Algorithms is what my day game system is comprised of.

Of course it is natural because there are no lines, but just like my openers.

You know, the new one, called the hybrid opener, is an algorithm.

Much like a weapon disarming is exactly the same thing, it disarms her fear.

The very first thing is that when you go in direct asking for directions,

it’s not about being indirect,

it’s giving her to ******* stop.

The second thing is switching over by saying, oh, by the way, in the very, very high voice

almost makes it look natural because that’s an algorithm.

I’ve noticed X + Y about you. Are you Z?

That itself is another algorithm,

and that’s what people don’t realize.

Then statements of empathy.

That immediate threat that you have to deal with.

Hey, I know I should be social distancing…

then you say.

But don’t worry, I’ve been triple Vaxxed. I’m healthy.

That becomes the Elephant in the room.

The big objection you have to deal with that’s not immediate.

They look at my YouTube channel and they only see less than 1000 subscribers.

But I have more clients and students than those channels that are 100,000 subscribers.

How the **** is this even possible?

Not only do I have less subscribers,

I have more student laid testimonials than they do for daygame

and more than everyone else in the whole day game industry combined.

Another thing people don’t realize is that every single one of my posts,

if you actually are more perceptive,

It will have an algorithm.

I know that sounds ******* crazy because it sounds like I’m talking to you, and that is 100% true. It does.

But isn’t that an algorithm on its own?

Other algorithms.

You see how my posts are structured.

Now you finally realize shit.

There seems to be a structure to it,

but that is now algorithm.

There is no structure to my Daygame system because for day game my students do not use lines.

It is a free flowing adaptive system.

A structurally adaptive system that uses algorithms.

Thats why ABCs no longer has daygame laid testimonials

structure doesn’t work anymore during the inflation or pandemic

they didn’t get a laid testimonial the entire year…

The way I speak on YouTube lives,

the way I structure waht I say…

everything that I do…

that you critique and you try to say that is stupid…

Even those 3 dots were structured carefully, did you not realized as I broke the sentence up into three pieces?…

Well, guess what? If it’s really so stupid…

then why do I have 543 laid pulled testimonials?

Maybe is not me that stupid.

Maybe it is you for not being perceptive.

Maybe for me, I’m fighting a very, very efficient guerrilla warfare style, metaphorically speaking, day game coaching.Channel.

Everything is cheaper, more efficient and there is no overhead.

For me, I host my courses on Google Drive and plus the Skype is the only thing that you can get from me.

It doesn’t cost me 1500 per year just to host these videos and to host it on a ******* course hosting thing.

Because I’m ******* smart,

and I already knew this instinctively.

Even my website. I have two of them,

but one of them converts like crazy because I know that the uglier the website in,

the more you can read the words,

the more people buy things.

Because they can actually read the algorithms.

They called this skill of using your text to sell copywriting.

It doesn’t mean I am a copywriter by any stretch of the imagination,

but I have spent many, many years trying to improve this skill.

I’m a dating coach,

not a marketer

or a copywriter,

but I did learn this because I was going through this course and this says copywriting.

I thought it was something about trademarks,

but now I figure it has nothing to do with trademarking,

but has everything to do with persuasion and closing through text.

This isn’t low effort content…

this is high algorithm content

And take the algorithms of Elon Musk’s five principles.

I even tried to ******* teach you these things.

The first principle, which is Be less dumb.Is not an algorithm by itself.

Being last dumb in stopped using DHV stories and stop sexualizing it nonstop for a day game.

Also, stop using romance.

The second algorithm for Elon Musk is to remove steps that are unnecessary.

If you remove something like romance or excessively sexualizing it?

Half assed.

But somehow it still works perfectly without it.

Then it does not need to be there.

This also goes for funnels,

and this also goes for romance.

Alcohol, so many different things doesn’t need to be there.

This is not an algorithm by removing junk

The third thing Elon Musk talks about is do not optimize what does not need to be optimized.

For example, I’ve been focusing so much on copywriting recently for the all these years.

