I’m just going to post my stream-of-consciousness

The only reason why I require only 200 views for the videos or 300 views for YouTube live is because enough people has seen what I have to say


 Not everybody watches the YouTube live section they just watch the video section

However there is an audience that really enjoys the YouTube live longform content

 I know both of them will reach 300 views eventually even if it takes a month for the videos

I do not need a big audience to have more students and to get more laid testimonials

My coaching works my products works

This video gives you 3 steps

The 1st step is to decide to win this is not some woohoo Bullshit

99% of you have not decided to win

However not my students who gets laid non stop from my bigger programs all have to make a decision to win

Why do you think the Asians from 3MP were able to get laid over and over because they decided despite their low SMV that they’re going to win

They don’t care if she’s a white girl they’re gonna decide to fuck her

The 2nd thing is visualization is important

That’s why the Indians are getting stuck because they cannot visualize a future in day game without using alcohol

Which leads to the 3rd point which is the feelings have to be correct

Because they don’t believe in themselves because of the alcohol crutches therefore they feel like they are not enough

They are literally self sabotaging

I remember my millionaire student at 1 point did not believe you can get a white girl

I had to slowly work him up to it to get him more comfortable until he closed one

He closed many of them now and his life has changed

He also struggled with these 3 steps

He told me he could not handle visualizing this because it was so outside of his reality

If you think I’m teaching you bullshit look at the student success

Success leaves clues

Maybe your mindset is bullshit

Emotional control

As time goes on I opened more of the tool Box for people

I have not talked about emotional control because students can get laid without emotional control

They just use social calibrations from elite 30 and some social skill flow drill and they Already got laid

Then recently the students were talking more in a whitewashed toenality to improve their emotions

If your emotions are Fucked it will be affected in your speech

But in reality the people that depends on just emoting in adapting usually are white guys who are just as envying it which is not transferable

 Or guys who are using game tactics and adding some emotions just to add some more points to it

Game is worth 2.5 points

Emotions is worth 2.5 points

However their game is never that high in the 1st place because their stuff does not work without New Delhi grape game

Also their emotions are kind of fucked anyways they’re just overly exaggering or emoting

There’s a difference between being congruent and emoting

Your moting is light when you lift up your eyebrows a lot and move your face mystery Message Style

However congruence is like Leonardo DiCaprio

If if you watch his movies carefully his body is perfectly in the right place

Is stational expressions are absolutely perfect

His tornality matches his body language

It is outside in which changes the state of mind

It is never inside out

If you’re Asian and you feel confident on the inside and on the outside you talk like a retarded fuck

You cannot express the correct conclusion because the outside is not trained proper

Outside in not inside out

Even elite 30 can correct a lot of your congruency so your state of minds correct and the words that come all your mouth are more correct

Is by having the right congruency it is like a word generator

This is not about acting lessons which is completely bullshit

Krapisma king also believed that acting lessons were important but he has 0 day game laid testimonials

 Also that is too artificial and try hard

 I’m also thinking about incorporating stretching into the day game system because sometimes you have tight muscles

It never occurred to me since I used massage guns massage chairs red light therapy even pemf technology

However the muscles still needs to be stretched

I saw a video of a billionaire who spends all day stretching so that way he can reduce his stress and reduce his mental trauma which is stuck in the muscles

It was a fucking genius idea that he spends 10 hours at day stretching

If you Google it you will see too much stretching is not good for you

However not stretching is also not good for you

It was such a genius idea I never would have thought of it in a billion years

 Combining the Chiropractic with the back brace with the stretching for 10 hours A-day is a genius idea

You’ve got to take care of your posture because it’s like an antenna

Most naturals have a good body language so they can beam up to the universe

The universe beams into her mind could because most naturals are psychics

Then it goes backup into the universe and it redownloads a universal game of natural

While I’m not a natural due to so much mental trauma

You do know what I teach mirrors all the other real naturals and I use the word real

Then it downloads back into their brain

Since most of them are narcissistic they still know what she feels because their psychics

I think it’s time to open the toolbox to let you in more of how daygame really works

 That’s why naturals are very chilled or relaxed because they can breathe in a very slow way and relaxed to entire body

I’m teaching my students how to rebuild their lung capacity

If they run off oxygen because they don’t have a lot of lung capacity they get into the fight flight and freeze response

