Forget Everything You Know About Direct Game! My Asian Students Got Laid Without Listening to Other Asian Dating Coaches, Who All Goes Direct!

Get it to 250 views, more videos.

Most other Asian dating coaches don’t have daygame laid testimonials since they all use direct game not suitable for most Asian men with low SMV. This is the enemy to all your daygame results, direct game for Asian men. It won’t work for 99% of you, just 1%.

ABCs of Insecurities has a tall good looking strong dating coach but they didn’t get any daygame laid testimonials in 2022 and 2023 using the Mystery Method derivative for daygame

This is a problem because it means that they are not providing their students with the skills they need to get laid through daygame by going direct.

The reason why other tall strong, good looking Asian dating coaches don’t have daygame laid testimonials is that they are all going direct and relying on their looks and status rather than developing their skills.

All of the other famous Asian dating coaches are really tall, strong and good looking while all of them go direct.

This is not just a London daygame problem, but a world wide problem.

Going direct is like a Tinder street game were she only looks at your height, race when you give her a compliment.

Now she will have to make a decision and swipe left.

What women in their right mind will swipe left on your approach if she has higher looks than you?

She would give you positive reactions or IOI’s, but no IOC’s or indicators of compliance.

These number close videos are chasing positive reactions or POS reactions which I call pieces of shit reactions.

They go nowhere because it is like someone trying to sell you something that you don’t want to buy.

Lets say they are autistic, clueless and thinks they are winning, but you want to be nice so you pretend to go with their frame.

You say oh yeah that sounds nice, but in reality they won’t buy it

Then they get your contact info and you flake on this person

This example of someone selling an inferior product is exactly what you do with women.

What is worst is ABCS of Insecurities Asian pride nonsense.

They dress so Asian wash they are in the out tribe for day game.

They will call you a white worshipping simp going after white girls and how you should go for every race because you don’t know which Asian women will like white guys

While that argument is sound, I would say in my observation if she has a massive squared jawline she will 99% like Asian men. If she has a triangle jawline she will like Asian guys.

Also, just because their students can’t get white girls in daygame, doesn’t mean Asians should go for what they don’t want.

In many cases they don’t like black women just as my black students doesn’t like that either.

They like white women and this is the only place you can consistently get that with my daygame program without wresling with drunk women using alcohol maxing. Which is not game.

Most of the time the tall whites will laugh at Asian passport bros calling them losers

But when they see my students, my students urinates over these white PUAS and puts them in their place

The Asians won’t lose under my training… with the exception of them being RSD victims to a point where they want to bring their RSD fashion, mass approaching, delusions and direct game not changing anything and expecting to get results…

This is a problem because daygame requires more than just looks and status maxing in 3rd world countries like Latin countries or Eastern Europe like other Asian dating coaches.

It requires social skill, social calibration, and emotional control.

To get laid through daygame, you need a score of 20/35 in these areas.

Looks/height/face is out of 10, money is out of 5, status is out of 10, social skills, social calibrations, emotional control, game is worth 2.5 points each for a total of 10

You need 20/35 to get over that line

Other Asian dating coaches don’t have this score because they rely on going direct and using other systems like Mystery Method or RSD, which are not suitable for most Asian guys.

Since Asian daygamers are socially retarded, they don’t have social skills

They also have no social calibrations either

Or emotional control since they sound like they are rapport seeking putting women on the pedastal.

My students drills down these 3 categories so they get 7.5 points

The other Asian dating coaches just focus on game and status maxing in 3rd world countries due to their low percieved natural status worth 1 point, vs a white guy that is worth 10 points

Like Jan the Scam Lifestyle. He doesn’t have any laid testimonials.

He does this natural and direct game which is Julien Blancs game

But in reality that isn’t natural game and not all the real naturals goes direct

I did find out that there was one guy who got laid with his style as he is stuck now during the inflation.

He was a 6’2 Asian guy who is decent looking with protector status

No I didn’t let him join because he can’t get over the mass approaching dinect game nonsense.

I told him Jan doesn’t have a single laid testimonial in China and in Vancouver he doesn’t have a single laid testimonial.

That this 6’2 Asian guy might be the only one, after a decade.

I told him how shocked I was because I didn’t think anyone during the training period could get laid from direct game with lwo SMV

He doesn’t have low SMV

Also, this Game cheezy has a lot of infields but 2 laid testimonial.

All his other students didn’t get laid, he just took their money without getting them results using direct game saying I like your style

If you don’t think direct game or the opener is important, thats what you get with a guy without status maxing.

Taking away any social media status maxing, that cheezy opening line wouldn’t work plus the endless RSD style validation.

The only laid testimonial he had was with a tall good looking skinny white student getting a submissive Asian woman.

