I was a Day game coach trying to Teach arrogant unteachable cases who are debt creating ADHD zombies. I really wanted to Get everybody to budget properly so I wouldn’t have to Repeat myself over and over as they ignore my advice .

I wanted to be able to Get everybody results in fix their messed up life immediately because I know the answers because I have a good instinct and I could Get people to stop losing their minds.

The thing is was Unteachable case skinny fat narrow shoulder students who don’t listen to my device when they should because the very thing they don’t listen to is the thing they need the most because it’s all correct. 

That meant I wasn’t able to get everybody results in fix their messed up life immediately because I know the answers because I have a good instinct, let alone Get people to stop losing their minds.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because These guys who are massive debt creating zombies are all ADHD plus they’re skinny fat and they’re easily triggered so they spend more money to make themselves feel less depressed.

I felt even worse about the situation because There are some guys who have 17K of debt and also there are guys with even more than that up to 60K 200K in depth. 

I felt like Due to the maslov chart of human needs I feel like I cannot get through to them because they are not meeting their human needs 1st of all 2nd of all the 7 stages of grief they have not accepted the situation so they’re are more triggered and they’re ADHD so they have no focus they can’t even read or learn new skills.

The problem was that So many people stop watching the webinar for the same day lay because they have no money no focus they’re ADHD and skinny fat and also arrogant as hell where you given the proper advice they still do it their way bleeding money and debt. 

This meant There were a lot of people that I could be helping if they only focus instead of looking skinny fat and being arrogant because there’s more delusional since their selfish team went down their ego went up dramatically during this inflation, which Hurt my income a little bit for the 1st 2 weeks. 

I’m doing really great now after the 2nd week but I had to learn how to read over 20 books a month about the recession in order to pivot. I put in the work to change but they can’t even focus.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I Came up with the concept that people always ignore the very things that they need the most. One of my students in untishable case finally followed my advice and he applied the 5 buckets for budgeting with his mother and they solved their debt problems all about He realized that he needed the advice and people need to listen to what I’m saying. 

But the more arrogant they are and the more narcissistic self righteously are no at all even though they have no results in their life crazy massive debt in their life there are the ones who don’t listen. 

Their behavior might have contributed to all these problems. 

Even if you show them the receipts that you’re able to make as much money and give them the advice. Making more money than they make in the fucking year that you make in a month these fucking zombies or half a year. 

But their arrogance holds no bounds. By seeing proof they almost double or triple down on their delusions.!

It was now crystal clear to me how to Explain to the zombies that if they don’t listen to me and be arrogant and resist every step of the way they’re most likely going to get kicked out…

because I saw The students who were threatened to be kicked out started to get in line. 

In fact some of them actually gave me a few days off without bothering me because I have to repeat myself more in 10 times in a row. They still don’t get it because they are just mentally slow. 

I also learned that I thought it was all autism that’s created their debt but it turns out it is something else it is ADHD behavior. 

They cannot control their impulse and they feel depressed because of their autism so they spend like crazy like money is gonna go out style in fact even spend like they’re throwing money into a giant garbage can creating massive amounts of debt.  

you need to Supplement your ADHD and ask me if you can be an Elite Access student assuming that you’re coachible and not getting kicked out of it soon. 

As a result I told the zombies that in the past I had a great leap forward where I removed a bunch of shitty students then I started to get more late testimonials when I don’t get so frustrated by their fucked up demonic possessed depth creating no instinct idiotic vibe.

After I did that, I started To make videos about how to budget your money with the 5 buckets.

Suddenly, I was Getting people to be more educated what is really causing their problems with their mind because they cannot meet their maslov chart of human needs.

That’s when I realized that the secret to Teach arrogant unteachable cases who are debt creating ADHD zombies was I’m always right for some reason and I can predict a future too. I have a weird ability and I am psychic. 

Every time I tell you something and you ignore it you always find out in a few days or 4 months that you were completely wrong. You wasted all your time being a massive fool cause you are not listening to wisdom. .

My plan was to start Make a second video about food cost which I made in the inner circle teaching people how to eat for less than $3 A day.

So I started Filming this video for the inner circle then I will re edited and record it for YouTube. But we didn’t stop there.

