TRIGGERED LATELY? Accept the Situation and Move Forward For Daygame: The 7 Stage of Grief. Also introducting, Mental Trauma Cure Is The SOLUTION

Go watch this video if you are depressed. In the video some of the testimonials are censored. So go watch it below this page.

Why are you feeling so triggered lately, depressed due to the inflation. Its insane I am going to reveal to you how to stop getting triggered so you can focus on daygame again and not be an unteachable case

Hey, did you know that when you feel so depressed and so triggered, this isn’t only you.

Everybody was feeling it lately becoming unteachable cases. They were freezing up, getting offended, then they stonewall me for my students. Then afterwards they get depressed.

Its like a turtle that needs to get out of its shell to move forward. People weren’t like this before.?

It is the maslov chart of human needs and the 7 stages of grief.

What will you learn today?

  1. Why did depressed snowflake cunts recently turned into stonewallers? Where they stonewall your communications like sociopaths after getting offended and triggered
  2. Even I got triggered recently, but I learned to turn it off completely for the feelings. Emotionally i’m intact, feelings even I got triggered, of all people. But thats gone.
  3. What is an unteachable case. Why are you all actlng like that freezing up, getting triggered?

I’m John Elite and I am The worlds best daygame coach who has 571 laid/pull testimonials for daygame, more daygame laid testimonials than every daygame coach in the world combined.

I also have a mental trauma cure program that gets rid of everyone mental trauma with a 100% success rate in 5 to 10 hours instead of 1 to 2 years..

So what is accept the situation, so you can move forward with your life again?

It’s the last stage of the 7 stages of grief.

When you accept the situation, you don’t have to go through the other 6 stages triggering you, getting you depressed, then bargaining.

You just accept.

It’s Its like trying to use a boat to go upstream in a river with 6 levels of current going against you.

When you reach the 7th, accepted everything, you let go.

Then the river stops moving. Your boat finally goes forward.

So I’m going to share with you 3 you are facing.

When you accept the situation, you don’t have to go through the other 6 stages triggering you, getting you depressed, then bargaining.

You just accept and how you can finally stop getting excessive triggered by your high ego, low self esteem because you are not competent so it hurts your ego so much.

Losing your self esteem as you get more triggered. The Maslov human needs aren’t being met. Plus you are now you have to deal with 7 stages of grief.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: you are just depressed. That is what you voted for when I made a poll. But in reality it has nothing to do with all of that..

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can learn to accept the situation so you can bypass the other 6 stages of grief so you can finally move forward again.

Get the current to stop moving to fast overwhleming, triggering you. Then when that stops, you can move forward and get amazing results.


So the first challenge for daygame is, a lot of my students started to stonewalling.

The big idea here is that most sociopaths are stonewallers.

Even if not all stonewallers are sociopaths.

They think you are boring and don’t even listen to your whatsapp skipping parts of the audio because they have sociopathic no empathy, no remorse traits along with sadism.

I called out all the narcissistic triggered students that they were stonewalling.

Most of them are either Asian or Indian.

I showed them each others text too of them ignoring the whatsapp advice while listening to the shorter ones.

Whether the student was Indian, or a few chinese and a vietnamese.

One black student in the past did the same thing. They are all narcissist with a massive ego. The student or former brokie student with 44 lays.

They were surprised, that they were all doing exactly the same thing.

Its a coincidence they are all doing it right now with this inflation.

I can’t say that too often as it fucks up my search results on youtube censoring me.

Lets go Brandon..

Once a stonewaller, always a stonewaller when they are triggered easily.

Looking back at it, so many students with these traits seems to keep stonewalling for years.

I just haven’t realized it until now..

This is important because One Indian guy got so fucking triggered he has low SMV and high ego.

He wasn’t able to adapt.

Was in denial his tonality uptalked, then sounded depressed at the end with his upside down frown.

He even had the audicity to say he wasn’t depressed. Yeah right. Delusional listening to his tonality and practice.

He said he was 8/10 in looks. I told him he was 3/10, also delusional, refuse to adapt, stonewalls after getting triggered so hard.

Here is the solution, but he got so triggered like a bhenchod he will just waste time with other coaches even if the solution is here if he stopped getting triggered.

If he only accepted his situation, then his delusions will stop.

Then he can move forward because he is still in the denial stage of the 7 stages of grief.

This is one of the fans that was stonewalling me for years. When he had no money, I still helped him. Now he invested in mental trauma cure program. HIs life had no meaning, was suicidal. But he has a new lease on life. He is also doing Elite Access at the same time.

Everything I talk about will have citation so it isn’t a half truth pill with stupid graphs misleading people into a wrong conclusion to manipulate you. But instead my advice about psychology will ungaslight you from cult worship.

Stonewalling is when someone shuts you down from communicating. He just “bails” on your efforts at communication, refuses to take you seriously; refuses to engage a discussion of your concerns. He may ignore or dismiss you, express fatigue with you (and your concerns); he may listen without offering a thoughtful, respectful response, and then credit himself for having listened.

In any case, his unthoughtful, lazy, dismissive, or flat-out non-response to your feelings and concerns captures the essence of stonewalling and will reflect his pure contempt for which he’ll take no responsibility.