For the universe I don’t think of this as day game as in PUA STUFF

 They think it’s more about teaching you the skills to procreate which is very important

You only get one soul and that’s all you get there is no reincarnation

Therefore it is very important you take care of yourself and to have a fulfilling life

You do not get a second chance

Other psychic knows this too

This is why I do not believe in abortion because you are terminating a life which does not get a second chance

If you like to watch the longer version of the video

The 2nd thing I want to talk about is this mental mentality of I’ll get it done tomorrow

The people with the tomorrow mentality never gets it done until a few days

They always Handbrake their results saying I’ll get it done tomorrow

They often get kicked out of elite access program

Zombies cannot help what they are

I should post to RSD playlist On YouTube again

People don’t realize they have all these zombie trait

They also have mental blinking which is an ADHD problem

You can repeat the same instructions more than 10 times and they will still fuck it up

It is like their brain is made out of Swiss cheese

Is there a holes in their brain everywhere

 This makes it harder for them to be teachable never mind changeable

Also you should give value not take value

Some of these narcissistic sociopaths never believes in win win or it’s very short lived

That’s before they stab you in the back because of their mental problems

The 1st thing is the IQ or the amount of delusions they have

Even if they analyze things and pretend to know about psychology the truth is they’ll never wash their hands because they’re sociopath and they don’t feel guilt

It doesn’t matter how smart they sound they are just a living fungus

They are like a virus or bacteria

The words that flow over them are just a 10 traits of the sociopath opinions as facts where they misconstrued and change everything that is suitable for their bad behavioral traits using psychological citations which is a 1/2 truth pill

The 2nd issue is the EQ or the emotional quotient

This means that if you’re easily triggered you do not have emotional control

If you can’t control or regulate your emotions you might become impulsive and do criminal things

This is also true of all RSD victims because they’re all narcissistic sociopaths

They are triggered because their narcissism is high and their self esteem is low

When they get more results and they start eagle tripping shooting laser of their eyes benchoding

What happens is they start to eagle trip and turn evil in the whole brain gets stuck

Until everything’s fail is around them because they turn into total zombies

The last thing is the spiritual IQ

Anybody can claim that they’re religious and they believe in God but what gods are they talking about animal gods

It’s not about the God it is about the ethics these people are completely unethical

Take Gandhi for example he may be religious at the same time he does a lot of immoral shit

So ethics is very very important to have good values

No you saying you’re religious if you’re just going to stab everyone in the back

They are so happy about that they enjoy doing that as they laugh their way to the bank as they screwed you over with their day game products which does not work just to funnel you into a boot camp so you can learn about New Delhi grape game

If you prefer to watch the longer version of this video. Yes there is a Youtube Live section you are missing out on. Still has the red background.

I want to talk about the 4 traits of a backstabber

 The 1st trait is the higher self which is not part of the 4 traits because pick up artists in general do not have a higher self altruistic gear

The 2nd stage is the depressed snowflake cunt gear

The 3rd stage is the lower self gear

The 4th stage is the bencholding backstabbing 2 face Indian gear

Mind you I believe 90% of Indian people are very very nice people which I respect

When I say bhenchoding Indian I am specifically talking about the 10% evil scumbags

 The type that warships this mentor mentality who are also very cheap we’re willing to spend any amount of money to worship in their boot camps who believes New Delhi grape game is ethical Wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom

They have a Win at all cost mentality 

 Basically they are a bunch of sociopaths

Indians are not the only backstabbers recently I had Asian students who refused to pay for their training

They pay half but they use more 1/2 and they just don’t feel like paying it even though they got multiple lays under my coaching

 I’m not a big fan of set up game I don’t like the concepts it does not mean I dislike the people running it

I can only speak from a conceptual point of view

I think about it from my point of view since I started a game in 2001

The only thing me and the other natural is nose from the inner circle is day gaming and texting her or same day lays

All this extra stuff like adding a night game component or a social circle does not make sense

Also not everyone can actually run setup game

because if they work as an engineer they’re bosses will not like it when they’re having other women talking in their social media

That makes it harder for most people to do because not everyone can have a 3rd world money status advantage and exotic advantage

They can only travel for 2 weeks in an entire year for an engineer

It is a game for the entrepreneurs who makes 6 figures a 7

Tell me that I’m wrong for thinking this

Am I wrong for thinking this am I not allowed to think this

Plus there’s a lot of unnecessary energy that needs to be expended in order to run the style of game

