I was a daygame coach trying to get people to understand that you don’t get social skills by spam approaching since your corpus callosum part of your brain that connects the right and the left brain is weak.

So you can’t do more than 2 steps, so you can’t use the social skills flow drill..

I really wanted to get people to stop spam approaching so I wouldn’t have to keep dealing with spam approaches whose corpus callosum doesn’t work so they rather just spam approach with 50 to 100 approaches in a day which reinforces bad habits.

I wanted to be able to get more students laid and I could get them laid.

The thing is I was the RSD zombies or Omnicunts who say one thing, then do the complete opposite while making excuses gaslighting me with false promises.

That meant I wasn’t able to get more of the students laid, let alone get them laid.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because they were lazy RSD victims where their corpus callosum part of their brain doesn’t work, so they overheat if they try to do too many steps.

They couldn’t level up.

I felt even worse about the situation because the other half of the students who at least practiced in the mirror to level up, even if they were autistic, still had enough GRIT to rehearse, then they got laid due to better habits of real social calibrations, social skills since they practiced the social skills flow drill with me on Skype or Elite Access.

I felt like during Delta, things were harder, but I somehow got the most laid testimonials due to Elite 30.

But Omicron, people became onmicunts, where their mindsets crashed.

Maybe due to the fact that despite being vaccinated, they still can catch it.

So they mentally deteriorated.

They didn’t approach as much, making way more excuses.

They make a promise they will do their homework then they do the complete opposite, gaslighting my mind

The problem was that it wasn’t true that more approaches equal more social skills if they can’t even do the 3 steps of my social skills flow drill or the triangle over and over and over and over due to their corpus callosum part of their brain.

As soon as they hit their third step, they automatically overheat, talk fast, then they are filled with cortisol.

Which meant they revert back to the zombie flow drill of socio-skills.

Which is, they make a statement, then she gives a very short answer, then they ask a question. Then she gives a short answer again. Then they go back into a question, then her a short answer, then her medium answer, a statement, then her medium short answer, they ask 3 questions,

then she has to go since they can’t get her opening up, building trust.

So they can’t open opportunities to flirt if she talks more. Which keeps them off the line, which means these onmicunts, RSD zombies will run up a huge numbers game.

Some have done it for a decade without really improving their social skills since their brain can only do the zombie flow drill without the social skills flow drill since they can’t do more than 2 steps without overheating their brain.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I taught the students the social skills flow drill all about that if you rehearse the social skills flow drill for 3 weeks, 21 days you will develop a new habit due to new neuropathways.

Even if you have failed every single day until you past 3 weeks.!

It was now crystal clear to me how to get them laid easily if you combine social skills, social calibrations since that is already 5 major points, without using game... because I saw this debunks everything about RSD spam approaching since it doesn’t even level up your social skills.

You are being more social…

but you aren’t getting more skilled with social skills.

Just reinforcing that zombie flow drill.

Now mix going direct, validation, you are completely off the line in the beginning.

Plus mixing it with the zombie flow drill..

I also learned that socializing doesn’t automatically make you good at social skills.

If you are autistic, the corpus callosum will still cockblock you from doing the three social skills flow drill steps over and over again.


Also, game isn’t going to help either, they gamify social skills turning it into socio skills, as they sound like autistic robots using verbals, or conversational skills.

It isn’t real social skills.

you need to work on the social skills flow drill with me by using your Skype when you get Elite 30 or Elite Bundle instead.

As a result, I offered to teach the students this skillset since Elite 30 was more about social calibrations.

While the flow drill is in there, it isn’t connected together for the 3 pieces.

But it is there,

but most people don’t know where to look to put it together.

The problem is people who don’t use the Skypes are not coachable, are know it alls who think if you consume more information you will get better.

But the problem is they don’t discard what doesn’t work so they accept all the poison styles of daygame from other coaches spamming their own brain with mental bullshit

After I did that, I started to educate people that social skills, social calibrations are 5 points, if you aren’t lazy.

All the students who get laid recently under my training also rehearse it in front of the mirror.

The old man who took Kaizen learned social skills flow drill the first 7 days, then social calibrations the next 30 days.

He became a natural, same day lay a 21-year-old on his first approach.

Then same day lay a Persian 25-year-old,

then another 21-year-old on a day 2 from one approach.

Success leaves clues, this debunks the whole spam approaching theory that it improves social skills.

It doesn’t, he is highly autistic, can barely do 3 steps unless he practices for 3 weeks or more in a row to develop the skills.

Suddenly, I was getting students laid left and right for the first 3 lockdowns, even delta.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get people to understand that you don’t get social skills by spam approaching since your corpus callosum part of your brain that connects the right and the left brain is weak.

