You are deep in the friendzone and you aren’t getting out.

A lot of skype students has a girl who either gave them a number or led them on. These women are in it for the validation. If they don’t move things forward with you sexually, then it is no different than being friendzoned. A lot of these guys doesn’t have a lot of dating options. This leads to oneitis. Like that one girl is special and she will turn into your girlfriend. So you get needy.

Don’t turn into an oribitor. What it means is a bunch of guys who grovels at her feet. She gets validation and a bunch of guys giving her mini relationships without actually having sex. This is convenient for her because she gets to choose out of a dozen guys. 99% of the time, she always pics the tallest guys in her social circle. Asian or white guy, usually the tallest best one she can get. Usually it happens when her social circle sucks.

Attractive women has endless dating options. Everything from tinder, to night clubs to social circles. The idea is women wants to filter out options for themselves in a very selfish way of having more options for guys. Pickup artist on the other hand is after sex. With sex they have the options to make her a girlfriend over time. Or a fuck buddy, friends with benefits or just friends, nexting her. The faster you put it in, the more options you have. She wants to delay sex as a bargaining chip. She wants to put off sex in a relationship so she can wait until someone better comes along.

The only times you can make friends with girls is to run social circle game. I am no fan of this style of game. Often times the women are below average. It becomes a feeding frenzy where the 7/10 is like a 9/10 to you. Other times you make friends with a girl you can bring to a club as a wing girl to help you social proof yourself. If they aren’t any of these options, then women are masters of wasting guys time. The thing women doesn’t realize by doing this is, when they get older, their social circle shrinks. You often see women not marrying past a certain age. They already messed up having this entitled mentality. By the time they lose their looks, its already too late. They get into about 6 relationships in their lifetime. Often into long term relationships. After a certain point, past their prime, they become redundant. Then go do yoga to get back in shape. Then complaining on plenty of fish where has all the good guys gone. Well, you friendzoned them.

Solution: the best way out of a friendzone is not being there in the first place. Lots of us pick up artist only became that because they were tired of being in the friendzone. If you are there, use it to pull her to your bedroom as friends. Kiss her, one thing leads to another. Once you pull a women home, naturally she might be bored and have sex. But use this with discretion and caution. It worked very well for my wingman. I have also seen other guys who makes female friends because their game isn’t strong enough. I would say get rid of them cold turkey and start all over. It forces you to learn game.

If you can only game Asian girls, then you have no game.

A lot of PUAs here only daygames Asian girls. In fact there are so many that does,  you would think Asian girls are the backbone of Vancouver PUA. What that does is make you build comfort game. If you are a white student. I have a lot of them, so no offense. Lots has yellow fever. But I don’t think that is very skillful. It is really just saying you don’t have what it takes to get white girls. Yes white girls do like tall strong guys. Yes they are very shallow. Yes they are more aggressive, doesn’t act feminine to the point where white guys are turned off and goes for Asian girls.

If you don’t practice on white girls, you would gimp your daygame forever. You would start uptalking and rapport seeking. You can’t reverse this. Figuratively speaking, not comparing people to animals. But their charactistics when doing daygame. Asian girl are like cats that gets scared easily. White girls are like dogs who are more in your face who likes affection and touch. Of course if you only daygame white girls, you get kind of dominant like the dog whisperer. (Don’t take this out of context. I am just trying to explain the behavior. I’m not calling women animals). I mean social comfort is a great skill to have. But too much of it plus rapport seeking will hurt your daygame. Do you want to practice daygame on fobby Asian girls who acts like they have aspergers? Meaning lacking social skills. It doesn’t offend me to say that because Asian guys are the same way. Our parents emphasis education over social skills. That is their retirement plan. For you to take care of them later. They sacrifice one generation for this selfish need. They hurt a lot of Asian guys. Push Asian girls to go with white guys being so heartless and indifferent.

Then you have the Asians in denial. I like Asian girls, I don’t like white girls at all. Yet, the year before they admit they like them almost as much. Or you have the white PUAs who only goes for Asian girls. Denying their status helps or white privilege. That they don’t like white girls because they are too aggressive. Most of these guys are often very creepy looking. Still, my advice is even if you don’t like white girls, or pretend you don’t. Practice daygame on them. Daygame in Vancouver should be called Asian daygame. The backbone of daygame is socially inept white privileged/status loving Asian girls. But you know what, just more white girls for me.

But to play the devils advocate. My white students first date after three classes is an Asian model. He got two numbers from two models. Got tickets to fashion show from a friend. So his class continued there. Which is impressive. He should be on his date today. Train with me. No guaranty your first date will be a model like him of course.


What is game?

A student asked me, what is game? Game is like this combination lock. Every single section of the numbers are stages. Every girl during each stage, you have to calibrate. I have several openers depending on her reaction, smiling, polite, frowning. How much to tease. How much social comfort. How much challenge to deal with her emotional investment questions. How much progressive escalation. Meaning more romantic or sexual vibe. Game is really trying to find this combination that works for your LMS (looks, money and status). Then unlocking the girls compliance with your adaptive structural game. If you were doing natural and direct bullshit. Then of course, your combination would have three sets of numbers. Openers, vibes and number close. This is a filter game. While my game has more stages you have to go through. I can date girls higher on the looks scale. Do what works to get that lock open. It means structurally adaptive. Not just conversationally adaptive like intermediate LMS natural and direct game.

