Black student gets his second fuck buddy. Only had one Skype coaching a year ago.

He isn’t a Justin Wayne victim, lots of black guys are. But he was an intuitive, he saw though the nonsense. He trained with me last year. He was the black guy in my Video testimonial. He has a second fuck buddy now. I’m going to update his video testimonial and post his results. He is once of the nicest guys I know. He is Canadian but not from Vancouver, but Montreal. In reality, even if Vancouver is stubborn RSD victims or Jan Lifestyle victims. Even if I don’t associate with Vancouver PUAS and their dating coaches talks shit, even if they have no proof or results to show for it for daygame testimonials. I’m respected all around the world. Vancouver people are stubborn, but will one day come around. But the world trains with me. Every ethnicity, every age group, every continent. He is a future bootcamp client. So shocks me about Vancouver was, people aren’t looking to get results. Just to take action and they always fail.

I have a ton of black students. I have every ethnicity, but I know black students. There are always two types of black students. The first type is when they are very charming, intuitive, well dressed, tall, strong and preselected.


The second type are shorter, without the massive build. They tend to have it harder. Or even if they have it, they often have a very weak inner game. They give up easily. They would often go to Justin Wayne stuff without any results. I mean there are positive stereotype black guys and negative stereotype. Its not always negative stereotypes because they are preselected by white blonde women. But the ones with weak inner game tends to have a lot of limiting beliefs. Universally they have an uptalk. They really resemble Asian students actually. Bad fashion, uptalking, overly uptalking and rapport seeking. Look, I know my black students. Some are super successful, some are not. Yes, the height and muscles do dramatically help to a high degree for preselection and protector status. Women are attracted to these things. But the fact remains was, my student gets results. Other guys in Vancouver and RSD continues to get no student results for daygame. They are not the intuitive, but the brainwashed sheeps. But to future black clients, dress well, never give up easily and go in there and dominate. You will see a lot of black PUAs would escalate fast. This is a hidden edge you can get away with. In the future, I will show some of my Skype students who lives far away. You will see who trains under me. I don’t only get Asian clients. I get every type. I’m not exaggerating.

-John (the legit) Wayne


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