Sorry for the delay, I am trying to make a cool presentation, which is good for the business…

With a lot of the video testimonials, the ones you haven’t seen before.

Its taking forever to do

Plus teaching many students at once.

These post are all fresh, hot off the grill

I supposed it makes more sense to do them ahead of time, but I didn’t.

I wanted to maintain the more current neuropathways

I have a lot of Aspie students, potential Aspies…

you guys aren’t entitled to shit, you have to learn it by adapting, levelling up…

I was a daygame coach trying to get them to understand they will have to fully learn the skills if they don’t want to wrestle with her in the bedroom getting her drunk.

Since that is not game if people learns that kind of bullshit in bootcamps.

You need to fully do this with social skills, social calibrations.

I really wanted to get more students for 3MP so I wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself that just because you are Aspergers, with autism,

you are not entitled to women because you have a good job, are a narcissist .

I wanted to be able to make them understand, just because one narrow focus part of your nerdy brain is developed, doesn’t mean any other parts of it is 

and I could get a lot of the Aspergers hardcases laid.

The thing is I was Aspie students who are so left brained, hardcases that literally spam approached RSD style, getting no results. 

That meant I wasn’t able to make them understand, just because one narrow focus part of your nerdy brain is developed, doesn’t mean any other parts of it is,

let alone me geting a lot of the Aspergers hardcases laid.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because there are some aspies who didn’t put any work in it.

Never approached, believing if they just approached, then she will jump on your dick.

I felt even worse about the situation because some are so Aspie, they think bootcamps are the only solution to their daygame problems since they are so lazy.

I felt like these guys are trying to gamify everything,

thinking game is a short cut.

The problem was that they do the least amount of work, their neuropathways are weak.

When they apply their training, they make the same mistakes or aren’t as changeable.

Which meant while they can get good results Tinder, night game etc.

In daygame, they will need to level up faster.

I don’t count it as skills until the skills are demonstrated in their infields,

which got a few of these Aspies not taking 3MP when they should.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I realized, they need to stop being so entitled just because they solved one area of life,

doesn’t mean they are entitled to other areas all about levelling up neuropathways!

It was now crystal clear to me how to teach them was to make them do so many drills, then do exercises, then apply it out there,

because I saw you need to be teachable, able to accept discipline since they are often hyper sensitive.

But at the same time, they need to be changable or adaptable, not repeating mistakes.

Aspies are full of cortisol, talks fast, never uses the social skills flow drill, are afraid to level up so they try to game strategy or game tactics everything.

I also learned that its not all game.

If others are bragging, over 95% of their results, or their student bootcamp results were all alchohol.

If you don’t drink, then you have to, that isn’t skills.

But wrestling with drunk women is borderline gRAPE,

you need to take 3MP bundle, level up, since it has all the other courses.

Most of these aspies aren’t normal cases or easy cases as they think.

They are always hardcases at the very least.

They do okay with my training,

but they need a bit of work to translate the left brain logical side to use the whole brain instead.

As a result I got so many Aspies laid,

when they take coaching with their products.

It makes the most sense in the world.

They are smart dumb.

Meaning they are smart in one area, dumbasses in other areas.

After I did that, I started to show more and more laid testimonials, since most of my students were Aspies.

They were technical, left brained, some are emotional full of cortisol too. 

Suddenly, I was getting laid testimonials after laid testimonials.

Some students were 6 figures, mostly Aspies,

some 7 figures, aspies but entrepreneural types.

Then 5 figures are the emotional autism, paycheck to paycheck.

But still they have resilience to get the job done even if they aren’t financially handled.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get them to understand they will have to fully learn the skills if they don’t want to wrestle with her in the bedroom getting her drunk.

Since that is not game if people learns that kind of bullshit in bootcamps.

You need to fully do this with social skills, social calibrations

they need to level up Kaizen style, at the same time they need to demonstrate that out there in their infields.

My plan was to start educating people that the world doesn’t owe you anything, you have to level up with skills.

So I started educating people what they really teach in their bootcamps.

Its all alchohol, wrestling with drunk women.

There are only so many laid testimonials they can get.

That is their big secret,

its not all game.

Its brute forcing it at the end to the point where she is too drunk to consent.

You can add this to any style, their so called game can’t stand on its own.

That was their secret sauce.

New Delhi gRAPE game.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then automatically won’t let any Indians from India join.

I just had a new student for Elite Access, from London, a western country.

He trained with me long ago.

But is Pakistani.

I would not let Indians, since they are technical Aspies, but mixed with autism.

They are emotional narcissist, hostile.

They come at you with verbal violence, word salads.

I’m not racist, I like Indians, 80% of them are friendly, nice people, enlightened if they aren’t from India, have white first and last names.

But I wouldn’t train the other ones from India anymore the 20%.

This their script. Oh you are all about money now (they have none). Then say you are into (either sales/marketing/copywriting, some skill they don’t have cause all they have is scamming in call centers or engineer)…

Then they make more false accusations,

guilt trips,

pain points,

I don’t even bother, I just kicked them all out of my outer circle facebook group for my great leap forward…

I just block the Indians who comes at me with verbal violence which only happened 2 months ago

Ever since I got rid of all of them, my business has been more efficient

Maybe they changed during the gas price inflation, but now there is a recession…

they have no money to train with me

fuck off…

with your bhechoding new delhi gRAPE shit fashion mindsets backwards thinking…

literally sees the world from the perspective of India

its like a giant trash can, 10% of Indians move out of it, never comes back to stay.

