The 5 stages of Daygame. Why some people struggles more than others.

There are five tiers of daygame everyone has to go though. I learned about these through a London company. But it is accurate. 1. Getting over your fear. 2. Being social 3. Building attraction so you are not platonic. 4. Building seduction so your intentions are clear. 5. being authentic. I don’t mean natural. You can be authentic even having some sort of structure.

The first stage is getting over your crippling anxiety. Until you get that handled, you would always convey fear and it is unattractive to women. Imagine approaching with a fearful face. With my students, I identify these characteristics and help them to eliminate it. I would suggest to keep doing more and more daygame until your level of fear dissipates. If you are really bad at approaching, do this in a night club as an exercise. Or just do simple things like asking for the time and directions. Giving a compliment and leaving.

The second stage is social. I sometimes have students talks to women who aren’t as attractive. Since they want nothing from them, they can focus on building a social connection. It would be easier if they treated beautiful women the same way they treat unattractive women. The ability to hold a conversation is very important. If you get stuck at this stage, you would always be doing social circle game and stuck in the friendzone.

The third stage is attraction. Lots of my students are working on social skills. But they don’t build any attraction. They have a 20 minute conversation to nowhere. Then they get the number and wonder why it flaked. If you aren’t exciting or fun during the interaction. Why would she even want to go on a date with you?

The fourth stage is seduction. Lets say you are an attractive man already. You are tall, strong, you convey attractive qualities. But she doesn’t know what your intentions are. You given her a compliment, even though I don’t do direct daygame. You expect her to know what you are thinking. You want to go on a date, maybe possibly get intimate. But you didn’t even give a sexual compliment later on. You didn’t even kino, or touch her hand. You didn’t even give a sexual vibe. You are essentially an attractive guy who is asexual. Even worst if you aren’t attractive. Unless you were purposefully running indirect game.

The last stage is being authentic. The reason why natural game doesn’t work was, natural and direct game is used by those with natural advantages. They are often taller guys who are good looking. Structure interferes with their daygame. In reality, they had two attraction switches. Preselected by other women and protector of loved ones. They were playing game on an easier level due to having two attraction switches shorter guys doesn’t have. I’m not saying pretend to be natural and try to seek rapport. I am saying be authentic that the words you use are congruent and conveying what you want to express. Even if you had a structured approach. The structure has to sound authentic. They are merely just checkpoints you have to get to in the interaction. But it is though a very authentic connection.

By jumping to this stage at the very beginning, right to authentic. Then trying to figure out how to portray attraction and seduction without having any foundations of social skills. Also, not being a tall, good looking strong preselected stereotype. Getting auto rejected for a low value compliment like a beggar seeking rapport. I can see why people gets frustrated and confused by bad advice that isn’t relatable. If you want to learn to daygame as an average guy. Contact me. I have the answers to your problems. But you can’t skip stages unless you were born a natural.


My mission with this blog.

My mission in life is to help colored men like Asians, East Indians, negative stereotypes date white women, Latinas, Persians or whoever they like. But when we try to date white women, we are met with resistance. Not that we are trying to put certain women on the Pedastal. But most of my clients likes them. They are beautiful. But I like to see a more balanced world where everyone is equal. I’m trying to create equal opportunity in the dating world for everybody in Vancouver. Vs a world where the privileged thrives. I don’t like how Darwinism this dating world is. I want to give people the tools to date whoever they want. You wouldn’t believe what I been though and the struggles I had. The work, the research, the rejections, the failures to get to this level. It isn’t just about the tools, but the self improvement, transformation you would have in life. I have made the world a more equal and fairer place. I’m also here to improve as a dating coach and in pickup. I have learned every system out there. I have seen the dvds or read the material. I have field tested everything. Certain things doesn’t work for an average looking guy who is colored. I’m here to shed light on it and what you can do to get the results you want. I am not politically correct and I may offend you. I am blunt and I don’t sugar coat things.