Not to mention a very good pull location

 While my Pakistani mentor has a 3 million dollar mansion here he does not use setup game

Like most people he has obligations

What is impressive about him is he is banging women that looks like Andrew Tate’s girlfriends without using all that status

He did all this without using alcohol either

He does not use his Instagram either

Back then he taught me this Instagram game and how to utilize it if he could

This was many many years ago

But he does not utilize this at all

He would love to have the ability to travel anywhere and do anything and build this kind of thing but at the same time he cannot do it because of obligations

But this is not necessary

Like Elon must 5 principles be less dumb

The 2nd principle is remove a necessary steps

If I remove this step and it still works then it doesn’t need to be there

It could be effective but it doesn’t make it efficient or effortless even if it is elite

The 3rd stuff is do not optimize what does not need to be optimized

Let’s say you try to build a social media but in most cases you will come up short

You don’t have the ability of an entrepreneur to do whatever you want for your Instagram

In my opinion I believe this is not a very transferable style of game

It doesn’t mean I disagree with the people running this game cause that Brazilian for example runs this type of game

Also the people for red pill coaches that are still active in the field or running exactly the style set up game

RSD Max Tried run the set up game before

This Michael sarteen guy tried to run the set up game too

 But what most people don’t realize is that for my da game system you still have the social skills of a tribe leader and the body language of a tribe leader

You are still utilizing the skill set plus the body language and the whitewash tonality anyways

So basically you can navigate every single tribe out there not just your own high status tribe

This is why my students beat the shit out of their students because they’re learning skills besides game tactics

This setup game is more related to status and money which is more red pilled

This is my opinion and I’m only speaking about the concept

You know how I feel about this mentor mentality thing versus the dating coach

I am the field Jackson of day gym not the Kobe Bryant

However I am so much more effective

Don’t be trapped by this mentor mentality

Whether you agree with me or not I strongly feel this way

It doesn’t mean I believe there are good or bad person based on what they teach or what they utilize for their style of game

 For all we know they can be very good people on the inside

However I’m just pointing something that is very obvious

And I have the student results to backup when I’m saying

It’s important for everything to be effective efficient effortless elite

Not everything falls under that category

Let’s hope the future does not make daygames so hard where you need to maximize your social skills and social calibrations emotional control end game plus status just to be able to navigate Day game

That would be a very fucked up world in the future

Since you do not need to status Max you can actually get more points for social skills and social calibrations by working on those instead because that is 5 points

Unless you are a 6 figure or 7 figure earner millionaire you could not really raise your status to this degree of 5 points

You know what the 5 things are for a status Maxing

The 1st thing is a high status job you don’t have that

The 2nd thing is a high status lifestyle some of you can accomplish this

The 3rd thing is a high status race or ethnicity is better to be whitewashed especially if you are Indian

The 4th thing is a 3rd world money status advantage displayed on your social media

The 5th thing is The exotic advantage. This means all the women in a particular country is all one ethnicity and you are the other which makes you more exotic

But these days everybody is doing this travel pill mental bullshit

Pick up artist groups are very annoying with a bunch of sociopaths that tears each others down

 Now I remembered why I avoid PUA’s in general

They have a scumbag vibe

Especially to RSD victims who loves his Spam Approach

How they love to go direct and give validation just to get Auto rejected nonstop

Then they burn out then they stop approaching due to their low self esteem and high ego

 While dressing like complete shit

There are literally like walking zombies

Scum of the Earth

Rather than being zombies I’m teaching a human game

While my game requires more steps than what the record is called some cunt mines can handle it still leads to more Day game lay testimonials

Don’t think inside the Box the autism Box

Think outside the Box the human Box

The ones that naturals used to be for thousands of years

Something that they cannot do which is a social skill flow drill

This type of skill with body language is something that has been used for thousands of years

Just because in 2001 Ross Jeffrey’s a mystery in 2003 brought this autism today game limiting everyone

It was the beginning of the end

The year I started

 What’s with me working on my mental trauma and why is it taking so long

I have more mental trauma than all my students combined

They say it is a cheat code to life maybe it’s true

I am the world’s best day game coach

This is not my opinion I have more student laid than all of them combined many times over

