To those who are not on food stamps who are well off due to their technical logical job who can still afford things.

Hi my name is John Elite and did you know that RSD bootcamps are a scam? A liability??

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about its a numbers game, spam approach, volulme, 10% stats mental bullshit RSD style, and while that is important, I’m going to share three good investmentss with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you bootcamps.

So what is bootcamps are designed to make as much money as humanly possible since you are upsold to it?

It’s RSD bootcamps are a scam.

So the first good investments is, RSD puts you through a funnel. First shitty advice videos. Did you know when they speak they don’t want to offend you since you are sheeps. They want to fatten up your mind first with gaslighting. But it makes so much sense since you have low self esteem, are delusional. Then you go to their hot seats, even if it is more difficult during the pandemic, you get charmmed by their platform closing speeches designed to sell. Then you get upsold further into a hot seat, then you get upsold to a bootcamp. Then you get upsold into packages of 4. Then you are retargetted on their email list over and over again with their 68 or more products. They block anyone with critical thinking, they only filter half .

The big idea here is RSD makes 1.5 million for this scam. Then they cut away half the people. That’s what their assistances are for, they don’t even get paid. They still fall for it. I know the guy who runs the hotseats for Vancouver. They have held Vancouver under hostage same with Scam Lifestyle who did something similar. Most of my students were former RSD victims about 70% of them.

This is important because Its all about extracting that 1.5 million per scam. They do block half. I even know RSD Tyler is so autistic his son is autistic. Also he covers up the basement and meditates there for a few days in the dark, it hurts his extra sensory perception cause he is autisic. Then comes up with new scams!


The main thing to understand here is that if you are spam approaching, like a casino, you are reinforcing bad habits. Then when you don’t get laid for daygame, you then go to the next RSD coach. When I interview people, one name always keeps coming back, its always RSD that holds entire cities mind hostage. Its like terminators holding people hostage with a mental virus like Skynet.

This means you don’t know that these machines knows how to brainwash you. They know you have a narrow view of the world due to delusions, your zombie VR. They also salivate over money. The call you chodes on the BootCamp, always late to it. They can’t believe how stupid you are. It should be illegal. .

The third good investments is my bootcamp isn’t my students first result. I already got them laid before the bootcamp. So they come to get a few more lays, calibrate further. My stuff doesn’t go up a funnel. That’s why I gave you guys the Skype. Those who are coachable already got laid. Those aren’t, they might take more programs, then gets laid. If they didn’t they go for the bootcamp if too autistic.

Money was never my first way of doing things. Money was secondary to getting you laid. RSD business model doesn’t factor in you getting laid in daygame. Maybe you luck out night game like a lot of students. Not saying they pay the women with some of that money that if they say a specific line from RSD she goes home with them. Not that ABCS of Low Self esteem did that before the pandemic during the nightclubs. But since they are making so little now, they can’t afford to do that anymore, somehow they have no more laid testimonials. Except if JT writes oh another student got married, but nothing was proven. Then he can pump more money. But we are talking about RSD here.

This is key because for other dating coaches outside of RSD, its a scam operation. Its say some fake laycount, unverifiable. But it sounds plausible, so they automatically manipulated your ears with laycounts, eyes with standing next to a women. Their products don’t work, then you take a BootCamp. They get rich.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s the only option, but bootcamp is just one of the many options. People can get laid at every stage of my coaching.

Well the tricky thing is that you are low functioning, half resilence, lazy so you want the BootCamp to do all the work for you. So you can continue to be lazy. You don’t believe in yourself. But my bootcamps are like Navy Seals training. Its different, its has discipline, drills!

And so I’ve created this military style of Navy Seals training this John Elite Bootcamp you can use social calibrations to get laid in daygame fast, plus social skills the next day, then some game tactics. Some emotions, then inner game. There is no structure to my bootcamp. But I attack and drill away at your weakness one at a time.

And I, as a daygame coach who has 502 laid/pull testimonials. Those who tells you volume has less than 6 laid testimonials even if you fell for their gaslighting mental bullshit teaching you bootcamps. They should stick with Tinder or night game where it doesn’t require social skills. They only teach socio skills.,  what I do is I actually take away unnecessary steps. Like direct game, validation, dhv stories, romance which only works for so very few if you fit into the boyfriend frame geomaxing. No funnels meaning no Instagram or flow charts. Not necessary at all. No RSD concepts, its the opposite. What not to do is what makes you an expert. What to do, that runs up 100 approaches a day means amateur, or beginners level.

So what I’ve done is I’ve created a proven method to get you laid, as if you are joining the military, you are trained like a Navy Seals of daygame.

If you click the link, you can get laid fast like my students .

We also have Kaizen, but today I’m talking about the John Elite Bootcamp, which is amazing.

I’m John Elite and I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

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