I’ll Show You How To Procreate One Day In A Short Time WITHOUT Other Dating Coaches Bullshit Backed By No Laid Testimonials For The Inflation With Debunking The Low Resistance Food Stamp Warriors

…Why I dislike the low resilience food stamp warriors. I often ask them is this a problem related to the price or is there a problem related to value?

For price, I am not a commodity.

I’m all about getting you Laid

I don’t care about anything else.

So if my products and services works, then who cares about the price?

Only you care about the price because you wasted all your money Investing in stupid ****.

Now you gotta delay for another three months because you’re stuck.

…I also asked these people if they want to procreate one day. Oftentimes they say they do. But there again older

First of all I want to ask you what the **** are you doing with your life?

We barely have $500 to your name.

Everything else is tied up into stupid investments.

The worst thing is that there are a lot of people that are fans for a very long time.

That they have absolutely zero commitment to improving their lives.

Pay for stupid car payments or something else is more important than procreating.

They are basically weeded out of the evolutionary psychology.

Out of the gene pool because they have no survival value.

On top of that, as they’re getting older, they have no replication value.

Get my 52 year old student got laid because of him improving his social skills and social calibrations.

He got laid the first approach three times in a row.

Just because he can do it and he’s an older man who’s ugly and bald and fat and has a double chin or triple chin doesn’t mean you can do it.

He asked something that you don’t have, which is called grit.

He’s a tough ************.

Nothing stops Him.

He is like a German Panzer tank.

He doesn’t give a **** if he’s 52 year olds…

Begging 21 year olds…

He doesn’t have those inner game issues.

If you want that kind of result, you have to earn it.

…The worst thing of all when they ask these low resilience food stamp warriors what kind of results do they want? They want multiple fuck buddies.

OK, my students could get multiple fuck buddies by these just fine.

But however I used the word my students.

You are not a student in the first place because you can’t afford to train with me.

Because you are an employee and you are incompetent.

Your time is tied to money.

My money is tied to how many people I get laid

That’s why everyone comes to me during inflation.

It’s going to get worse during the upcoming recession.

That’s right. It’s gonna be the worst woke hell you have ever experienced.

An expression of the lowest self esteem.

Literally everything is backwards in the world now.

Be incompetent is rewarded.

With the binflation

However, you should raise yourself esteem and also raise your standards.

It sucks. The world is stuck with their old mentality of trading their time with money.

Eventually the world will turn so low functioning they’re gonna have a universal basic income.

All the robots will take over your jobs.

AI will take over every single job out there, so they’re just gonna give people money to shut the **** up

…It’s funny because I make my own food. Like I make my own pizza.

10 pounds of flour only cost me $13.00.

I can make pizza well, and pizza sauce cost me like 11 bucks.

I also bought a lot of canned foods, so I’m wondering what the **** is your problem? 

I think food inflation is also a big thing because a lot of these guys don’t know actually how to save money.

They spend a fortune on DoorDash and other food delivery services.

That’s OK if you’re an entrepreneur, because your time is worth more than that.

But if you’re not entrepreneur but you’re an employee…

Then your time is not worth anything.

You’re literally trading your time for money.

Using DoorDash since you cannot really save time, unlike the entrepreneurs, you are actually making it harder on yourself.

If you were smart, you would do your normal job and have a side hustle.

Until the side hustle makes more money than your real job, then you can switch to it.

But like I said, a recession is coming.

I have brought this down to a science where I’m able to figure out how to get all the foods for a fraction of the price.

Still get my nutrients for the day.

I saw this a year ago, so I already prepared.

I have no sympathy for anyone that is not prepared.

Oh, but you might think, oh John, you’re OCD.

You’re one of those preppers.

You literally have the whole Pantry full of food prepared ahead of time.

Yeah, I bought all the flavored tuna from Amazon a long time ago.

Nice. I got spaghetti, I got everything handled.

You however have nothing handled, and you’re too lazy to get this handled.

Like a ninja, you got to learn how to take care of yourself, especially your food needs.

Ninja is actually make their own food. They make these small little pellet or balls of rice and other things for energy and also to get rid of their thirst.

For their long missions.

You must start to think more like a ninja to survive.

We need to have more survival skills.

Hope you learned something

got some insights..

-John Elite

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