How to fix your F$%ked up tonality



Anything that doesn’t sounds like you are talking to a friend when you talk to girls isn’t a natural tonality. Of course that is just one of many tonalities I use. Ignore the bullshit concept of 3 vibes that they teach locally. Commanding, challenging (or asking stupid generic questions with authority and the fun vibe. I don’t actually use these three particular vibes. This Julien Blanc copy and paste bullshit. Its purely creepy and autistic sounding. That has not got any results for other guys in Vancouver.

However, what I do notice is there are some tonalities or mistakes that often comes up. I call these other multiple personalities in your tonality. By identifying it, we can cut these personalities out like a tumor. Lets start with the main culprits you should avoid.

 1. The beta Asian tonality. 


For this tonality, you will hear a lot of rapport seeking and up talking. It sounds like the pitch at the end of every sentence goes upwards. It sounds low value and very feminine. Its extremely beta. Most Asians will have this tonality in my experience when talking to girls. You have to get rid of the uptalk. Better to have a neutral tonality or down talk. Actually, its better to have a natural tonality as a baseline. You can add other tonalities later when you are proficient at one.

2. The overly flirty tonality. 


For this tonality, it sounds very flirty. It is like spicing the entire conversation. If you spiced a soup non stop as you drink it, it is spoiled. This might work for a positive stereotype. A big black guy who are preselected by blondes, white guys or Latino lover positive stereotype. But it will never work for an Asian or East Indian guy. If the girl doesn’t see the value in them as a romantic partner. If you over do this, you become the skunk from Looney Toons. Its good to do that once in a while to maintain a man to women vibe, but not all the time.

3. The depressed dark vibe


This vibe has a dark undertone. It sounds like you are angry at women and hates them. If you show them anything negative or brooding, it turns of a lot of women. They are repelled by it.

The creepy autistic vibe


When you are all over the places, trying to switch vibes artificially. Your social skills are non existent and is creepy. This has the uncanny valley effect. When you look at robots or androids talks, but doesn’t fully look human. This happens when you aren’t socially calibrated. The biggest problem is when Asian creepy guys with bowl cut hairstyles thinks this is good game. To most girls in Vancouver, they are completely turned off and creeped out. None of my students are creepy because I don’t just teach game, I actually teach social skills. I show them how the conversational structure works. Chinese guys tends to have the creepiest vibe out of all Asians. They in my experience are the least calibrated. Koreans are the most calibrated and Filipinos. They have a strong social structure. I showed this video to one of my bootcamp students who was Korean. He said this guy is the creepiest guy he ever seen. Chinese people have less social skills than Koreans. He couldn’t believe it was real. Don’t forget this student is 6’0 tall and has a big build like Jan. He got 5 pulls in 6 days. 4 lays and one was same day lay. So he has a right to speak on this. You will see this among other Chinese PUAs. I’m Chinese myself, but I developed an understanding of social skills. So that is why I speak more normally and better than most Chinese PUAs. This happens with dark triad personality and every other kind of mixed mental illness like depression and anxiety combined in one with Asperger’s. We call it comorbidity.  The scariest thing was, he really has zero awareness he is creepy.

5. The overly breathy guy


This type seems like they are very breathy. They keep breathing a lot when they talk. Like they are running out of air. Its not normal and doesn’t sound natural. Every time you talk, you just sound like the video above. The girls gets creeped out.

The robotic guy

It sounds like a game script that is forced. Some guys can’t even connect with girls because they can’t stop laughing. It almost seems like bad acting.

The frog in the throat guy

It sounds like the guy has a frog in the throat. It is due to nervousness. It feels like a frog in your throat, it seizes your throat.

The overly narcissistic confident gamey guy.

The sad thing was these guys tends to think they have game. They have this narcissistic vibe that kills the attraction. These guys are interest in number close videos only and has no proven results. It doesn’t matter if you are in the industry for a long time or not. But having zero proof and acting gamey is what hurts my clients from getting the hook point. This would never work in Vancouver. They tend to give a lot of validation and they tend to think they are good at game because they use push/pull, a few of these techniques. Then they pretend to have rapport afterwards. The problem is when you keep spicing it non stop and you think you go to purely to rapport afterwards. The number would flake faster than the dandruff on your unkempt air dried toweled Asian messy hair. I mean do people still go back number closes anymore? Look, deep down no one got much results with his training and we all know he is a con artist who is too stubborn to retire because being a dating coach is a decent living.

I swear I had a student look exactly like Kong and even gamed like him. Lots of repair work and he pulled on my bootcamp.

The overly quiet guy.

He sounds like he has a sock in his mouth. You can’t hear what the fuck he is saying. It just sounds muffled and quiet. It just pisses you off when you listen to it. Also, it repels women and they auto reject you in a few seconds. There are parts it sounds loud enough, then it gets super quiet.

In conclusion. I’m sure there are a lot more, but these are the most common ones I see on Skype. Learn to identify these personality traits in your tonality for daygame. Then work to remove them. Then you will have your natural tonality again. We can worry about the other vibes later, but master this one first.

Edit: Okay, when I am giving pure advice, I don’t want people to just reads it and mentally masturbate. I’ll give you some steps for coaching. 1. Record yourself as if you were talking to a hot blonde for 5 minutes on your cell phone’s selfie camera. 2. Identify any of the tonality issues or split personalities above. 3. Record yourself again for another 5 minutes and learn how to eliminate it. 4. Do this as many times as possible until the f$%ked up tonality or character disappears. Like I said, don’t just stand there and read it if I am giving you a super powerful tip. This is a total game changer. 


John (the social skills) Wayne

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