So you can’t do more than 2 steps, so you can’t use the social skills flow drill. was seeing how long they can keep up by repeating the 3 steps for how many minutes. They start smaller, then work their way up.

My plan was to start teaching everyone social calibrations which they had to do themselves with Elite 30. Then use their Skype for social skills flow drill. .

So I started educating people about GRIT, how its about growth, resilience, instinct and tenacity. You need these mindsets to achieve anything, including rehearsing even if you have a faulty corpus callosum.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then taught people that other dating coaches aren’t teaching you social skills, but socio skills. An autistic gamey-sounding knock-off version of game.

After that, I educated you that the more you spam approach, it doesn’t improve your social skills due to the corpus callosum part of your brain.

It just reinforces bad RSD habits….

I mean RSD victim has social skills? Nope. They get even creepier.

But there was still a problem…

Some people would say it’s social skills, but in reality, they are status maxing.

They have a good Instagram, a good high-value job, a good lifestyle, a good 3rd world money status advantage shown on there, exotic advantage.

Then says its all social skills.

When in fact, their status is so high, that it offsets looks, height or even game or any of those categories.

So people won’t get laid since they don’t have the status maxing.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to educate you on Youtube Live that if someone says it’s all social skills, but they have so much status maxing, where their status category ties with a white guy, 10/10.

Then if you tried to use your spam approach, with your socio skills due to your corpus callosum being unable to do 3 steps, then you are stuck not getting any results.

Then you will blame yourself, even though you lack status, then take a bootcamp by default.

I chose to call it “Ellte 30: From Hardcase To Hero”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to autistic people to get laid, we’d be really happy.

After creating Elite 30, I still get laid testimonials before Covid 19, during all lockdowns, even all variants since it is all social calibrations, social skills, worth 5 points already to your 20/35 line of fvckability, I created Ellte 30: From Hardcase To Hero.

I can now get nearly 500 laid/pull testimonials without status maxing crutches or teaching game.

But getting the students threshold past 20/35 points.

  • 10 for looks,
  • 5 for money,
  • 10 for status (without status maxing),
  • 2.5 real social skills
  • 2.5 points social calibrations,
  • 2.5 emotional control
  • 2.5 game..

I then started to let other daygamers use Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

The students don’t just hang out with women at a party like Dan Blizerian, which is just status maxing afterward.

That’s not daygame, but setup game.

My students have no advantages outside of real social skills, social calibrations, some fashion, hairstyle, dressing husband material.

They don’t do daygame from a high status frame, that even if their social skills are cringey, their value on Instagram like Dan Blizerian exceeds the threshold, they can get away with bad social skills, since it wouldn’t matter.

That is the conversion mechanism.

So in my estimation, their student might not get the same results if they don’t have the same status.

Of course I’m not talking about any dating coach in particular, but a lot of them status max.

Only a small percentage of their students will get laid in daygame, that has status themselves… which covers the major portion of their overall score.

After creating Ellte 30: From Hardcase To Hero, I was not only able to educate people that they can’t be lazy, spam approaching since that doesn’t improve social skills whatsoever for the RSD zombies who has a faulty corpus callosum who can’t do more than 3 steps,

I’ve also been able to stop people from spam approaching since my students get laid in one to a few approaches, which goes against the volume concept of running up 50 to 100 approaches.

I don’t believe in going direct, since that keeps you off the line, even validation which raises her value, compared to yours, because I can now get nearly 500 laid/pull testimonials.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to prove to people that I do have the student results to debunk this half-truth.

Since my students don’t use an Instagram, or status maxing to their advantage. Or hang out with women, in a party since they are introverts,

they are closers who same day lays without hanging out with women.

(Mind you I think having female friends is great, helps with socializing, comfort around women, but it’s an unnecessary step that doesn’t need to be there since my students can close without it)

Since they are more like hunters, not farmers.

Instagram is like moving the animal into the farm metaphorically speaking to explain it.

They are without any crutches, status maxing, they purely depend on rehearsing until it is second nature, fixing their mistakes in front of the mirror, not being lazy like low resilient onmicunts, during omicron, or delta.

Since the more mask that are up, the more fear, the more their mindsets are shit.

The women will require more people to act with real social skills, so they are part of the intribe.

If you spam approach to socialize you are part of the out tribe.

If I am wrong, I have nearly 500 laid/pull testimonials to back up my opinions on this.

I believe you most likely wouldn’t get laid if you don’t have the same status if you adopt that kind of mentality of spam approaching to socialize, giving compliments, validation. Without the status, will be rejection hell, no conversion mechanism, rejection hell.

You can disagree with me, but you can’t disagree with all my student results. I am the best daygame coach in the world.

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