Struggling With Mystery Method Derivatives Like ABCS Of Low Self Esteem, Self Proclaimed High Laycounts Guy System For Daygame? Why Mystery Method Ruined Daygame Forever, Even Worst Than RSD!




Are you tired of that Mystery method said this or Mystery said that, but not seeing success with daygame?

Research is showing that that Mystery method said this or Mystery said that just isn’t enough, and Mystery isn’t a daygamer.

Mystery is that tall guy in the middle with shiny black leather pants. Also taught Jay Tea Train…. Self proclaimed high laycounts guy created a derivative of that system. Only 6 Asian daygame laid testimonials for ABCS of Low Self Esteem. Other guy 3 laid testimonials, 0 of them are Asians. Faces all covered, can’t see who they are, assuming it could be white.

The Man Who Helped Invent Pickup Artist Culture Now Sees It As "Hateful"


His derivatives like self proclaimed high laycounts guy has 3 laid testimonials, ABCs of Low Self Esteem has 6. Mystery Method isn’t effective for daygame.

His attraction building, the comfort, then seduction after many dates concept has destroyed the whole daygame industry like a cancer even if it isn’t supposed to be used for daygame.

But works better for night game since that requires less social skills is almost impossible for autistic PUAs to do on their own without my training, unless you are a natural

The daygame solution of the future takes things to the next level because now you’re get Elite 30, learn social calibrations, social skills instead, not Asperger like socio skills which only lead to 3, or 6 laid testimonials.

Which isn’t even a solution for Asian men for daygame.

You think you are getting the full pizza or solution, but you only get half, which is night game shit for Mystery isn’t a daygamer.

His derivatives like self proclaimed high laycounts guy has 3 laid testimonials, ABCs of Low Self Esteem has 6 for daygame.

Are they really that smart? I have way more, 34+ Asian daygame laid testimonials vs ABC’s 6.

Mystery Method isn’t effective for daygame.

His attraction building, the comfort, then seduction after many dates concept has destroyed the whole daygame industry like a cancer even if it isn’t supposed to be used for daygame.

But works better for night game since that requires less social skills.


The big idea here is to get people to stop reasoning by analogy, the past, cause Mystery said this, RSD said that.

But I am focusing on Mystery since he isn’t even a daygamer, only did night game.

I really wanted to unbrainwash people not to use only autistic like game tactics so I wouldn’t have to explain why I don’t care what Mystery thinks or the Misery method since Mystery isn’t a daygamer.

His method ruined daygame forever since people had to build attraction first, then comfort, then finally seduction after so many dates.

He literally was the wrong foundation, who is just as bad as RSD.

Most of the zombie Asperger like technical daygame system uses it since it isn’t social skills, but tactics, gamey game shit socio skills .

I wanted to be able to help my fellow Asians and I could save the Asians, change the industry since I already have 488 laid/pull testimonials for daygame. Also 34+ Asian men laid testimonials for daygame, vs their 6 laid testimonial for daygame for their Mystery Method derivative.

The thing is I was another dating company that caters to Asian men.

It works for night game since women are more dtf or down to fuck, being drunk in a night club.

But when you try to take those same skills to daygame, it doesn’t work.

It only lead to 6 Asian daygame laid testimonials for that company.

For self proclaimed high laycounts guy, it lead to 3 laid testimonials, 2 for their products, 1 for their online 8 week mentorship of Mystery Method derivative bullshit which is a fact.

Are funnels the solution for daygame as a lead gen even if the women aren’t dtf, drunk like night game (don’t use alcohol, my students doesn’t).

That meant I wasn’t able to help my fellow Asians, let alone save the Asians, change the industry since I already have 488 laid/pull testimonials for daygame.

Also 34+ Asian men laid testimonials for daygame, vs their 6 laid testimonial for daygame for their Mystery Method derivative.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because asian men were enslaved, thinking they are going to get a whole pizza, not just half.

They got half through night game,

but hardly any solutions for daygame, no matter how smart these guys thinks they are.

They can’t outsmart my 34+ Asian daygame laid testimonials, vs their meager 6 of even 3 for Misery Method derivatives…. or my 488 laid/pull testimonials for daygame.