But my millionaire student told me that’s a waste of ******* time.

You gotta focus on this or that instead.

It was a waste of time because if nobody told me, I would have just kept doing this over and over.

But it’s the same thing with day game for other people.

They keep focusing on these stupid as **** like DHV stories or romance.

Or sexualizing it nonstop,

the mother lode of bad advice.

The fourth stage of Elon Musk is to reduce the production time.

Basically to get the car out of the factory as fast as humanly possible.

To create a production pipeline.

This is very similar to my day game system because it does not require the students to use a funnel.

They are supposed to close as fast as humanly possible using same day lays.

But here’s The funny thing.

My students do not get flaked on very often either.

They create conversions just like all these other algorithms I keep talking about.

The very last algorithm, the fifth one, is automate.

This is something I have to do more in the business where everything becomes automated so I don’t have to do any work and it just does the work for me.

This is the last stage because everything seems to be working so perfectly as I get one day game lay testimonials after another.

While there are dating coaches out there like Kraprisma King who never got a single daygame laid testimonial in his life.

That of a student getting laid.

Just one pulled.. but not lay

Most likely most people don’t realize that you are fighting against a genius that you think is stupid.

A person that’s way smarter than you are that you dismissed like,

Oh yeah, he doesn’t seem that smart.

But how do you know my marketing style isn’t smart?

In fact, a lot of my marketing builds more trust because I do not look like a marketer.

I do not sound like a marketer, I do not make my websites like a marketer, and it’s easy to dismiss.

Especially when you have these stupid sheeps like that Asian guy who says Oh no, but your videos don’t have enough views or has good enough production values.

I got more student laidtestimonials than every other coach has good production value, so get ******.

Who gives a **** what you think?

Such a stupid, worthless opinion.

If there is one marketer or personality I resemble who isn’t charasmatic. But is ruthless, won’t work with people he doesn’t like or does it his way. Its Dan Kennedy…

I’ll be honest, when I see people,

I do not see emotions

or I do not see structure,

or I do not see all this other things.

I’m not reactive like the way other people are getting triggered.

I see nothing but matrix codes and algorithms.

That’s why I can reverse engineer a lot of the algorithms that other dating coaches have been using on you,

such as the half truth pill.

Even the word salad pill where they try to make you defend yourself with false accusations, guilt trips, pain points and circular reasoning, where is forcing you to defend yourself.

I totally get it.

I mean, this is what happens when people are jealous in their algorithms.

They want to be a dating coach,

but however they suck ****

and they cannot understand how I’m able to get one laid testimonial after another for day game.

Throught the way I teach my students, I use iron discipline.

No other dating coach will ever risk offending their students because they want to collect their money.

However, because I yell at the students and I discipline them, it actually forces them to reduce their mistakes.

You cannot actually reward zombies because the more you reward them, you reward them for bad behavior when you’re nice to them.

You’re super nice to them and they just do more of the same mistake until they ******* pinched themselves somewhere on their body.

And magically, the mistakes all reduce itself

and they become superior.

It’s almost like training somebody in the army.

Most of the lazy ******* zombie RSD counts do not realize that They are not enough.

What I mean by that is it’s kind of like going to the army and just go in there with your low standards and laziness.

Then you wish there’s a big shortcut to making you a super soldier, metaphorically speaking.

However, whenever you train here, you’re rebuilding everything from scratch.

They owed you the one with the ego.

The massive ******* ego gets destroyed.

Then I build you up from scratch, and then now you can operate at a higher level than you ever could.

Those people that are so ******* arrogant they have not improved upon their skill set because they are still defending their ******* ego with excuses.

And that’s a problem, because that itself is another algorithm.

That is a losing algorithm and they do not realize it because it’s almost like a ship that has no wind to the sail every time they make an excuse.

Their lives not move forward.

While all the other students that do not make excuses and are willing to submit to authority and discipline,

they always move forward.

Because they don’t make any ******* excuses.

No excuses are valid unless you get cancelled or you get killed from it.

