe I was mistaken because most guys didn’t like her. While the next infield, her score from others ranges from 8/10 to 9/10, averagely imo, she is really a 8.5/10. I think that is a more fair assessment. This guy James Deguzman doesn’t actually get 10/10 or 9/10. He gets 6.5/10 and 7.5/10.


greg deguzman 2.png
I had a video of G uncensored, but I am taking it down due to the new information.

The guy James Deguzman turned out doesn’t have the audio recording from this guy and is bluffing.

G did turn on me for a short while, but I just let it go. I actually didn’t give up on him G. I wanted to help your brother M. I even invented a visual system to help him. He was the one who gave up on me. Get your facts straight G. I was creating a program to help him. Called from Hardcase to Hero. I never stopped thinking of your brother. He was the inspiration to creating a social skills based course.

I gave you guys free Skype sessions. I told your brother I’ll help him until he pulls. He just blocked me on Whatapp. I was going to help your bro as much as I can for free. So that makes me evil? Ask your brother, I did offer free skype until he pulls. I actually was helping your bro. You got him an instadate, that’s great. I get it you took it personally.

Even though he learned from other coaches, he still pulled during the time period when I helped him a lot. Its not always the other coaches.

Another fun fact, this guys writing style is identical to Justin Wayne. The way he writes, I won’t specify. When he made death threats to JMLUV. The writing style is similar. Second, the words business is business is something he said to Deepak. They are no longer fighting and blocked each other. Third I made a video with an impression sounding like Justin Wayne. But I even made an impression of Deepak and many others to be objective. Maybe he took it in a narcissistic way. It might not be him. This guy has no website whatsoever.

G, did tell me Justin Wayne sent him to train under me. He said I was a better coach than Deepak. Go to John. It was suppose to be kept a secret. Every time I mention something like my black student was a former Justin Wayne student, this alt gets bend out of shape.

One of the pictures he showed me of an Asian student with a white women wasn’t real. It was actually picture of a famous Vietnamese DJ with a blonde women he married. I seen that picture before actually. So I knew this was an alt. The hints he gave me, about Justin Wayne. How he is legit, how the talent casting competition yielded no results. But he might have another one, but separate business. It seems like this guy got him inside information. Or is secretly Justin instructing me on status. I could be wrong, I hope I am wrong.


I decided to tell Deepak everything and apologized to Deepak. He always treated me equal and a valuable member of the team. I told him G, I thought I was better than Justin and Deepak Wayne in teaching statistically. Deepak here said he considers me equal and this looks like we are divided if I said that. I agree with him and I totally have nothing but respect for him. My narcissism has got in the way. I became too good at my job of teaching and became arrogant like Anakin Skywalker starting out. Deepak has taught me everything I know. If it wasn’t for Deepak, I wouldn’t have the 80% student pull rate, 95% bootcamp student pull rate and 70% student lay rate I have today. One thing I can say about my boss. Most people misjudge Deepak Wayne. He is one of the most compassionate person I know and he treated me with great respect and a valuable member of the team. I never been treated so good in my life by anyone. All the misconception about him are false. I even am a bit teary eyed writing this because he is really the greatest person I have ever meet in my life.


The truth is, you don’t know Justin threw him out like a used condom and tried to replace him. That is the actual term we used, I will not throw you out like a used condom like Justin did. Deepak was not earning anything and tasked with making the Domino Effect work while teaching 6 months to mastery. The hardest thing for Deepak at the time was not being able to buy a gift for a specific family member and only had $20 in his pocket. He was devastated and promised he would never treat me like that. Justin Wayne took 90% of the profits. This story was never publicized and I said it under my own free will. You guys have no idea the real story behind it. But who starves their instructor team to death? Its why our companies split in 2015. Justin although he never treated me badm ever. Justin always kept a distance and in some ways I know he is happy I am a Wayne. Even though him and Deepak doesn’t get along. I will stay with Deepak as a coach for life. My loyalties lies with Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I will never be recruited by any other company including Wayne Dating in my lifetime. No matter how much I grow as a coach. Its not about the money for me. I want to help Asian guys. The 51% of Asian women who will marry a white guy. 1/5 Asian guys will never get married. I’m going to help them. But I decided if an Asian shows dark triads personality, I won’t.

Turns out my student still respects me. grd


-My student G met this guy in an L.A event.

-My student believes I’m spot on about the sociopath assessment of James Deguzman. He is even worst in real life.

-He was associated with Justin Wayne as he said but not anymore.

-He offered my student a $2000 package for coaching. Since he was a sociopath, he wanted to win at all cost and can’t figure out why in the world would G not take his course and stay loyal to me.

-When Greg Deguzman got ignored though text, he gets mentally unstable. He threatened my student to steal his girlfriend before since he has money.

