Just done the worlds fastest pull/same day lay with 2 smoking hot blonde girls in front of bootcamp student

Student has pulled again, a girl into his bedroom. But some other old roomate was there. I pulled 2 blondes, one 7.8/10 and one 8.5/10 into my students hostel. I banged one of them in the bathroom. My student was outside the bathroom and heard it all. Regardless, this might be the worlds records holding fastest pull. It felt like 7 minutes from daygame to the hostel room. Also, pulling two girls, even when her guy friend was there. Insane.

Remember this Asian student was trained before form ABC’s of attraction without any results in daygame. Hes pulled 2/2 with my training. But some old guy was in his hostel. Maybe I am one of the best daygame coaches in the world. For this article about the escalation ladder. If I never used it, it wouldn’t lead to a lay. Read more about the escalation ladder here.

My student’s screenshot of his second pull.


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