First hook point (advice)


student 3.png
My student from Toronto in my bootcamp. Its not me.


I’m training a bootcamp student from Toronto who flew here. No one will fly here for any of the other coaches except for me John Wayne. He is doing a palm read on her, or part of the escalation ladder with a hot blonde. This was day 1 of his bootcamp. Will he pull? Well everyone has pulled and got laid for May, June and July bootcamps. We’ll see.

What is a hook point? He came here to get over his issues because girls would just keep walking by him when he approaches. He doesn’t go direct anymore. But I am seeing some patterns here.

  1. You are not loud enough. Seriously, if you are unconfident or timid, it sounds sketchy talking to a girl like whispering in her ear you are going to do something bad. It just seems totally creepy. She would honestly just walk by you without a second thought. Some students no matter what can’t raise their volume or isn’t aware how quiet it is. Even at double volume, it just barely sounds normal level.
  2. You are too gamey. You aren’t neutral or normal at all to the girl when you approach. Any sort of uptalking, rapport seeking, over confidence facial expressions just turns her off and makes her want to avoid you. Be natural or normal. Of course don’t open like autistic fucks locally tapping her inner arm and dominating her with a squared off hands in the pocket posture. That just gets you kicked out of every mall.
  3. Your opener sounds canned and rehearsed. If it sounds like you memorized it, it isn’t good. I am so perfect in my openers, at this point in my game, I try to make mistakes on purpose just so it seems like I created it in the moment. For student, they should practice in front of a mirror all day. For those who says the opener isn’t important, its what you say afterwards are all just RSD circle jerkers. It totally matters because it can level you up or down your game.
  4. You are going direct. Never go direct as first option, or never go full retard. Its only going to get you auto rejected based on your appearance. When a tall, handsome, strong dating coach goes direct, it is higher value. When a normal, uncalibrated, no fashion, negative stereotype goes direct, its creepy. Like a homeless person giving a compliment. I match my openers to her state of mind, from happy, neutral to her being sad or afraid. I can choose creative neutral direct openers, situational/neutral openers and indirect. Her state of mind decides. Imagine she is unhappy and you give a compliment. If you are handsome, it might work. But you have to be way better looking than her. Local dating coaches goes after 4-5/10 then censor her face to bypass this weakness.
  5. Your behavior isn’t grounded or alpha. My student was all over the place. He had a timid putting her on a pedestal behavior. I had a behavior that I am alpha and I don’t give a shit about her. But I want to see if she is a cool person first. I’m able to tease hard this way, but in a fun way that isn’t offensive. When he couldn’t open sets, gets rejected non stop. I was able to open every set he pointed to. The behavior is important too. Since this students fashion was on point. Same height as me and same build. The only difference was the posture and mindset.
  6. You have no sense of fashion and your hairstyle sucks. I’m talking Asian hair and bad clothing style. Those who subscribes to the looks don’t matter idealistic thinking. I say first impressions do matter. If you want to hook the set. If you think aired dried puffy Asian hair, wax or gel works. Or clueless about fashion, thinking you are dressed well enough. But you look like a homeless person at best. You say to others, what’s wrong with my hair, or what’s wrong with my fashion. Ummm…. okay……… …………………………………….

-John Wayne

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