Rather, he may depict you as a boring windbag who doesn’t know when to “stop talking,” or who’s always making or looking for “trouble,” without recognizing or owning how his insistent refusal to listen, his determination NOT to listen, actually provokes, passive-aggressively, your very instinct to “talk” and “pursue him” until he gives a meaningful response. If you do persist, he may complain to others that he is being “harassed” for no reason, pointing out that he is doing “nothing” to you.

He may flat-out tell you he’s bored by, and uninterested in the concerns you raise, regardless of how strongly you feel about them, and regardless of how strong your need to discuss them is. It may be that the more urgency you feel to broach your concerns, the more he’ll contemptuously stonewall you.

His rebuff will feel cruel and leave you feeling especially helpless. It will also very likely be dripping with some form of passive-aggressive, if not aggressivecontempt.

Now this is stonewalling, and stonewalling is a nasty, hurtful thing to do to someone; it leaves the stonewalled party feeling as negated as a person can feel.

You don’t have to be a sociopath to stonewall. Plenty of non-sociopaths stonewall. But many sociopaths are stonewallers, and
 the act of stonewalling itself contains the cold, callous attitude of the sociopath.

The second challenge for daygame is Even I got triggered for a while, I didn’t know why. I’m not emotional, but in terms of feelings I got triggered.

The main thing to understand here is that emotions and feelings are two different categories.

While this can be flipped around, the point is they are both different.

Feelings or butthurt feelings like your ego getting triggered, stonewalling..

This means Every month I do quite well for my business.

But this month was tough it fucked up my feelings.

Although my emotions were intact, my feellings was not.

I acccepted everything instead. Every category as it pops up. Food prices, accept. Bank crisis, accept, always a new thing, go woke, go broke..

This student kept freezing up, full of mental trauma. His worst fear is making that approach, its not just an anxiety but a phobia. Just as I am afraid of needles an irrational fear. He unfortunetly has an irrational fear of approaching. He would run. Now he is able to open. But still gets stuck at certain steps. He was diagnose with Aspergers. Full of cortisol, logical.

The third challenge you face.

Hardcases ask a lot of questions, don’t say yes sir and take action as their mind is like a bouncer who decides what is right or not.

Their ego is ego tripping so hard. They think they are the general, not the solider and I am just advising them.

Impossible cases are the same thing but more triggered a lot like these guys. However unteachable cases are worst. You yell at them, or encourage them, they make the same fucking mistakes over and over without changing..

This is key because people are not operating at a high battle efficiency leveling up.

They are acting like unteachable cases when they shouldn’t be by default. You have to keep accepting the situation even if new ones come up.

Or you have that handbrake, or current flowing against your boat in a river upstream.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s maybe you are just depressed. .

Well the tricky thing is that you are going through the maslov chart of human needs psysiolgical need as I mentioned before. Plus you are going through the 7 stages of grief. You need to learn to keep accepting the situation even if new things triggers you until you get over it.!

One of my hardcase students. Lost his virginity under my training. Couldn’t approach anymore. But after mental trauma cure he could do it again.

And so I’ve created this Mental Trauma Cure you can get over all your mental trauma and take action again.

It has a 100% success rate in getting rid of all your mental trauma in 5 to 10 hours which seems impossible for more psychologist, since it would take them two years and 18k.

And so what this is going to do is get rid of all of your mental trauma in 5 – 10 hours so you can finally focus again, get things done fast, have a new mind, hard reset.

Stop frowning upside down, stop getting depressed, a new lease on life. Not feel mentally stuck.!

And I, as The worlds best daygame coach who has got every single person who took it over their mental trauma., what I do is I go through 10 steps like a hybrid psychology system combing the best of the best, discarding the rest.

I figured out what millions of psychologist can’t figure out. Its done in one day.

Yes i’m that smart, but I will never win a nobel peace prize.

I don’t just draw stupid charts then use the half truth pill to gaslight you saying its all emotions, lying, when its triggered. I can cite everything.

So what I’ve done is I’ve shortcut you going through 2 years of therapy done in one day or 5 – 10 hours..

I’m going to give you all the details about how you can get started.

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this Mental Trauma Cure available and prices will probably go up because I intend to keep raising thn prices as I get more and more testimonials for this gettting rid of everyones mental trauma.

If they are charging 18k for it for 2 years of talk therapy which doesn’t work.

I get right to the point. They need the long treatment famoosing you, I don’t. I want results fast i’m going to raise the price.

I might give a slight deal if you bought the Elite Bundle 2.

So make sure you click the link tomorrow to get all the details while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for minority daygamers just like you who are struggling with the inflation which gets you triggered more than before due to the maslov chart of human needs.

I need operational students like daygame soilders. Not depressed snowflake cunts.

You aren’t meeting your physiological needs. In fact it goes beyond that, every bad news event you go through the 7 stages of grief over and over again due to the inflation. Shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, acceptance..

I also have 3 Months To Proficiency Bundle which the mental trauma cure is included in your training,

but today I’m talking about the Mental Trauma Cure, which is amazing.

One of the 3MP students. Hes taking a break now since he has to focus on work. In the tech field they are laying off a lot of people. He has no choice but to work. But he will back back in the field soon

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.


Without watching this video you would always be depressed and triggered.

I’m going to leave the post here for a bit, I know its been like more than 2 days.

I woke up today not feeling well, then I applied what was in the video, then I felt fine after untriggering my mind

I can’t believe how easy it was to figure out, that nobody else thought of it.. I mean. Its the solution. Now people have no excuses if they apply it.

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