I will have some real talk about money because I realized the level of zombie is how much debt a student will have

I have a student with 40K worth of debt when I asked him

He was extremely zombie in the way he thinks

He was like an RSD zombie that had every single trait of an RSD victim on my playlist

I will not reveal who he is

but he is living in the 3rd world country right now

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody

I might actually give him some tips here and there it can improve that aspect of his life

You guys improve your high-income skills

I had other students that were 20K and debt too

In the past I thought that was a lot of money to be in debt 

However, I thought that was excessive, but nothing compared to 40k which was shocking…

This person is a complete unteachable case

But however he was able to make 6K a month after I taught him sales 

there was another student who made a lot more money after I taught him an Indian guy who got married but he was 17K in debt 

I also had another short Asian guy who was like more than 10K in debt when they are unteachable cases are impossible cases they like to bring up a lot of debt

The zombies are massive debt creating machines

they can’t stop creating debt 

the more money they make the more money they lose 

which is kind of strange 

it’s like Mike Tyson who earns a lot of money then spend it all 

these zombies cannot help what they are…

massive debt creating machines

I am creating a new advice video talking about how to get out of debt

I was teaching this to my student on the phone, but I thought why not turn that into an advice video.

I had permission to record the advice and to create a video or podcast based on it

and how to invest in your own skills like high income skills 

because the zombies cannot stop investing all their money into stuff when they don’t even have high income skills 

or know how a scale their business

They always have to invest in stupid shit like the 401K 

or the stock market 

or bit fuck like crypto 

or even options trading literally losing all the money they earn from their job

 I mean they aren’t even investing in index funds but options trading without any strategy whatsoever losing money

My point is unless you have a higher income earning ability, why are you fvcking around with a low return investments of liabilities?

Why not invest in self education?

Learn to read you adhd zombie…

One of the things you will learn in my new advice video is to stop the bleeding

I mean as soon as the zombies makes a bit of money, if they are black then its the newest Iphone

Or a samsung s23 plus for everyone else

Money in, oh no money is there, must spend on stupid shit

But why not invest in assets, skillset like my courses and training?

If you want a new advice video you must actually watch my current video

I’m only asking for 275 views for the latest video in You get a new one

If I don’t deal with this objection now then no one will have any money to invest in my coaching

Or they will waste their money benchoding in other places Mentor Worshipping mentality

even though they got fucked up the ass in the past because their courses did not work during the pandemic

All the sudden these benchodes believe it’s gonna start working

 A bhenchode Indian cannot help what they are

They have to worship

It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched

No self esteem in pure delusions

Learning New Delhi grape game wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom creating Stockholm Syndrome

Then they waste all this time after 6 months I don’t make as much money because they’re worshipping and saving their money to benchhold

Then afterwards when they realized that course does not work again which they got famoosed

 Then they come back being all nice to me as if they never left in the 1st place

They start using that word bhai. 

Which means older brother in Hindi

How am I your older brother when you left worshipping then you realized that did not work

But yes without dealing with this objection about money things cannot move forward

I actually didn’t let anybody from India train with me after the inflation started

They gone from their depressed no fleet cunt gear from their narcissism

Then they went into their lower self gear to survival mode thinking sneakiness

Then he went to the Indian to Two faced backstabbing gear

 Then I only let Indians who are living in the United States train with me due to that

I think most Indian people are nice 90% of them who I have respect for

But there are 10% of them that are they scum of the Earth

You know the kind of guys who tries to scam you with call centers without empathy or guilt

They would have no guilt scamming an old woman out of her entire retirement

They bring their New Delhi or rajasthan grape game into day game

Remember, your problems shouldn’t be my problems

If you are freezing up mentally, well this video explains it doesn’t it?

Even if you are a massive debt creating machine, you need to get over yourself

in debt or not, you are not dead

that is a good mindset

since you aren’t dead, there is really not that much risk in life

you still have a roof over your head and a job

so stfu already

get over yourself and your cunt problems

its not that bad.

you’re still alive regardless.

Not get back into the fight gear, not the flight gear running away or the freeze gear.

Everybody is freezing up, even my students lately due to the massive inflation

Last year they were still approaching in dec, even in the snow

but now, i’m not sure why their cunt hurts more than before…

I would even have to teach Krav Maga now to get people back into the forward gear.

Zombies.. zombies everywhere..

That is my rebuke.

My courses are proven to work. So stop freezing up. If my courses works, then you need to actually do it exactly, step by step. These are not like mental bullshit like other dating coaches courses funneling you to bootcamps with confusing concept on purpose. These are proven to work. Maybe learn to move forward. Or i’ll make enough videos until your mind can go forward again. I am closing in on 600 laid/pull testimonials. But you have to be a good student. Despite your mind bhenchoding and shutting down…

-John Elite

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