I saw another guy on the news, bald old guy in B.C.

He starts approaching with his hips out, hands in the pocket

I didn’t sell him Elite 30.

he tried to scam me for a discount.

He was here for 10 years. Now too old

I hope that was not him cause even if he didn’t live in India, he still had the bhendchoding scamming mindset.

I can’t save everyone if you come at me with verbal violence, cheap behavior, bhenchoding behavior. ..

It was like they are zombies, they finally turned to their final form.

they can’t hear you anymore, their perceptions taken over

Also, other Aspies who are hostile for no reason entitled, emotional, full of cortisol, cheap, lazy, unwilling to level up are going to get destroyed..

After that, I educated people that Aspies, they will suffer a lot in daygame.

They are lazy smart dumb, always trying to gamify everything. .

But there was still a problem…

they were sending me short videos, of their neuropathways.

Its a snapshot, like their Tik Tok of their current skill level since they were too lazy to level up.

Their brains are leveled up too strongly in one area, weak in every other area.

Its almost too weak, they are starting from 0.

They have literally no social skills, none whatsoever.

They literally talk super loud, and abrasive, have no emotions, but gets triggered.

But beat themselves up over mistakes.

They can’t do 3 steps, social skills flow drill easily takes time for them to apply it out there.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to revamp the entire thing.

Since they need to understand its all all game tactics when in reality other coaches using alchohol for daygame,

wrestling with her debunks game entirely since they brute force it at the end,

which is illegal,

not full consent.

I chose to call it “levelling up like a video game character”.

I thought if we could create something that would make it possible to level people up like a role playing game, i’ll be really happy.

After rethinking how to train them, during the pandemic, inflation, recession… as things gets tougher, my training methods evolves.

There is no mercy here, no alchohol policy. 

I created levelling up like a video game character.

I can now get students to drill things down more.

They now level up for 15 minutes.

I check it, if it isn’t good they redo it.

Then send me a tik tok video or snapshot of their progress.

Not just not level up like before sending me short tik tok videos.

The more they do it the better they get.

It is like learning a new language.

You have to say it out loud more.

When you get better, know your mistakes, you can level up for 30 mins.

If you fuck up, then back to 15, if not, back to 30.

Eventually it becomes automatic.

Rather than try to rationalize it or Todd V it.

He only has 3 daygame laid testimonials anyways.

Game is not enough.

The blue pill guys who gets laid non stop, has a girlfriend all have social skills far beyond you.

They only say be more confident to add one point to the social calibrations.

That’s 3 points. Tall white guy, 10/10 natural status, 8/10 looks, just needs 2 points to get over that line.

The white PUAs are all autistic with no social skills, social calibrations hunching like Todd V. So they think game this game that, emotions this.

They resemble the white blue pill but they are not

they are autistic, plus has psycho eyes…

They really debunk game.

Other coaches are like alchohol this, or location that.

But there are no crutches with my game.

It works everywhere around the world it seems.

Doesn’t need location or alchohol crutches.

I then started to let other daygamers use levelling up like a video game character.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

I can get them faster from unconscious incompetence, to concious incompetence, to concious competence, to unconcious competence faster

But notice concious incompetence.

Some of these guys are so delusional they can’t hear their mistakes until pointed out.

Its like they have a vr google with autio.

Its delusional, its different.

So its hard to hear your mistakes, its scrambled.

I’m not sure if this is some demonic possesion or not.

Or is it just low self esteem, but it is something different.

Add that to laziness.

Its good these guys doesn’t have issues with money so they aren’t in survivial mode.

After creating levelling up like a video game character, I was not only able to get so many laid/pull testimonials.

At the beginning of summer it was like 502.

Now it is 526. Its quite a jump, a lot of student results without using alchohol which they teach which isn’t even game, but new delhi gRAPE game.,

I’ve also been able to stop people from being retarded,

that they are paying so much in other peoples bootcamps just to find out the alchohol crutch,

which isn’t even seduction,

but domination,

getting her to submit.

Use stockholme syndrome with the romantic sexual frame, which is the boyfriend girlfriend frame only their students can fit into, that would get results wrestling with her.

Since she sees it as a potential relationship, she forgives it.

But everyone else who doesn’t fit into that frame can’t use those other styles of game that has nothing in common with mine,

because I can now stop letting students sending me tik tok like short videos of their low skill level that didn’t show up in their infields cause they are have no awareness,

plus they are too Aspie, starting at level 0.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to get more laid testimonials than ever.

Get these lazy fucks to stop gamifying everything, but skill max.


Some of you have seen companies like ABCS who has no daygame laid testimonials grifting

same with self proclaimed high laycounts guy with 300 students, only one got laid, some tall negro music producer with some lowly Asian women….

who gives a shit

some of you are robbed of nearly 10k worshipping alchohol.

When you could of just got Elite 30, then do it my way instead of worshipping.

To me you are gRAPIST

you were okay wrestling with drunk women? ‘

If you are, you are most likely a snowflake emotional sociopath

good for you

but my students doesn’t want to use crutches

They want some disclipline, to adapt

they want a structure

They want to skill max, not more tactics that isn’t effective without crutches..


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