Thanks for the kind words Justin. Also, add me on facebook for potential students.


Add me on facebook. My boss at Wayne Dating Lifestyle made me this facebook profile for me. I’m going to start adding stuff to it soon. Add me under these conditions. You are a cool person. A truth seeker, not a cult follower…cough RSD…cough…doesn’t work

Other updates, will start talking about race and dating a lot. The topic of natural status. Lots of people are asking me about why do Asian girls date tall strange white guys. I get that question from everyone. I mean everyone. Its time to talk about that topic to the max. Lots of my clients are every other minority race.

I’m trying to render the youtube testimonials. But youtube takes forever.

Other things that are coming up is, i’m changing the my mission. It sounds kind of mean. I like the new message of being the most relatable dating coach.

Edit: This was said before the Justin Wayne incident where he used talent casting scam.


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