Aspergers and how taking a small break can build a stronger foundation for some, not others for daygame.

Before you start to think about daygame, you must be able to untrigger your mind, untrigger your depression by accepting instead of fighting things. When you finally do accept things on a list one at a time, world events will not trigger you into shock. Eventuall you will be in denial, then bargaining, but you would always end up in depression.

300 views gets you another video, either another laid testimonial, or gets you a video on how to save on food cost? down to less than $3 a day. The strategy behind it. All field tested, just needs to be split tested, will taught in the inner circle first to split test.


The normal steps is like planting seed when learning a new skill

Then afterwards it is like watering it daily until it starts to break apart and germinate

then it sprouts off the ground eventually depending on how fast you learn

Then it spring out of the ground getting you that lay

Well that is for a normal case or hardcase

But what about the unteachable cases? That are aspergers?

They aren’t unteachable cases..

at first they are like trying to learn a new language. Nothing usually happens, you are planting a seed.

In fact you could overplant the seeds for the Aspergers.

More seeds isn’t going to germinate it.

They often times needs a bit of a break.

Two of the students took a break to assimilate the info better.

It started to germinate a bit by itself over time because it feels more familar.

The first time you learn it, it feels all foreign like learning a new language because you are so busy listening to other dating coaches without as many laid testimonials bullshit advice

Doesn’t even work for their products then funnels them to their boocamps to learn game crutches

Wrestling with drunk women like a psycho to deal with objections.

Thats what I would ever teach, its unethnical.

My point is out of those 4 stages, some of my students will level up very quickly.

When the fields or neuropathways or the foundation is set, its easier to build on top of it

The first time building that foundation, you might not feel a lot of results

But the bigger foundation you do build, the more you can build on top of it

You come back to it and it starts to feel second nature

you apply it to daygame, you can’t help but be different

you become attractive as if you were a soilder trained in war

or a daygamer trained like a new natural

you can instadate and pull with ease, but that is not enough.

Now its time to germinate the seed if you are a slow learner aspergers type of student.

Much like a language the second time you learn it, the first time wasn’t easy, but the second time just felt like maybe you could.

Of course for most people who aren’t super aspergers with fine motor skills issue, these stages blends together with ease.

Now you must work as hard as you can to automate or to germinate the seed.

The harder you work now, the more automatic it becomes, this is not the time to rest.

Since the steps are familiar, it is a good time to get your fashion in order, your vocal tonality in order for a white washed tonality

It is good to focus on the three steps everyone seems to ignore

They just do whatever they normally do that fails.

Since you automated a lot of stuff you have to get these steps in order


One pattern most of the zombies have is the inability to deal with objections or even recognize objections

Sure they were flirting, sure they were escalating, sure they had better fashion which helped them immensely

But instead they just refuse to outright acknowledge when there is even an objection

they don’t see it as an objection, they aren’t bright

There is more than just seeding the pull then dealing with objections

That only works for tall whites.

Its already sexualized being a tall white

It won’t work for anyone else.

But there are a lot of different types of objections, such as she has to go. She has work tomorrow, she has something to do. Her friends are outside, so she can’t have sex in the bathroom.

My point is this, anything that is off the line or non compliance is an objection

Most of the zombies has no idea that is even an objection until later on

For the students who pulled, but not closed recently, they are dealing with objections

because it takes multiple steps to loop the objections, they simply don’t have the skills or the tonality to overcome those objections

You can’t just use compliance threshold because tall whites can chop down the objection like karate

you have to judo throw the objection

Also, you can’t use alcohol, new delhi gRAPE game to deal with objections either, that isn’t ethnical.

That is never a solution to dealing with resistance

You have to understand she has a right brain the emotional side

However in neuroscience it doesn’t work like that, but in theory lets say one side is emotional, the other side is logical.

But the problem with just escalating and not dealing with the logical side is, there is an inflation which lots of people are emotionally affected, including women.

There is a side that is like a sales man doing sales, there is another side that is a closer, which closes the deal.

To close you need to maneuver, sexualize it to the max, not just half assed escalation, to get the sexual objections out.

If you don’t deal with it, you won’t convert.

Convert first, then maneuver her home.

Then when they pull her home they haven’t create a conversion

In the past they didn’t have to deal with objections but if you are mentally affected by the inflation, so is she

emotionally she isn’t going to feel well either… so more objections occurs.

If anything this skill needs to be trained

they are like animals, the yesh John types… then they do the opposite.

Repeating the same mistakes trying to gamify everything like a short cut.

They are overwhelmed because they didn’t automate their social skills flow drill or automate their body langauge

But when those things are automated, you automatically win.


Its stacking the objections, building a bigger mental wall

you have to overcome all of them like a video game level in super mario bros, over and over

once you do get to the last boss, she opens her legs

she will have more objections than before during the inflation

but you she would be more compliant at least initally giving you a chance with white washed husband material fashion.