-He claims he wants to start a pickup company.

-My student has still used my daygame skills to this very day.



This is not him, its a fake picture. He is really an older guy in his late 30’s who has social circle game.


Okay James, since you don’t have the audio afterall. Just know of it, this is how its going to be. You even breath at my direction the wrong way again. I even feel it at all, even one tiny provocation on your part, I will use my platform and squash you like a bug before your career even started. Everyone knows I have haters, they won’t care. Or you fuck off, you praise me, stop getting jealous you can’t convert my student. You never show up in my life again. But like I said, I’m more ruthless than you are. Since you are a win at all cost sociopath. Since you showed me no mercy, I will show you none. I’ve already prepared a plan to make an example out of you. I’ll expose dark triad personality and you are the story behind it. I’ll show it to the world, so you never get a job in the industry again. I suppose, you need to be humbled. You say I am not alpha, you have no idea. Your move mother fucker. Like I said, just walk away.

When you call me a scammer and tried to scam my student from $2000 USD. You are self projecting though others. If you dare try to fuck around out ranking me or some shit. I will post a video to the whole industry and make sure you never work in it again before you begin. Maybe i’ll post it anyways, because you can’t negotiate with sociopaths. Don’t mistaken my compassion as a weakness. Its what seperates me from you. If Justin Wayne is working with you to build your business, maybe he shouldn’t. If people wants to attend your conference, maybe they shouldn’t. My student said you were uncool, insane in real life. Maybe you should seek mental health treatment, but there are no treatments for sociopaths. Everyone who I know who read your post suggest you are insane. You are so proud of it. He keeps saying he is dating models, but really dating 6.5/10 in a picture and 7.5/10. He isn’t in any of the pictures of his students. He recycled one of the pics that is common on google. If he only has 5 students and he attacks people for not joining. That sounds like a cult. None of his students are getting girls as hot as our best students girlfriends. They are on the same level. While i’m not pulling 9/10. I am pulling 8.5/10. Its close enough. He is pulling 6.5/10 and 7.5/10. So it seems our game is slightly leveled hire. He seems to have 5 students in 5 months, which suggest his business only has one student per month.

Deepak thinks we have bigger fish to fry. Not deal with small time hustlers or scammers. Its fucking sad when you have 5 clients, which is like $10,000 scammed out of them for $2000 a piece. But you get pissed and go mentally unstable because my student doesn’t want to take your course and continues to use my training to this very day. Yes that guy I refer to G, is one of my best students and I’m very proud of him. Don’t get mentally unstable if my black students had repair work done training with Justin Wayne. G over here was also trained a bit by Justin Wayne on Skype and Justin your teacher recommended G to train with me. I mean honestly, why would he do that? I’m sure he knows I can teach. People like you who thinks they will be big one day. You won’t, you will be just another run of the mill sociopath. When people sees your shitty behavior and sociopathic mask. They will send your vibe and be turned off. 5 clients in 5 months. You will never get rich, you are in the wrong industry. We are in the big leagues, you are not. You will be another no name hater obscured by the fact no one gives a shit about you. Delusions of grandeur. If you still think your behavior is cool, you are wearing a mask of sanity.

I wrote an article my friend told me to not to post. Why I think why some Asian PUA are scumbags. You just prove my point for the Filipino section. There are two dark triad Filipino small time coaches near where you live. Both threatened me before. I will consider if I should squash you both now. But you guys are smaller cockroaches hissing at my feet. But everything I wrote is quite accurate. I wrote that article before you showed up hating.


Incase you are too lazy to click on it. This article I wrote, seems 1000% accurate to the letter. It validates my post.


I can’t believe I wrote this article James Deguzman. But it seems 1000000% accurate and describes you to the letter. I can’t believe how accurate it was. How the fuck did I even know this? How? Unless all my blog post was accurate. No matter how politically incorrect. Your proved my point.

Updated intel. His motivations.

-He is taller than 5’5, much older since he is in his late 30’s with some grey hairs on the side.

-James is his real name, but the last name is fake.

-He doesn’t associate with Justin Wayne anymore. Seems like drinking buddies before, but he claimed he was in a 4 day bootcamp. But he has no abilities in game so this might be fake. He is more of a social circle guy.

-My student told him he learned a more updated more powerful version of Justin Wayne’s Game that’s better for Asians. Factually I work for Deepak Wayne, not Justin.

-He tried to turn my student into a coach for his company. In exchange for my game he teaches social circle stuff. He tends to befriend girls and uses preselection theory.

