3 Biggest Daygame Excuses I Heard Lately: New Answer For Daygamers Who Want To Be Efficient

I just kicked out two students today, but only banned for a week or two.

One guy with his shit barber who didn’t get him laid, shit hair, he keeps pushing that barber as the only option.. won’t listen to me

the other old Korean fuck, already has 2 lays white girl, asian, from social circle meetup groups, won’t listen either.

He made 5 excuses

I guess we need another purge for the great leap forward again.

every time I do that, I get more laid testimonials, less bad students..

Are you guys possessed?

This post, for the 3 excuses might make a good Youtube Live.

I’ll post non stop laid testimonials soon on Youtube Live, but this one might be something I really want to communicate.

I’m fucking tired of hearing these 3 excuses, fuck your excuses.

Hey, did you know that your excuses are not valid unless it is life and death, or it gets you cancelled by doing it?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about excuses, and while that is important, I’m going to share three excuses with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at getting laid in daygame.

I’m John Elite and I am daygame coach who has 537 laid/pull testimonials. Its all lays or pulls for the students in daygame. Not saying vague terms like 1000 testimonials when most didn’t get laid. Or other coaches using they attracted women saying hundreds when they really have 14 at most that got laid. Also, not just review, or impressions, those doensn’t count. Its all lay or pull testimonials.

So what is I have the perfect daygame system. You just need to be a perfect student and do what I say as fast as possible?

It’s you are a giant turtle.

It’s Most of the students who I disclipline when they make mistakes walks forward even if slow. I kick the shell they walk forward. The ones who are slow, gets in their shell, making excuses, not adapting.

So I’m going to share with you 3 excuses about you are a giant turtle and how you can walk across the finish line faster. Imagine you are just going across the 100 meter to get that lay, the true north. Most people using game, are turning backwards, spam approaching, doing a 400 meter walk the other way of the track, like going south, all the way around to the destination. But during the pandemic, inflation, I don’t see anymore laid testimonials from other famous dating coaches for daygame. It dried up. Only the most tallest, caucasian, rectangular jawline students got laid, very few of them if any. The minorities worshipping them, not going true north are screwed..

And I know what you’re probably thinking: why not go the 400 meters use game tactics.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can stop making these 3 excuses so you can walk forward faster getting that laid so you don’t have a protracted war, metaphorically speaking wearing you out like my slower students who can’t even get past the first exercise I see on Elite Access. They are in survival mode during the inflation due to the maslov chart of human needs on the lowest category. They are mentally stuck, or shell shocked, learned helplessness with these excuses and get amazing results.

So the first excuse is, I’m caught up with my job so I have no time to schedule time to approach.

The big idea here is they have autism, so they have extra sensory perception that gets too emotional, overheats if they work too hard. It takes up the bandwidth in their brain. Its not a valid excuse just because you are autistic. You need to stop making excuse. Like a turtle you need to do 100 steps or a race 100 meters forward. Just like Elite Access you need 100 tweaks. Those who takes forever on the first step, won’t get laid. How you do anything is how you do everything. It bleeds into other areas of your life like a systemic cancer. Slow here, slow everywhere.

This is important because My 52 ugly bald German student banged a 21, 25, 21 year old when he stopped making excuses. Inbetween his job when he was skyping, he practiced Kaizen. Even pinched his nipples if he did it wrong as punishment. He walked forward without excuses. Not clam up like a turtle being low functioning!

The second excuse is that your age somehow affects your results. .

The main thing to understand here is that While that is true if you do the 400 meters like a turtle. Its not true for my students who goes 100 meters, true north to get that lay. I got students that are 52 laid and 48. Only my system can do that for daygame. No one elses. If you are above 20/35, you automatically get laid in daygame levelling up the points. The old student who is a 3/10 in looks levelled up his social skills, social calibrations, exact fashion, watch, elevator shoes, down to every detail I had students making non stop health related excuses. But if it isn’t life and death, also getting you cancelled, then it is not valid..

This means these other older guys has so much inner game issues, or excuses with age. Its autism plus age excuses. I have a Korean student who makes an excuse unconciously. Its like pulling the handbrake and getting in your shell as a turtle. Sociopaths makes excuses, win at all cost, never wrong in your mind.

The third excuse is i’ll be ready next year when the conditions are perfect.

When I talk to them over the phone. 99% of them has no money. Not even $500 to their name. They always need to wait until next year, next summer until the conditions are perfect. Such as getting a new pull location, .

This is key because they can’t even manage their own money since how you do anything his how you do everything. They can’t manage themselves either. They are procrastinators. Its like a turtle that won’t start the race until later. Other races like their job is slow, life is slow, everything are delayed. Broke asses.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s still valid.

Well the tricky thing is that every time you make an excuse you just want to be the victim of your own story in your head. If you realized everything good or bad that happens to you, you are 100% responsible. Stop being a PUA sociopath shifting blame. Lame people blame people.!

And so I’ve created this Elite Bundle 2 you can now have both the products, plus get some consulting.

This speeds up the faster giant turtles students lays. If they use Elite Access more, aren’t lazy, keep moving forward, then get laid faster. Lots of turtles finished the race, took a break satisfied, don’t want to run another race. Others use it in other areas to make more money. One Spanish student made 15k recently with it for the advice. Its like a multi tool, that works in every area to make you go fast. If you don’t go fast, it is no my fault. It is like a gym membership, if you take breaks like a turtle that doesn’t start. Or use it to make excuses why you are walking in a circle making mistakes at the starting line, you are making excuses handbraking your progress being slow..

And so what this is going to do is force you to get laid faster, to kick your shell. It won’t hurt, only your ego. When you submit your ego, you get laid. If you delay, you are slow. Your results gets delayed. Its not up to me, its up to you. I have the perfect daygame system, be the perfect student for once. Stop making excuses.!

And I, as daygame coach who has 537 laid/pull testimonials. I’m the only one who is continually getting non stop laid testimonials you ignore cause of the inflation. It dried up for another Jewish dating coach, Mr. Parker. Same with de-evoluition daily. Self proclaimed high laycounts guy has like 3 recently 7 total. Not counting their students who are dating coaches or did that night game.,  what I do is make you go true north, social skills, social calibrations, emotional control. Since emotional control is new, it is the white washed tonality. Like a ninja, with the ninja fashion, the body language, social skills flow drill, the congruency you blend into their intribe. Instead of the autistic PUA out tribe of tactics, delays, numbers game. There is no numbers game, only the true north..

So what I’ve done is I’ve created this bundle that includes both the courses, plus you get to know if you are going true north, or backwards into true south. Sometimes you need to not add things. But you need ot start subtracting or taking away things that aren’t going to work. Since only tall white rectangular jawlined male model types are getting laid during the inflation, its drying up the student results for other dating coaches now. I’m literally your only option, so even if you don’t like me or the way I say things, what choice to you have? If you act like a slow turtle, or a possessed zombie, you are literally screwed for daygame. While my students are getting laid more, other students from all other daygame companies are getting laid less. Its really do or die, but the excuses means you are in the die category or going south. You have no chance, so if you make excuses, maybe go to other peoples system, pump your state, spam approach, then fail… cause here I train winners. The winners wins more, the losers lose more. A good metaphor for this inflation..

And when we get together tomorrow, I’m going to give you all the details about how you can get started.

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this Elite Bundle 2 available and prices will probably go up because I haven’t raised the prices yet.

So make sure you click the link tomorrow to get all the details while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for minority daygamers just like you who are struggling with making excuses.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

-General John Elite

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