Game begins by your looks scale. Then it is leveled against your level of game. If you give a direct compliment. You are going for HB 7.5/10 or below. You use my openers, you are going for HB 8.5/10 or above. The style of game would determine your girls level of looks.  Since natural and direct game is about having LMS or higher level. Vs your vibing her with a simple conversation. You can’t get anyone higher on the scale than your looks. Just try not to screw it up. My style of game, plus the progressive escalation would push up the score. Once you get her hooked, you can move up the looks scale. So it is your looks scale and game leveled against her LMS or LS, looks status. How much money she makes has no effect on us liking her or not. Her status might be her race.

How to daygame if you are short?

Lately I have a few Skype students who are 5’2 and interested in skype coaching. I’ll offer my insight into this. Lets not be dishonest, being shorter is really going to make daygame a lot harder. Women are shallow and do judge my physical appearance. They want to feel protected and they look for a preselected by other women guy. Which usually means a tall guy. Also, if you look around all the couples, almost always it is tall guys who are in relationships. Since Vancouver is either night game (night clubs) or social circle game. Women are not aware they are going for super tall guys. It is just in their nature. Yes being yourself is important. But she can’t see your value if you can’t demonstrate it. Besides, everyone from 5’2 -5’4 gets the same reaction from women. A negative one. Everyone from 5’5-5’7 gets a bit more compliance but not much more. I fit into this category being 5’7 myself. Once you are 5’9-6’3, you have way more compliance. Your race, or other factors doesn’t matter as much. You are taller than the national average of 5’9. I mean if you pair that with being Asian and short. You will face an uphill battle in game.

For the physical changes, get heel lifts. They are things you put into your soles of your shoes or boots. I wear them. I am not stupid to daygame without it. The extra inch and a half of height, although not 5’9 yet, does matter. Of course if you are skinny already. Boosting your height really makes you look lanky. Wear fitted clothing. Baggy clothing makes you seem like you are socially unintuitive. Slim jeans and fitted shirts without stupid logos on it would help. Have spiky hair. Also, go to the gym. People are saying I don’t want to be bulky. I say, what makes you think with such a small frame you would get bulky? For every inch you lack in terms of height from the national average of 5’9. You have to be much wider and more ripped. If you look like you are on steroids, all the more better. To be honest, I fucking hate going to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym in the last two weeks. I pay for this shit weekly. But I still go because I know girls are shallow and they like muscles. I even work out at home. I do 300-500 rep exercises on one body part a day to shock my system. I figured if I do that everyday, I would expand my mental toughness. But that is part of a new from beta to alpha program I am developing. Just trust me, get to the gym. I mean honestly, what makes you think you deserve to date hot women? What have you done really for the deserve  it factor?

Mentally I have a program to deal with inner game issues. Like limiting beliefs. Also I would teach you how to reframe those beliefs. Then use those limiting beliefs combined with my inner game affirmations. We would smash though those limiting beliefs holding you back. I would also create visualization exercises so you can imagine yourself with the success. Even if you can’t now.

For game, you would never use direct game again in your life. Unless you open and she is smiling at you. Then go direct. Otherwise when she is polite, you would go situational openers. When she is frowning you would go indirect. They all transition back into the same path of game. It is a very adaptive structured style. You really have to be more dominant if you are short. If you are too tall, you have to play the gentleman. You really have to break negative stereotypes.

Daygame isn’t for everyone. You should use social game. I heard from other short PUAs they had some success from social game and parties. Maybe you should consider bar game or night game too. I like to train you in daygame if you think you can do it. While shorter students do struggle with game no matter what style. I would like to give you the best fighting chance. At least I am honest about it. Unlike other snake oil salesman who says height doesn’t matter.






Never daygame deformed looking girls.

Out of all girls, the ones who rejects the hardest in daygame are deformed looking girls. If she has a long face, hooked nose, weird eyes, squared jawline or something structurally wrong. I wrote this post after daygaming Grandville at night after a Drake concert. I got some harsh rejections from women who looks beautiful far away, but deformed looking close up. Weird eye bags, squared jawlines, protruding faces on the side, puffy looking face. I swear, I was in a horror movie. This women, my wingman pointed out, saying is she Russian. Hearing the word Russian I wanted to talk to her. When she looked to the side, her face pointed out really far for her nose and mouth. Maybe all the hot girls after the concert went home because it ended at 11. So they filtered out and what remains is the trash. Such a big concert doesn’t happen very often. The situation is rare, so I get to experience this firsthand. They have the least cool attitude towards pickup because they rarely get guys hitting on them. All the times I ever got in trouble dealing with girls, they all had ugly faces. Even if you go for girls who are 6.5/10 or 8/10 on the looks scale to practice daygame. Just make sure they aren’t deformed. Or they will act uncool.