Why I don’t give a shit about teaching night game (All Asian guys ask me if I teach it)

This is the number one question I get from almost every single Asian guy locally. Why don’t I teach night game? You might not agree with me for now. But I want to logically explain you the reasons why I don’t do night game or teach it.


I simply don’t care for it. I don’t find anything appealing about paying to get into a room full of drunk people where you put girls on a pedestal. Trying to buy her drinks, dance, befriend a group. I always had a feeling of dread. I get rejected a lot based on my physical body and being Asian. I’m not interested in pulling 6.5/10. But they don’t know how good I am in daygame. These girls have no clue. I find nothing appealing about it. I am not a night gamer.

Besides that, I have my own belief system about night game. Other Asian dating coaches, especially big tall strong ones all loves night game. My belief system was most Asians are into night game because they can’t do daygame. These are the qualities working against you. I’m not stupid, I know that is why. They believe the girls are more dtf and they won’t stand a chance in daygame.

They don’t think they can do daygame because:

  • Asian guys doesn’t think white girls likes them
  • They don’t want to improve their hairstyle, fashion because to them looks don’t matter. But social intelligence does. It shows no social intelligence.
  • They think it is easier to score at night, taking the easy route out.
  • They simple have no social skills because their parents wants them to focus on school
  • They are too creepy to do daygame
  • They are too timid and beta to daygame
  • They love direct game or natural and direct. Even if they are creepy. Being in the moment and congruent to their creepiness is a recipie for disaster
  • They go to clubs to hide their lack of social skills and creepy behavior
  • Asians acts like Aspergers, even if they are not. They were force to have no social skills by parents. Which forces mild autistics like qualities
  • They are sociopathic as hell, stubborn and thinks opinions is facts. Most Asian PUAs are dark traid personality. Some has several mental illnesses beyond this.
  • They don’t feel comfortable with white girls, or their culture and tribe
  • They think they can only get Asian girls. When 51% of them are marrying white men.
  • They don’t think white girls likes them.
  • They don’t think they are physically good looking enough
  • They blame the media
  • They believe being rich is the only way to win a white girlfriend as a provider. When they are rich, they are alone
  • They are the angry Asian activist type
  • They only go for girls below their looks scale with direct game like 5/10.

I get it, you don’t think you are qualified in Vancouver to daygame as an Asian. Which I agree if you use some form of direct game. But I do teach conversational structures and basic social skills first. Not just make you throw yourself into the interaction and calibrate like a creepy Asian guy. I mean if you are creepy and uncalibrated. Being gamier or trying to natural it, would just double the creepiness. I can fix all of these kinds of things. I actually do teach social skills adjustments. Sometimes I teach it first before I teach game. It still doesn’t stop students from flying around in from all over the world to train with me in daygame.

The last student who pulled twice in one day in the last post really got me thinking about this topic. He asked if I taught a night game program. But he was looking for daygame skills because RSD and many others he trained with didn’t get him results. Also, if you spend like $2000 per bootcamp. You already pissed away $4000 with two other shitty white privledged or tall strong Asian dating coach that gives you no results. You would of saved $2000 already training with me. Also, pulling in the first day of your bootcamp.


-John (the daygame) Wayne

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