Student from those PUA hate forums eyes opened by me

I have a camera man who was kicked out of a forum that Elliot Rodgers goes went to. I think they renamed it or some shit. Regardless, these guys were so full of limiting beliefs. Although I do believe LMS theory is true. But they make excuses why they can’t get laid. They have this jawline theory and morphing your face on tinder theory. But they never figured out to learn text game. It was hard teaching this student at first. Since he was banned there, I took it upon myself to show him my world. He filmed me and he told me it shattered all his limiting beliefs about LMS theory. Someone like me who couldn’t even get a single tinder match. Nearly pulled a German blonde women in front of him yesterday. I put it on my youtube channel. Then afterwards a week of failure. He does have mental illness issues I won’t get into. But he got good. He got his first number and set up his first date. Congratulations. I’ll teach him how to pull. If you don’t pull, you would lose her. Women are strange like that. They will friendzone you and backwards rationalize she never liked you.

Solution, never ever show women that angry vibe. It is mental illness which I’m not gonna specify that incels (involuntary celibates) fails. They didn’t realize every time they made an excuse with LMS theory. Even though it is half true. I believe in LMS + game. They lose the power to improve their lives. My student only thought you could date though tinder. You have to hide that vibe. Be happy, fun, carefree vibe. Women aren’t into any other angry, depressed, needy hateful vibe. They can sense it. It was why they were disqualified with women before they even opened their mouth and talked. Women are intuitive and can sense it.

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