Impossible case student gets laid.

Okay, so he is using online. But he bought my dating course video. He took a skype coaching with me. I only enabled the bare minimum of verbal game. But he paid for the dating video in the lifetime series so he can pull. He’s already pulled a few times and got laid a few times.

Once was considered an impossible case. You guys know him, from California. He was trained by some tall Filipino natural and direct RSD copy and paste concepts. He paid $2600 for the bootcamp. He didn’t even get a number. But over time this guy started to get results with my training. This coach called became the laughing stock of the underground PUA world. They are all cut from the same cloth. Tall Asian dating coaches uses RSD copy and paste concepts. While it was hard teaching this student. Or nearly impossible. Most dating coaches can’t handle it. I could. The student is 5’7. My height. Sorry but natural and direct doesn’t transfer over to this particular height.


I am also adding three more video testimonials soon to the site. These are awesome. My black student, Vietnamese student and Filipino students. They all had great results. Stay tuned.

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