Student first day of bootcamp. Semi pulled.

He almost got her to the bedroom. Close though, after one day of training with me.

Saw another lesser dating coach that has no student daygame testimonials. Was hilarious, dude is huge. But I told my students we will out do him today. We did.

Lastly, since he didn’t use the progressive ladder or didn’t have time to teach him. The other dating coach who claimed just move her to three places and pull didn’t work for him. So I would say his advice never works for anyone. Unless you are privileged and a positive stereotype. I made a post about the progressive ladder. You can click here to see it. You have to use it, or you are screwed as a negative stereotype.

The awesome thing was watching this student being able to stop most of the girls. Before they just would walk past him. He knows how to use openers well. I taught him this new opener called creative neutral direct opener. It involves a push/pull. I also taught him to transition well. His conversational skills magically doubled after some drills. Regardless, I will see what he is capable of tomorrow. Teach him how to pull. I’ll post pics, but too tired to now.


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