My mission with this blog.

My mission in life is to help colored men like Asians, East Indians, negative stereotypes date white women, Latinas, Persians or whoever they like. But when we try to date white women, we are met with resistance. Not that we are trying to put certain women on the Pedastal. But most of my clients likes them. They are beautiful. But I like to see a more balanced world where everyone is equal. I’m trying to create equal opportunity in the dating world for everybody in Vancouver. Vs a world where the privileged thrives. I don’t like how Darwinism this dating world is. I want to give people the tools to date whoever they want. You wouldn’t believe what I been though and the struggles I had. The work, the research, the rejections, the failures to get to this level. It isn’t just about the tools, but the self improvement, transformation you would have in life. I have made the world a more equal and fairer place. I’m also here to improve as a dating coach and in pickup. I have learned every system out there. I have seen the dvds or read the material. I have field tested everything. Certain things doesn’t work for an average looking guy who is colored. I’m here to shed light on it and what you can do to get the results you want. I am not politically correct and I may offend you. I am blunt and I don’t sugar coat things.


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