It does put you in 1st place in 100% true

 However at some point you want to remove all the mental trauma

Once it serves as purpose to get you to where you are is time to remove it

It is as stupid as a soldier who was once a navy seal having all this PTSD or Post traumatic stress disorder

Why hold onto that kind of stuff

Even if you were the most elite soldier afterwards you Become Mentally fucked

I’ve also noticed with mental trauma it can show up on your face

Your face is like an open book

When you get rid of your mental trauma there is one more millimeter of relaxation in your eyebrows

All these small things really help

You will have less Stress in your face

If you are a bow 5′ 9 to 6′ 2 if you have stress in your face she thinks you’re being emotional and brooding

She will find that attractive

But if you’re below 5′ 9 and you still have the same thing she will find it disgusting

Its either an uphill or downhill battle

But it doesn’t help to be shorter, wear elevator shoes

unless you are the type that likes to play a huge numbers game… my students don’t.

 I’ve also noticed that the students gets laid around the same time

Of course don’t contact me with your excuses why you can’t. I don’t want to hear it. The next time I hear another excuse i’m banning you for life. I’m glad you got 44 lays under my coaching for daygame. Thats still very good for the last 2 years of the pandemic till now. However, everybody is expendable if they aren’t capable. What use is being good at daygame, under my training since you had no results during the pandemic until I retrained you out of the Mystery Method mental bullshit which stopped working. But with no survival value, being slow, overwhelmed, full of excuses..

If when they see another student Is getting laid it’s like a chain reaction

Practice when the block student was still my sduden he got 44 lays

Now he has money problems so he can’t pay for the entire elite access

The problem with teaching these guys more than the halfway point of whatever they paid is they’ll take you for granted

They would deny it then they’ll cite their debt problems which is completely manufactured and created because the zombies cannot manage their money

This is universal all pick up artists has their money tied into some stupid investment or some weird shit

However when he gets laid other Student get laid

I remember when I only has 503 laid pull testimonials

 It would stuck at that number for a while

Now it is 569 laid Pull testimonials

 One student got laid recently but I cannot post about it

So the number remains 569

It also could be affected by the weather

It is very cold right now

Also it could be affected by the economy

It takes a while for them in their brain to settle and accept a new reality of the binflation

 Most of these guys have never lived through a recession

This may be the very 1st one

Maybe I was born in the recession

I’ve been through many

I know exactly what’s up

But the zombies all have the same algorithms

I should remake my other video in the past about how to budget your money and cut it down

Since it was from a YouTube live so therefore a lot of people have not actually watched that video before

I can also spice in some new clips in commentary for 2033

Because not all the audience that watched the YouTube live watches the videos

And not all the people who watch the videos even watches YouTube live

So why not bridge the content by making a YouTube live video into an actual usable content for 2023

 I also tried to incorporate group coaching but the weakest one in the group seems to be affecting the other guys in terms of the man in fast station I also tried to incorporate group coaching but the weakest one in the group seems to be affecting the other guys in terms of the manifestation

Their thoughts and feelings can bring the other ones down

I was still teach 1 on 1 and teaching group depending on when is the best time

 If you teach in the group you need iron discipline

You need to treat it like a military

I can focus on where people at once

But this exchange of energy is something that I have noticed

I remember kicking out this other black student who was a total incompetent zombie who just refuses to make any changes being an unteachable case

Unteachable cases makes no changes whatsoever trust me you don’t want to be an unteachable case

Lately I have create flashcards for the 3 months to proficiency students who are unteachable cases

At this point I was so sick of the same 3 excuses I stopped making Youtube lives for a while until recently..


I even did a test to contact all the people who delayed by a few months… not surprised, none of them were ready at all..

They have this 3 months delay mentality

One delay after another..

how you do anything is how you do everything.

Even one black guy who has this demon in his head controlling his 4 traits of low self esteem…

from London who I could of exorcised the demon

every time I see him on whatsapp I get into a state of spinning in a circle as if you were inside a fighter jet, thats how he feels

the a crown around my head

I’m psychic, so he is so possessed I could of removed it right there and then..

But that delay, he said spirit removal, nothing was removed, nothing.

I could of removed it in less than 10 mins in the name of Jesus.

Jesus is super powerful, the demons are afraid..


Now they have less, they train with me, a sure bet

you want to be sure, do the 30 day challenge of Elite 30

the zombies can’t even pass day 2..

they can’t help what they are

super adhd and autistic, lazy cunts..


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