Lets say there was a part of approaching, getting her attention first then stop her.

Thats is where they are stuck at

They will work only on that, no where else

that laser focused on that 1% until the rest is automated.

They can’t think in multiple steps since they have issues with their fine motor skills

For another student, they can’t work on the objections dealing because they were working on some other part of escalation

They completely forget maneuver, sexualizing, objections looping

In fact, these three steps are like an entire daygame system on its down

they didn’t hear from other dating coaches so they think it doesn’t exist

they will deal with the right brain, the emotional side, but not dominate the left brain of the stack of obejections

One student maneuvered her home, but didn’t create a conversion

in fact most of them did the same thing.

A flat out refusal to acknowledge objections


 One of my half Latino, half white student wanted to learn to improve his social skills in 3 months to proficiency which he did improve his social skill with everybody around him.

Of course he achieved his goal since he was getting lots of fuckbuddies on Tinder for his looks.

When it came time to focus on daygame, not just improving the social skills, which is only 2.5 points it was harder

He has the worst approach anxiety, or should I say phobia.

A phobia is an irrational fear, but for him he took several bootcamps not being able to approach

Now at least he could open

the second time he is more comfortable with it.

However the other Asian student wanted to get laid in daygame but it also improved his social skills making friends

He got a white fuck buddy in 3MP

I have an Indian student who wants to get that lay 1st before he thinks about marriage…

but I’m telling him if he aligns his value with getting married and using this as courtship skills…

he could still get that lay and still get that marriage

The problem with people with ADHD is that they only do things that they enjoy…

anything else that they do not enjoy they do not engage in it Half assed

therefore they’re not as motivated

 The best thing you can do is to write down all your values something that is really lacking in today’s society

One of my values is called win win everything I do has to be a win win for everybody

When I offer this deal a lifetime deal for the inner circle it’s a win win for everybody because they’ll be with me for the long term until they get a girlfriend or get married

This deal is gone though, 3 people did not take me up on it, but another 4 people couldn’t wait to.

All the money will reinvested into my theory of money. Meaning 5 buckets,

  1. emergency funds
  2. self education
  3. investments (any asset although the stock market crashed)
  4. paying the bills
  5. Play money, to spend it on something

I don’t spend like crazy because next month, its hard to get a new client because of the inflation.

However i’m going to go back to my plan which is spend a lot of money on new books on the inlation, recession.

I want to know everything there is to know, field test everything and discard what doesn’t work

2 books out of the 10 I read worked, the rest were total trash.

But most of you don’t invest in yourself or even read.

The other Indian student just focus on leveling up the skills however he attracted a life partner due to his new confidence in body language

he was different than anybody else that she has met…

and he left the game you left 3 months to proficiency because that’s all he wanted was to find somebody to get married

The skill set align with his values so there’s more than one way to reach your goal

My other indian student was that guys friend actually

they both have good jobs in some of the top tech fields in the world.

However I told him yes he wants to get married, but wants to get laid first

I told him why not mix both goals together? or values?

I wish he took me up on the offer, but he wants to see what happens first with 3MP, i’m having a strong feeling he is going to get laid soon.

He started instadating hotter white women.

He got his colongue as I told him to, it finally arrived.

He broke the sterotype, like my Pakistani mentor

People associate Indian men with a bad odor

He instadated almost pulled a hot white girl

Now he realized, wait a min, if he is white washed, he has John Elite colongue which I was not supposed to telling a living soul out of the real inner circle..

Then the right haircut

then he realized, the faster he transforms, the faster he gets laid.

Make a list of all your values find out what your value is and try to re align it with day game especially learning my system…

therefore you’ll get a lot better than just trying to muscle your way through everything mentally speaking

Free same day lay training


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I’m buying every single book with high review on amazon about the recession. Those who are smart enough to aquire the knowledge will conquer.

I apply what I taught here.

Those who didn’t was destroyed by it

  • Black student ignored my advice on a high ticket sales job, wiped out
  • Another chinese student from Canada ignore the wealth triangle, put all his money investing with partners in a deal he found out had even more investors, wiped out, started to vulture me for money, went crazy. Wiped out
  • A Chinese viet student didn’t pay for the entire 3MP, the advice was ignored, he invested all his money he earned from his engineering job, wiped out after a car accident.
  • A black student who didn’t budget, says thats the way it is, thats the way it is didn’t realize until I taught him how to split his money. Well now he isn’t paying me for financing whatever. He still almost paid half. I swear black people can’t manage money, wiped out.
  • Anyone stupid enough to ignore my advice for someone who knows how to save so much money, literally fighting from the pocket backed in a corner, making money is fucking stupid adhd zombie.

My engineering students all survived.

-John Elite

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