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I was a teacher for people who wanted to learn about Day game.

I wanted to show them the difference between someone who only talks about how to do it, and someone who has actually done it and can teach it to others.

I didn’t like that some people thought that just because someone appeared to be good at Day game (game crutches like alcohol wresting with drunk women in the bedroom), they could also teach it well.

I wanted to help people understand that someone who has real experience is the best person to teach Day game.

I was upset because some people only wanted to listen to someone they thought was famous, even if they didn’t have the skills to teach others.

There were too many Day game products that didn’t work, and people were buying them and wasting their time and money.

They were listening to the wrong people, who used shortcuts instead of real skills.

This was not helping them get better at Day game.

I felt sad because these people were stuck in a cycle of not getting any better, even though they were trying their best.

My Day game lessons had got many people laid before, but people were still not choosing to learn from me.

So, in short, I wanted to help people understand that just because someone is good at Day game, it doesn’t mean they can teach it well.

I wanted to show them that someone with real experience is the best person to learn from who is the coach, and that there were too many bad products out there that were not helping anyone get better.

The thing is I was These mentors always use some type of game Crutch so they are not fully just using skills

for example they wrestle with drunk women in the bedroom Creating Stockholm Syndrome.

Or they are using status maxing advantages which is not transferable to the everyday engineer who has a boss who cannot display this kind of stuff under social media.

This is a common style used by the red pill and they call it clout.

That meant I wasn’t able to get them to stop being sheeps so they are not stuck in this mentor mentality which is not always transferable,

let alone Get them to understand I am at the field Jackson of day game I am better than any other mentor out there I can beat them all as a dating coach.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because They are dismissing the dating coach who can coach them to victory as they fail year after year following the mentors automatically like sheep.

I felt even worse about the situation because A lot of these sheets have automatic thought patterns without any critical thinking.

This just happens to be one of them.

I felt like I am the world’s best day game coach but they want a mentor otherwise they would not listen to you even though the mentor mentality has gotten so many people mentally Stuck as These mentors use game crutches.

The problem was that during inflation, many products were released for Day game that didn’t work, and people were being funneled into boot camps by default.

These people didn’t understand that the main reason these products didn’t work was because there was no alcohol involved in the process, which is what they learned in the boot camps.

This created a situation where people felt like they had to worship the leaders of these boot camps, even though they weren’t getting any results.

This caused people to ignore my Day game courses, even though I had many successful students.

The false hope that the next product would finally work kept these people stuck in a cycle of not improving.

This was a big problem because the key to Day game is the alcohol New Delhi grape game, and without it, the products and boot camps were not effective.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I made a video on YouTube about how someone who is good at day game doesn’t automatically make them a good teacher or coach for others.

Just like Kobe Bryant, who was a great basketball player, isn’t necessarily a great coach.

I wanted people to understand that there is a difference between a teacher who just knows the theories, a coach who has real experience but isn’t the best pickup artist, and a mentor who can’t teach but is worshiped anyway.

I showed people that having social skills and being able to control emotions is just as important as game tactics, which some coaches ignore.

They say that their game involves social skills, but it’s not true.

The products these coaches are selling don’t work because they are missing important elements like the game crutches you learn in boot camps like new delhi gRAPE game.

Even status maxing with clout.

My message was finally getting through to people and they were starting to understand that the mentor mentality was holding them back and funneling them into these boot camps that don’t help.

I was getting them to see that the secret to success is knowing the difference between a teacher, coach, and mentor, and not just blindly worshiping a mentor.

That’s when I realized that the secret to Make people understand there’s a difference between a teacher who is theoretical

versus a coach who has experience but is not the best pickup artist but is the best coach in the world

versus the mentor who is like Kobe Bryant using New Delhi grape who cannot coach others

just like Michael Jordan failed with the Washington Wizards was These sheeps who worship super hard due to delusions and loss of the steam has automatic thought processes which is always worshipping the mentor as the only option getting them stuck forever.

These people who were stuck in the cycle of not getting any better were still buying into the false promises of these ineffective Day game products. They were still being influenced by the false idea that just because someone is famous, they can teach Day game well.

So, my next step was to get the word out there and help people understand that just because someone is good at Day game, it doesn’t mean they can teach it well. I wanted to show them that someone with real experience and proven results is the best person to learn from.

I continued to make videos and educate people on this topic, and slowly but surely, more and more people started to understand the truth and make better decisions about where they were getting their Day game education from.

I want to teach people about the differences between having a teacher, coach, or mentor in day game. I think some people are fooled by the idea that a mentor is the only way to be successful, but this is not true. People should think for themselves instead of just believing what others tell them.

To help people understand this, I made a video called “Waking up the Asian Carps and Bhenchode Indians from the Mentor Mentality Myth.” In this video, I talk about the tricks that some so-called mentors use, like crutches and Stockholm Syndrome, that actually don’t work. I also show how these mentors always have to release new products, but my approach is better because it uses courses that always work, no matter what.

By sharing this video, I hope to encourage people to be smarter about who they listen to and to choose a teacher, coach, or mentor based on their own needs. This way, they can be successful in day game without being fooled.

After making “Waking up the Asian carps and bhenchode Indians from this mentor mentality myth,”

I helped people understand that I am a really good day game coach, like the best in the world.

I don’t have to be the best mentor, because, like a musician playing an instrument, I lead the whole orchestra.

I also don’t have to deal with foolish people anymore because I taught a new group of enlightened day gamers that I am a dating coach, not a dating mentor.

So now, people can make a better informed choice between a teacher, coach, or mentor.

Before, they only thought a mentor was the only option.

-John Elite (the worlds best daygame COACH)

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