Just done the worlds fastest pull/same day lay with 2 smoking hot blonde girls in front of bootcamp student

Student has pulled again, a girl into his bedroom. But some other old roomate was there. I pulled 2 blondes, one 7.8/10 and one 8.5/10 into my students hostel. I banged one of them in the bathroom. My student was outside the bathroom and heard it all. Regardless, this might be the worlds records holding fastest pull. It felt like 7 minutes from daygame to the hostel room. Also, pulling two girls, even when her guy friend was there. Insane.

But all of these videos goes into Deepak’s vault. I have a lot of videos in Deepaks vault already.

Remember this Asian student was trained before form ABC’s of attraction without any results in daygame. Hes pulled 2/2 with my training. But some old guy was in his hostel. Maybe I am one of the best daygame coaches in the world. For this article about the escalation ladder. If I never used it, it wouldn’t lead to a lay. Read more about the escalation ladder here.


My student’s screenshot of his second pull.



If you want to contact me for training. Click here.

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