After that when I teach them about the food cost and budgeting… they have no more excuses because I will no longer be able to teach this guy so I’m going to ban all future ADHD cunts. 

ADHD zombies have no future so there is no point of actually helping them during the inflation they’re dead. 

After that, I Start to focus on the students who are not financially messed up where they can afford my coaching and they wide something like this. This may seem like a giant risk because there are a lot of poor people who still want to train with me but who are mentally not able to do to my arrow theory..

But there was still a problem…

These ADHD cunt zombie skinny fat double chin dumb fucks still Are so ADHD that they can’t even watch my advice videos about managing food cost or about how to budget money. 

In fact a very person who suggested I make this inner circle video did not show up being a complete ADHD zombie cunt who should have listened to this video because it was super important for him because he has no money. 

He is super skinny fat with narrow shoulders like a girl which turns women off as he is monotoned.

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to Just ban everybody in the future from joining me who displays procrastination and ADHD traits. If you have to explain in instruction more in 10 times in your stonewalling most likely they don’t have the future here. They Stonewall when they get triggered and they’re too ADHD to even listen to what I have to say on elite access.

I chose to call it “The people that don’t listen to my voice or actually the ones who needs the most”.

I thought if we could create something that would make it possible to Educate people about ADHD when I make an advice video calling out the ADHD skinny fat dumb Fox debt creating zombies so people can learn from their mistakes and not bleed money nonstop. , we’d be really happy.

After Educating people about budgeting and also food cost my hands are clean meaning I’ve already helped you and if you’re too ADHD to not grab onto the life preserver you deserve to drown, we created The people that don’t listen to my voice or actually the ones who needs the most.

I have to edit the video, don’t mind the hair, I didn’t feel like fixing my hair that day. Someone said I was looking younger or something. One of my students said I was aging backwards… Yeah well, one of my former students worked for Jeff Bezos lab for longetivity. I don’t need a hair transpant or botox to claim I look younger unlike some people. Its not just genetics, none of this is accidental but optimization. My epigentic clock is back by many years.

I can now Focus on the students who can afford it who they actually invest. Instead of dealing with these free loader dumb fuck ADHD poor mindset pieces of shit who deserves to starve to death. .

I then started to let other Minority Daygamerss use The people that don’t listen to my voice or actually the ones who needs the most.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

I am a lot happier now when I tell the bad students they don’t have a future here. Also educating people how these zombies thinks will help a lot of other zombies be less zombie like.

After creating The people that don’t listen to my voice or actually the ones who needs the most, I was not only able to I started to get people more and more educated over time as they start to see their own patterns. I can even reference the old videos telling them that they are acting like dumb fucks. ADHD zombies who are mentally slow who needs the instructions to be repeated 10 times in the role before they get kicked out. , I’ve also been able to stop Helping people that don’t deserve to be helped the only thing they deserve is a good kick in the ribs Metaphorically speaking of course, because we can now Dealing with cheap Fox and I’m going to raise the price of the elite bundle one.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to Emotionally I can price the cheap Fucks out of my coaching so if filter is our only qualified people that don’t have mindset problems due to the masloff chart of human needs.


Its taking over 2 hours to get through one issue.

This is going to be a lot of work…

former bootcamp student, he got laid on my bootcamp and had a fiance with a latina.

Hes going to be retrained.

Luckily he is more stoic and making more unlike these unfocused adhd cunts. He will do much better than the rest of the autistic adhd zombies.

His future changes when the past is let go of.

He won’t be able to retriggered again by the past, but will let go to focus on the future.

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Mental trauma is excessive, I’m already behind schedule, its 4 hours in, we only dealt with 2 mental trauma.

The past does affect the future, unless its taken care of, things will repeat itself.

Didn’t take a break yet at all, its nearly 2pm just third issue.

I usually knock out 10 issues for mental trauma cure

Updating you. But its going well, but needs to be more efficient.

4:30pm, only 3 mental trauma covered, this person has excessive mental trauma, excessive, but will go overtime to fix it.

For the last mental traumas, its all dealt with.

It takes 10 steps for each but I clustered them all together and went faster.

The big ones takes more time, but its handled

when everything is handled, he will make a video testimonial

He is smiling now, no more upside down smile.

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