5’5 Filipino, 3 pulls 2 lays, he is bedroom escalating now. (Updated, he just got laid 3/3 in a week)

My student posted this in the Wayne Dating Lifestyle group. He is the 5’5 Filipino guy. Hes already pulled, but is going to bedroom escalate her now. This is like the third time in a week. Wtf. Talk about consistency. He used to train under Justin Wayne. Or a Justin Wayne victim. Now he gone out 3X and he pulled 3X. He got laid twice, i’ll update you if he got it in.

pulled again lodi.png

I like to say a rant. If some other coaches in Vancouver talks shit about me. When they have no student testimonials. Then, why would you listen to them? They don’t know me now. Wait until you see more same day lay infields. You will seem like a joke, or a number close bandit. I say to choose a coach in Vancouver. Look at the students testimonials. Whether they are daygame or night game. Jan Lifestyle has zero daygame testimonials, all night game. Other coaches here has zero. Another one has testimonials 2 years ago. But why two years difference? His game isn’t current. He is still stuck in the I am here the longest mode therefor the best. Ummm, i’m the best actually if you look at the girls I have banged and the skills in my infield. What kind of crack are these people smoking.

Lets look at this logically. Which dating coach in Vancouver has testimonials of students pulling or getting laid? Obviously me. Okay, which of the coaches banged the tallest girl or the hottest girl? I still have to release my future same day lay videos, but me. Jan is banging like 3.5/10 or 6/10, with their faces censored. A lot of the other coaches here are either yellow fever loving. Or just has no proof. Okay, who’s game is the strongest? Whos game is the most transferable? Me. But you can’t argue against this logically. Whether or not other people tries to talk shit about me to fool you. Look at the evidence. Its no wonder these guys are always small fry local. Not world class. Okay, if there are 200 pieces of testimonials of students pulling and getting laid. I can dissect other coaches testimonials, to separate which students gets laid and which ones are just saying I learned a lot, I recommend his bootcamp bullshit. You can’t beat me. The other Asians are either stubborn, or listening to these frauds. We don’t know their skill level. I have a lot of infields of same day lays coming up. So stop listening to other desperate coaches who just didn’t realize they lost. They don’t realize in a few years all of you will train under me for repair work. You would keep acting stubborn. But, eventually by the end of the year. When you see over 400 pull/laid testimonials. How can you possibly justify your stubbornness or ego? Or justify listening to these other incompetent snake oil dating coaches. Or maybe you are Chinese, you’re cheap. You can’t afford it now. Save up, i’ll be repairing your game in the future. Yes you have to get a haircut and new outfit before you game.

I saw another dumb coach who said bootcamps doesn’t help long term. His student never got results afterwards. But in reality, this guy sucks, another dating coach. Is he retarded? Dude there was like 18 bootcamps in May and June here. Every student pulled, got laid except one guy for his 2 day bootcamp. 16/18 almost everyone else pulled. So, these guys in Vancouver these other dating coaches are a disgrace. They can’t get testimonials. This other coach has yellow fever. He just approaches Asian girls. In fact, I never seen another coach outside of Jan Lifestyle approach in daygame before. The only time was when I approached this Asian girl. I thought she was Persian, which was my mistake. But she knew of the other coaches approaching her. I retrained one of his students. Guy is a good looking model. Didn’t get any results, a train wreck. With my training he has 4 pulls, 3 lays. He was so gamey and platonic.

One other coach, said night game and daygame is the same. Having a white coach wouldn’t make a difference compared to an Asian, game is game. He also said Asian people are good clients, they have a lot of money. He tried to call me a hardcase. But maybe its time you show your proofs. I have shown some of mine and my students success. So far I see absolutely nothing but claims. I don’t care if you are the coach that been here the longest. I can claim I am the worlds first daygamer since I started game in 2001. Doesn’t mean shit. I was going to train one of his students. This guy called Calvin. Calvin flaked on my bootcamp. He followed my advice on hair and clothing, got laid night game. He made me wait 7 hours. I gave him a hustling time wasting tax if he wanted to train with me. He said I might as well go with Jan. He did go with Jan. What happened was he was even creepier than with this other coaches training. In the past he was kicked out of every mall. Both this guys students. But Calvin got arrested because someone though he was touching a girls breast. He got handcuffed and finger printed. So that is good, for flaking on my bootcamp. But he was trained by this coach.

Also, if I claim I am the best dating coach in Vancouver. It isn’t subjective. I am actually statistically the best. I’m not just the best locally. Our company vs bigger companies, not small fry local shitty coaches. We can still beat them in student results, infields. You can’t argue with the stats. You can’t argue with the student results. Listen, remember the video idealistic thinking vs proof based. I ask you guys to think with proof. Not ideals. Who cares what words comes out of my mouth or the other dating coaches. What rises to the surface is the testimonials and the truth. You guys have no idea how big I will be in a few years. Don’t forget the name Wayne. It should cause fear among the industry. We are the best in the world.

Some guy told me he was contemplating between me and this other coach today. I’m actually fully booked. But he is totally fooled by some clever words of some fraud who just frauded longer than others. I feel sorry for you. I haven’t came after you yet. You guys aren’t big enough in Deepak Waynes eyes to matter. But if we ever do, we will show no mercy. This guy said this other coach can get him to advance level? Lol, this guy is barely an intermediate. Sure he is better than Jan for tonality. But he is too gamey. His game is so bad, he can’t even stop girls walking. The numbers will flake. What a disaster, or a joke. I feel sorry for this Chinese guy. Yes I cost 3X that, but at least he would of pulled and got laid with my help. You know what, you can keep the money. I told him to go with you. But if I ever hear you talk shit about me again. I will call you out. If you call me out, I make a ton of money and you lose all your clients. I call you out, you will lost business. I’m a Wayne after all. You can have your thousand that he can afford. I told the other Chinese guy, to go with you. I will do the repair work afterwards when he fails. I’m making decent money now. Its small change to me. I see you have to get a part time job. Or go to other countries because you failed in Vancouver. I get it, I don’t mind you starving to death tbh. But I am kind. But don’t test me the next time you think about talking shit. I can talk shit back. We all know you have no empathy. Where do I even begin… I’m going to let this slide for now. Not next time you talk shit to me to another potential student. The only reason I let it slide was you sticking up for yourself against Jan Lifestyle for his integrity thing. But watch your fucking mouth next time when you talk to a potential student and try to talk shit about me that isn’t even accurate.

This clip is accurate. You might of been better than me in the past. But things changed this time around. Its like Anakin Skywalker vs Count Dooku. Count is so full of pride of how old he is and how he thinks he is skilled. He under estimated how much Anakin grew in powers and skill. Just to be defeated by him. That is you, you just don’t know it on a metaphorical level you have already lost. Like Anakin, I have grown too powerful and slightly arrogant. You are the has-been. 

Edit: He just got laid and send me confirmation. For the other dating coaches, just retire already and leave the professional daygame stuff to me. You can’t compare because your game is so weak.

pulled again lodi a.png

-John (The I’m statistically and technically the best daygame coach in Vancouver) Wayne

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