Chinese student in Canada pulled twice in the same day a pretty blonde

Chinese Canadian student pulled twice in the same day a pretty blondes girl. He only used my online program for 3 days. Now that is fast isn’t it?



It speaks for itself. My students are unstoppable. While other dating coaches stuggles to even get a pull or lay testimonial from students in daygame. I mean how many student success do you need to see in a row?

He has trained under RSD before and Valentino Cohen for bootcamps. But his results are okay for night game. But for most Asians, bad results for daygame. Its only been 3 days now and he gets a glimpse of how strong my game is. I just wish more Asians in Vancouver puts their ego aside and train with me. But he is doing repair work with me. He hasn’t even used his Skype session yet which i’ll use to recalibrate him. I told him, these guys have white privilege.


For more detail of my online program. I’ve been giving value by updating it to the 2017 version. Please check the firmware update part of the post. I don’t make any money out of updating a product when I could of release a 2.0 version in the future. All of this is free of charge if you have the online program that comes with 3X Skype package. If you look at his last screenshot, he claimed my product is the best product ever made. His words, not mine. Maybe you will realize it soon. You decide how you spend your money. You want to spend your hard earned money with RSD shit that doesn’t work. Or tall handsome Vancouver dating coach RSD like copy and paste game that doesn’t work. Or do you want to get results? Contact me and get the program. If I’m able to train Chinese students past RSD and Valentino Cohen. Who others considers good. But even my online program and game can destroy theirs.

(online program click below)

Click here for more info. 


-John (the I’m better than RSD) Wayne

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