Then an Indian guy getting laid in a 3rd would country status maxing.

No Asians got laid with his training.

On the other hand, night game requires a score of 15/35, way less skills than daygame.

which is why some Asian dating coaches rely on night game to get laid testimonials like ABCS, Queefing Casanova.

While the second one has some daygame laid testimonials it is mostly night game.

But ABCS of Insecurities doesn’t have a lot of daygame laid testimonials

But their Asian audience doesn’t care because getting a kiss on the cheek in a night club is all they want due to low insecurities as they gaslight Asians with the Mystery Method which isnt suitable for 99% of chinese students.

I had one recent new student that was able to use it, hes good looking. But hes the only on, like the 1%

The rest can’t use it for the other 99%, another anomaly.

Now he would train under me because the inflation really curb stomped direct game and a mass numbers game.

Even if these two anomoly Asians got results, which is looks, the other height… its getting tougher without my daygame system.

Women are more resistant, giving more objections

3 objections in a row when they would of given one so a lot of people that are using direct game are facing more rejections with lower stats.

They come to me to fix it

If they can fix it, since they are so used to direct game

Lots of Asians using direct game got 0 results

This is not usual as even white students didn’t get any results with London daygame.

This literally suggest that direct game is only useful for 1% of the tall or good looking and nobody else.

Direct game is a cancer of the daygame industry that needs to be cut out

Instead of mass approaching like a samurai swinging your SMV or game swords, SMVing it with your looks, money, status…

you need to be a ninja levelling up 30 skills to add more points.

If these two samurais would be able to switch to a ninja style like my tall black student with 46 lays before, they would of got more lays.

It was hard for the black student to switch since he was so used to Mystery Methoding it, which didn’t work for him using tactics.

Until he learned habits, not tactics.

I have way more than they have for all the other Asian dating coaches combined.

But even then, they have to rely on status maxing in Latin countries, which includes having an exotic advantage and access to third-world money.

Like ABCS of Insecurities.

Most of these Asian bros who are status maxing in Latin countries will never go back to the United States or Canada thinking its a cheat code

In reality, they are using more points of their 3rd world money status advantage and exotic advantage to give them 3 points for the status category.

Instead of being 1/10 for percieved natural status, they are 3/10 for status

Most of these guys thinks they are smart, if they to use Tinder there getting more matches

But they are cheating themselves out of self esteem

They would never feel like they accomplished anything and their value is too low

In reality, their value isn’t too low, their skills are too low to pass 20/35 when they are using Mystery Method and RSD method.

It worked for 2 anomolies, but nobody else.

I’ve talked to tons of people on the phone to hear their story.

The problem with these Asian guys using the Mystery Method and RSD method is they are using the white mans game only designed for tall whites.

Look are Krapisma King who teaches RSD style, he didn’t get anyone laid yet, just a white guy pulling a woman 3x, but not a lay

That debunks along with Jan the Scam Lifestyle that RSD stuff even works.

It doesn’t, but only for 1% of the population

The problem with that 1% just like London daygame that 1% shoves it down the throats of everyone else saying you have to go direct

In reality, they never got a woman above their looks scale

its always equal or below.

That’s why it’s so important to find an Asian dating coach who can provide you with the skills you need to get laid through daygame without using alcohol crutches wrestilng with drunk women in a western country.

Someone who can teach you to use a system that is tailored to the Asian demographic.

Someone who can show you how to dress white washed to gain access to the white tribe.

Someone who can show you how to level up your skills and value without relying on direct game, status maxing, or alcohol crutches.

I think it is better you can do it in your own country first in the west without alcohol crutches before you even status max in Latin countries.

My name is John Elite, and I have more Asian daygame laid testimonials than anyone.

I will show you how to get laid with white girls in daygame.

I have a 3 months to proficiency program and Kaizen program that will help you automate your game to get epic lays way above your SMV scale.

If that is too expensive for you, there is always the Elite Bundle 2 which is popular these days. Where you get both my courses, Skypes and a year long consulting.

So if you want to learn the skills you need to get laid through daygame as an Asian, then join my coaching today.

The weather is getting better.

Plus, if one coach without status maxing, or alcohol crutches wrestling with drunk women has all the daygame laid testimonials, more than anyone.

Then maybe, just maybe, I know the fuck i’m talking about and they don’t

This circle of direct game worship is really bad, a cancer to this daygame industry

Just because I say direct game is bad, it is doesn’t mean you go to coaches not teaching it.

If they are teaching alcohol, wrestling with drunk women pinning her down to bypass consent and deal with objections. That is illegal too.

This is not something I would ever teach.

Skill max, not status max or alcohol max.

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