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Hello and welcome to today’s advice video where I’m going to reveal the three secrets that helped a black student get 44 lays.

Yes, you heard it right. Today, I’m going to share with you the secrets to successful daygame even during the pandemic, variants, inflation that you can start using right away.

Secret #1: Height is Not the Main Contributing Factor Many people think that height plays the biggest role in daygame success.

In this video I go over why your inner game issues are bullshit. Its really 20/35, you are lacking so many points. It’s not your big nose or whatever thing. Its like 3 or 4 things…

However, this student proved that wrong.

He was doing well in daygame before the pandemic but struggled during it.

The truth is, your height only matters when the calibrations are in order.

Then it becomes a force multiplier if above 5’9

Well hes way taller than that..

But before that it wasn’t enough to just SMV it with game tactics.

He then started training in social calibrations or body language for Elite 30, which he did for 30 days straight, 13 times in a row.

He found that social calibrations, not height, were the key to his success.

Or in combination

And with this simple change, he started to see results in his daygame.

Secret #2: Habits, Not Game Tactics Another mistake people make in daygame is focusing too much on game tactics.

Heavy reliance of tactics will get you massive flakes, more than 90% if what. If Asians or Indians, lol, like 99%. If you don’t use social calibrations.

This student realized that he was too tactical and logical.

He always thought about what his next game technique would be.

He then realized that it was habits that made a difference,

specifically body language for social calibrations.

By focusing on habits instead of game tactics, he started to get laid one after another.

As I always say, habits, not tactics.

Most of my students don’t get flakes if leveled up

He sometimes does, since his social skills flow drill kind of sucks.

But without a good haircut, social calibrations…

he takes it easy again and goes back to tactics, then he loses his skills.

Mind you this student got laid with a Russian and Ukrainian in 1 – 2 approaches, 5 to 10 mins in Dubai so eat a dick.

Mystery Method doesn’t work, if it did why did ABCS of Insecurities not get any laid testimonials for daygame in 2022 and 2023?

They were taught by Mystery… its a derivative..

You can’t SMV it anymore

Plus my students doesn’t use alcohol at all or social media

They just text her on whatapp…

Its all social skills, social calibrations or weeded out of evolutionary psychology.

Habits, not tactics.

Habits can be installed with the 30 day challenge.

All the autistic people sounds like this. Mystery was the godfather of game (I started in 2001, he started in 2003…)

He has good tactics (mostly night game)

Also, it has the most cohesive strategy… (Umm I have 571 laid/pull testimonials and I teach social skills, social calibrations, emotional control.. that the autistic narcissistic delusional triggered low functioning half assing zombies doesn’t understand because they can’t do 3 steps in a row so they love tactics, cough Aspergers)

I mean, Mystery is like the middle class of daygame…

you do what they do, you get the same amount of laid testimonials as other coaches

or a fraction of mine…

I respect Mystery.. (I don’t. Its a fucking night game system for fuck sakes)

I don’t have to agree with your autism thinking inside the Mystery Method box…

My student results for daygame disagrees with you…

If you like Mystery that is fine but don’t foist it on me.

Sometimes I feel like i’m talking to ekimos saying look there is a city, technology, cars, social skills, social calibrations

then the Ekimos or PUAs all thinks i’m crazy… when in reality they are ignorant, blindspots… autistic, delusional.

You don’t know what you don’t know as you hunch and use tactics…

You never experienced the endless compliance my students gets to keep her on the line with social calibrations.

You use game to keep her on the line, playing a numbers game. Assuming you aren’t using game crutches..


If I was wrong, remember my millionaire student?

Every time he DHV, she auto rejects him

even if he was telling her the truth that he travelled to all the places she did…

she doesn’t believe him.

So it was taken out, so he wasn’t off the line

social skills, social calibrations replaced DHV stories…

This chart shows why ABCS is a joke. 15/35, enough for the Asians in a 3rd world shithole passport pill country. However for daygame, they don’t make the 20/35 line of fvckability. I’m not talking about using alcohol crutches either for daygame. Thats not game….

Secret #3: Grit and Money Problems Despite the pandemic and inflation, this student still managed to get laid. However, he admitted that money problems affected his grit.

This is not surprising, as the Maslow chart of human needs shows that physiological needs are crucial to our well-being.

It’s important to acknowledge that money problems can affect our grit and motivation.

GRIT consist of 4 things

  1. Growth Mindset: not a fixed mindset meaning you beat yourself up over rejections as if your value was fixed instead of adapting with a growth mindset
  2. Resilience: You need to be able to take the punches of life to level up your social calibrations. Then you would same day lay in 12 days of Elite 30. If you can’t, well you will just go back to SMVing it half assing it.
  3. Instinct, do things my way the best way. I tell you what to do. But the debt creating zombies, the super zombies can rack up 10 to 40k of debt in no time. Their brains and instincts are like that. Literally zombies.
  4. You would mentally shut down like the depressed snowflake cunts if you didn’t do all 3.

But with the right mindset and habits, you can still achieve success in daygame.

I also made this video once you stop being so depressed and can focus

I could tell you what supplements my students uses, but then again I only keep it secret for my students

You would just have to power through it to focus.

I still need to come up with an offer for anyone getting my courses they get supplemented for their depression so they don’t have to deal with it anymore on a daily basis.

Elite Bundle 1 has more stuff to deal with other issues

Elite Bundle 2 has more.

So you have no excuses

but some of you are such brokies you can’t even afford to buy supplements, nevermind even get a haircut.

In Conclusion:

So there you have it, the three secrets that helped a black student get 44 lays.

I hope this webinar has given you some valuable insights and tips that you can use to improve your daygame.

Remember, social calibrations, habits, and mindset are key to success in daygame.

When he gets laid more, other students usually gets laid too since it increases their belief index

too bad he isn’t joining me for his training due to money problems. Oh well

I added a blue theme since the red theme seems aggressive. Its good to balance it out.

Thanks for joining me today,

and I wish you all the best in your daygame journey!

I wish the bhechods lots of worshipping mentor mentality and failing like stupid dumb sheeps.

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