Part 3 of the wealth triangle in this video. Ignore at your own destruction.

I never invented it, but its pretty accurate. High income skills, scaling and investments. While I am telling you this, go watch the video for more clarity to get your mind back on track.

There I was, a daygame coach trying to get people to not be frozen up to do the Maslov chart of human needs because people are not meeting their physiological needs due to being in debt.

The thing is, at the time I was these zombies who racks up endless debt.

The big problem was that they didn’t know how to budget so they rack up massive debt.

That meant their problems are now my problems if they can’t budget, which got more people to freeze up due to the Binflation in a state of learned helplessness.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I discovered the wealth triangle concept, mind you I didn’t invent this, but it makes sense even if its hard to apply for you if you have a normal job about high income skills vs a high income job.

Most of the engineer students can’t do a second skillset because they hyperfocused their Aspergers on one skill. !

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to have a second side hustle to make more money, because I saw if your job isn’t making you enough, you can have one side hustle to supplement your income because your money is directly tied to the hours you spend at your job.

My income is directly tied to how many people I get laid.

I’ll post more laid testimonials soon so you can listen to me again.

We will put it to a vote to see what is the best laid testimonials next, I have endless.

I could literally post a new laid testimonial every single week for this entire year, but you will learn absolutely nothing unlike now…

I don’t have a fixed income which might scare the living shit out of most of you if its all expertise… You would never be able to do it.

My plan was to start I wanted to show the zombies that if you increase your high income skills, lets say you read 10 books on it, then you would learn something if you applied it all and discard what didn’t work.

You would make more money in your side hustle to supplement your income

But the zombies I have found aren’t the best at entrepreneural stuff

Nobody said it was going to be easy as there is a huge learning curve, unless you want to be machevellian, getting people stuck in your courses and funneling them to bootcamps as their eyes splits like pennywise

So I started educating people, although not in this much detail that if you made 10k a month with your high income skills, then you can scale it further.

I’m not talking about a high income job, where you move to another country it no longer applies.

I’m talking about a skillset.. But I didn’t stop there.

I then educated you that scaling is important once you hit those targets.

Although i’m a bit afraid to scale.

Some people literally scaled getting other people or apps to build their business without the high income skills..

After that, I discussed about investments, into assets.

I don’t the stock market, or options trading.

I never invest in anything I don’t understand and the stockmarket already crashed lately

Although one could interpret everything is on sale if you were warren buffet and why do you need to invest when its going up

however some of you zombies don’t have high income skills at all, so how can you replenish money if you are stuck?

Although my millionaire student was able to actually do that without losing money. He is a genius because I didn’t understand a single thing he said about options trading.

But my other student ignoring the wealth triangle, earned a decent income for a Canadian then he just literally put all the money into options losing money.

He literally worked so he can throw money into a giant dumpster fire putting himself into debt

I told him to get the fuck out of there accept the loss, stop the bleeding

Investments should bring back around 10% or less, so you can hold wealth.

But not without actually working on the first two.

If you just invest, one student did, he lost 40k without a high income skill or scaling his business..

I even had one student who lost everything when he invested in a startup when he realized there were other investors and he was not told.

He made some money before the inflation or pandemic, but he got fvcked up the ass when he did that.

I get to see how my students habits are like… I know. I have a huge pool of data to draw from.

Building on that success, I decided to post more of these type of post for the people who didn’t watch my video completely so I can shove the info down their throat.

I mean their problems shouldn’t be my problems right?

I could go for a new audience, a cold audience forget about you…

But I also need operational soldiers who not freeze up

One of my student is freezing up like crazy unable to do the habits when he has low SMV weeding himself out of evolutionary psychology

you the type, i’ll do it tomorrow types never succeed

I call it “figure out where you lack in the wealth triangle”

With figure out where you lack in the wealth triangle, I can now educate people the 5 buckets concept of how to split your money.

Second how to stop the bleeding for debt.

Third how to use the wealth triangle and consider getting one side hustle until it makes more money than your orginal job before you go all in onto the side hustle.

Of course, that takes a lot of skill, unless you want to scale and hire outwards and keep whatever is left over.

I never said this was easy for the RSD zombie so your income will always be fixed in proportion to your ADHD and autism… !

Here’s a new how to afford my daygame courses if you are a brokie? advice video for every daygamer who wants to learn how to budget and save money to invest in my coaching and get laid faster without using other dating coaches daygame courses which funnels them into a bootcamp without having to be a brokie.

Hi, I’m John Elite. I made this For those who are RSD victims who wants to buy my courses but you can’t afford it because you don’t know how to budget. I removed my financing plan so I am educating you how to save money.

I have 571 laid/pull testimonials, more than every daygame coach in the world combined. I know what I am talking about.

Here’s the scoop when it comes to how to afford my daygame courses if you are a brokie?…

challenge you face – 3 Tips To Afford My Daygame Courses
.What will you learn in this video? You will learn 3 challenges you face.
-How to divide your money into 5 buckets so you will never go broke again or overspend like a RSD zombie who are debt creating zombies. Since all zombies ring up massive debt since they can’t budget. Some up to 40k, 20k, 17k for my students. You know who you are. Not good debt either that are assets, but bad debts, liabilities.
-How to stop the bleeding, bad debt, bad investments or liabilities that bleeds you money after you crashed into the inflation iceberg or Binflation.
-Why you should use the wealth triangle to navigate where you should focus your attention on. Higher Income skills, scaling your side hustles or investing to get a certain percentage back. Focusing on the wrong thing will bleed you money even if you are an engineer wasting all your money into dropshipping or some other stupid investment. Mind you, I did not invent this. Someone else from Vancouver a marketer did.

So, let’s recap for every daygamer what we talked about:
Here is the first challenge you face. Budgeting properly using the 5 buckets.
Stick around for the second challenge you face, this is life changing advice.
Here is the second challenge you face. You need to learn to stop the bleeding so your boat stops leaking money draining you all of your money making your more broke than a joke like other RSD zombies. You want to stick around for the last challenge. Which is the most important, saving the best for last.
Here is the last challenge you face, knowing what you need to focus on for the Weath Triangle. Most of you are focused on the wrong things. Even if you got a job, how to improve your high

The big takeaway here is that you can learn how to budget and save money to invest in my coaching without having to be a brokie.

You wouldn’t need financing either if you knew how to divide your money, or save to invest. I know you want to get your d1ck wet and this is the best place to get that to happen for daygame.

I hope you enjoyed this advice video… if you did, please do me a favor and like, comment, subscribe, and turn on the notifications.

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