First immersion U.S immersion student. Same day lay from daygame.

So basically my student came all the way from the u.s to train with me. I only taught him about 30% of my game. He is a big guy and already got a same day lay. I told him about my aesthetics preselection theory. So he bought pomade, Zara jeans and Zara jacket. That combined with my game got him laid with a girl above his looks scale. A same day lay.

I need to update my testimonial page again. I have two more sets of testimonials. If other dating coaches in Vancouver can’t produce even one daygame testimonials. But only night game with their natural and direct game. Then why aren’t you training with me? I get these types of testimonials on a weekly basis.

Updated, but the student has pulled 5/5 days he was here training with me. I don’t know about the 6th date. But three girls. One hot 6’2 German. One hot Asian, in that pic. Also one Taiwanese girl three times. But i’m sure he would still get one more in there before he leaves. In my field testing, the immersion program is very successful.

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