-He does an internet consultant business before. But he sees the dating industry as lucrative. He wants to hire all the best dating coaches for a super conference. When I said I can’t, I don’t have a passport. I really don’t. I’m just teaching here in Vancouver because of it for now this year, he flipped. His goal is to bring the highest talent in the daygame industry to boost his business and his name. But normally this takes years and takes skill. Earning your way to the top fairly instead of seeing people as bags of money to be manipulated.

-He threatened my student saying he is a millionaire and will take his girlfriend if he doesn’t join his social circle bootcamp. He has a history of threatening and blackmailing people. Criminal versatility sociopath.

-The daygame industry doesn’t work like scamming people without the talent. You burn out very quickly. If your purpose is to make money. Its not the same as flipping businesses. After two years it doesn’t work anymore. It requires talent. Yes for an Asian daygame coach, i’m top dog in terms of student results. I have more testimonials than every Asian daygame coach in the world combined for pulling and getting laid. I can see why I was targeted or hated on.

-This guy sounds like a guy who has no game. But throws events. He tries to make money for these events. So he tried to foist guys being invited to parties and making them pay $2000 to get a few tips about social game. But most of his game revolves around him making friends with girls like the gay best friend. As preselection of other women to get more women.

-If his picture he posted of himself was fake. Most likely all the students were fake. He has no site, no testimonials yet, nothing. Most likely he is fake and a scammer. Anyone can say here is my student, showing a pic. But I have to see video testimonials and screenshots like mine. Not just some written words and random pictures.


If you look at James the sociopath over here. This unstable sociopath. I’ve been contacting industry insiders and my students in California and L.A. They have no idea who this small fry is. He made a move, so I’m going to make sure he never works in this industry again.

He said my game works but you don’t get quality girls. He claims my inner game is dangerous. On the surface it sounds like that. But it works consistently for my students. I only taught my students 3 of them. But I actually have 6 mindsets, I don’t teach the rest. I don’t run a cult, I run a cult deprogramming program. If I said I’m like Jesus trying to save the world (Asians), you guys are my disciples. That statement implies, I want my students to go out there in the world and do good work. Make the place better for Asians.

In his stolen pics, these aren’t real pics. One of my students, the one who got 6 pulls in 7 days immersion program a year ago. Lived in L.A and California. He said those backgrounds are not L.A and California. He showed me students, but he has none. I doubt he even trained with Justin Wayne. Just is in the social circle before Justin found him weird and cut him off. Its odd if Justin Wayne even have successful students that are Asian. I know I trained one yesterday on Skype. Was a total train wreck. So I doubt he really trained with Justin. If my student G, had to demonstrate in front of him and he wanted to hire him as a coach. Its weird he acsts like a newbie and wants to trade social circle gay best friend shit in exchange. I think he just wants to get started in this industry and hustles people in conferences for his social circle scam. He just runs parties and events, tries to capitalize on them. He has no site and no students. Most people can sense he is mentally unstable. Even worst in real life. I think this guy is accusing himself though others. Since he is jealous that I am this good. He has no evidence or anything he can even teach. No website, no testimonials. Just a hater, critic, dark tetrad sociopath.

This video was actually from Dec 2016 2014. It was the first time I got my camera and I used an in ear headphones. Before I would just try to record girls during the escalation phase. Or my camera man recording on cell phone. But the stuff was always in a cell phone vertical angle. This video was a field test. It was nothing more than a field test. So yes I didn’t get this girl, she was really ugly. It was more of, hey lets test an infield and see if it worked. We didn’t know what we captured and an old women caught my camera man actually but didn’t say anything.

james 2.png
First time using the infield camera I still use to this very day.


He doesn’t actually have any recordings of me. He only heard it. So he is bluffing because my student who got a girlfriend deleted the recording a long time ago.

I’m renaming him to James the faggot. He is acting like a faggot. I release that video to the public.

james the faggot.png


youve-got-enemies-good.-that-means-you-actually-stood-up-for-something.pngTai Lopez said dark tetrad personality disorder. The same thing I am talking about for sociopaths. That includes sadism. They delight in your pain, psychopaths. I really don’t feel anything or care. But he said block them and cut them off from our life.


James playbook in the future. He is going to keep making alt accounts and keep trying to talk shit forever. Even if I don’t reply, sociopaths will take that as acceptance. He would keep stalking. I know this because I dealt with over 50 sociopaths. They are all clones of each other. Their alt accounts are how they gaslight you with fake information. Its so predictable. He thinks everything you say exposing him is a reaction too. Dark tetrad is trolling. Regardless, that’s what you get for being successful. People can talk shit all they want, but at the end of the day my students succeeds. They will keep doing this because they are sadistic. This is where you hear about stalkers, criminals are in this arena. So I’ll just ignore, block and endure it. The facts and results of my students speaks for itself.


Identity is revealed here. https://vancouverdaygame.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/im-being-impersonated-by-a-sociopath/

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