So next time you tried, dismiss me and just say,

oh, there doesn’t seem to be that many subscribers,

but think about the people that are there.

Remember the huge ******* conversion rate?

And also think about the people that have actually subscribed to my channel.

These are the enlightened warriors.

These are the guys who totally get it.

What I’m saying?

This other stupid Asian guy who gets super offended and says you need perfect production value.

People like that right are low self esteem zombies who are easily triggered.

They are so delusional they cannot see the algorithms or what I’m trying to tell them.

The truth is, they’re trying to build their own systems and everyone secretly wants to be a dating coach.

That’s the big secret. I know it.

But I’ll crush you all.I’ll crush everyone of you *************.

And the biggest problem with all this is that you’ve all been defeated.

Everybody knows I’ve beaten everyone for getting laid testimonials for day game.

However, they just don’t want to admit defeat or even acknowledge me, because that means it’s going to take over all their clients.

Also mentally it means that they don’t know what the **** they’re talking about

and other day game coaches has already spin their wheels

and took all their money

so they got ******.

They don’t want to admit that they wasted all these years now, almost like a decade, wasting their ******* time pretending they know what the **** they’re talking about.

They really don’t.

I’m not a clone of anybody.

I’ve been speaking exactly the same way as I always have.

I didn’t post any sales letters or links. But you will look it up anyways and train with me

I know..

maybe that is an algorithm too…

Also jealousy is an algorithm too..

when people see my laid testimonials, when the student results gets too extreme, people feels insecure

then the start to backstab or front stab

Also, cause and effect is an algorithm too

I deal with people who are jealous, I get stupid hate, I don’t feel good, talk about it

it attracts the stupid demons…

RSD is a bad algorithm too that doesn’t work anymore during the inflation

RSD Todd is a bad algorithm which he has 3 laid testimonials, 2 students wanted to commit suicide due to Todd V’s algorithms that sounds good but isn’t scientific.

I finally got one of the units for red laser, it actually works to reduce pain.

I thought it was bullshit, but the wavelengths were an algorithm or frequency that penetrated my skin to deal with the pain

strangely it worked just fine for the TMJ or the jaw, biting too hard due to stress.

I still have one ordered from the Amazon usa site which they broke on their delivery a bigger unit.

But I am sort of glad I bought the smaller one, it works just fine.

I thought this item might be a bit small, but it turns out to be quite big.

When the Republicans lost that house, the far left is super manipulative with their social engineering algorithms.

-John Elite

P.S, at any given moment, I know exactly what I am talking about. Every tonality, every word, its all intentional. You just get triggerred, jealous while I keep posting more laid testimonials. In fact I was video editing one right now… I’ll post it tommorow. Latino student got a girlfriend. There is going to be another 30 video testimonials, maybe another 25 screenshot laid testimonials. I don’t know when it is going to stop. Its a lot of work…


Around 80%

What percentage of Americans go into debt? Just how many Americans are in debt? According to financial experts, the percentage of Americans in debt is around 80%. 8 in 10 Americans have some form of consumer debt, and the average debt in America is $38,000 not including mortgage debt.

This is one of those data points…


63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck — including nearly half of six-figure earners

  • With persistent inflation eroding wage gains, the number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck is near a historic high, according to a recent report.
  • Almost half of those earning more than $100,000 say they are just getting by.

I spent so many years mastering high income skills

Even was taught some recently to update it

You go from job to job…

Sometimes on Youtube, I see homeless people how they got there

its always one paycheck away from losing everything..

Do you see what I see with the algorithms?

inflation, control, debt…

A real loss of self esteem…


Look around you at the news, social media, its all fucking algorithms.

It looks natural, but it flows from the algorithms.

My daygame system looks completely natural, completely improvised, completely adapted. But it flows from the algorithms just like my adaptive opener.

It has 4 sequences, but you can change all the words, use the same algorithms, has a 100% open rate.

If I was wrong, thats how the next laid testimonial got laid, with the adaptive opener.

If he didn’t use it…


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