Only daygame and night game testimonials count, not tinder. Don’t lump cold approach either as the same category, daygame is vastly superior to night game, requires more skills since even Asians can do night game.

But not daygame, since they only have 5 – 7 Asian laid testimonials for daygame at most, while most has either 0 or 1 token Asian.

Yet they have unlimited laid testimonials for night game, but hardly any more daygame.

I felt even worse about the situation because they literally talk idealistic thinking, which isn’t proof based thinking, since they have 3 or 6 daygame laid testimonials in this case for the Misery Method bullshit.

Idealistic thinking sounds good, empowering, plausible for their shitty advice for daygame

they even call cold approach trying to lump that shit with daygame and night game.

But it only lead to 3 or 6 daygame laid testimonials.

They don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

They should stick to night game, stay away from daygame with their worthless opinions as facts..

I felt like these low self esteem Asians are not getting the solution to their problems since you can’t change the world hiding in a night club with loud music, alcohol with dtf women.

Yes some of their students got married, which is still something for the Asian dating coach.

But I got many students married too from daygame, not night game.

Also, a lot of my students have procreated already. Did that happen to their students? or did they get divorced since they married so early?

Also, now we have impressionable minorities worshipping tinder lays, as if that means anything, it doesn’t.

Daygame requires some level of social skills, not socio skills, that is why they only have 5-7 Asian laid testimonials the most for daygame with their socio skills.


Also, night game doesn’t require social skills, its loud, hard to communicate.

It has some game tactics, some body language.

Tinder doesn’t mean shit, since their laid testimonials are now all covered, since its more than 95% estimation white students. Few ethnic minorities

White is right… on tinder. Its not even a thing, but they are trying to make Tinder a thing. It doesn’t count for laycounts, it doesn’t count for student laid testimonials..

Tinder, when you are white, you are more than enough since their laid testimonials on tinder, are mostly white students. Not a coincidence they are completely censoring their faces, race and everything…

The problem was that Mystery Method build attraction, then comfort, then seduction model has influenced the entire industry.


See the source image

Yet Mystery started in 2003, i’m his predecessor, I started in 2001 in university doing daygame.

Mystery didn’t do daygame or Ross Jefferies since they were night gamers.

But all of the daygame industry used that as the framework, reasoning by analogy, or reasoning by the past.

Which meant lots of low self esteem Asians were funneled into this low self esteem brainwashing that you are enough.

But it didn’t seem enough with 6 Asian laid testimonials for daygame, or 3 for another tall white dating coach.

They say assume you will close her no matter what, I agree with that mindset, but only if you make the optimized physical changes, optimized mindsets, optimized 30 day challenge of social calibrations, social skills passing 20/35 first

A lot of these dating coaches like self proclaimed high laycounts guy is status maxing…

I mean these dumb fucks thinks just square off to her, yet none of my bootcamp students ever squares off.

That is a big mistake putting pressure on her facing her if you are a tall black guy for example, would you square off?

Yes coincidentally Mystery stands to the side, the only thing he ever got right.

He is 6’7 afterall.

Expressions is important, be more expressive, but congruency is king.

I mean their theories in the industry breaks down since they only have 5-7 Asian laid testimonials at most, so expressiveness isn’t getting more than 7 laid testimonials., which enslaved so many low self esteem Asian men into a brainwashing cult, worst than RSD. Since RSD also gets student results during the night time.. but not daygame.

So that is no big deal..

That’s when I learned to reason by first principles, not reason by analogy (of the past) all about I should reason from the fundamental truths, then build up from there.

For example if people told Elon Musk that batteries are expensive it was always that way.

He instead tried to figure what are the ingredients to make a battery, then buy each piece separately. put it together himself.

Not go by what Mystery said, or what RSD said or self proclaimed high laycounts guy said.

That is reasoning by analogy, the past which makes them always stuck.!

It was now crystal clear to me how to use real social skills from the real naturals, since I got mentored by over a dozen of them.

Also, social calibrations which is something they don’t teach.

They think it is more game tactics, or stupid structured steps.

It gets so technical, that its pure aspergers, zombie like, because I saw reasoning by analogy sounds good on paper, it sounds like idealistic thinking.

But it isn’t proof based thinking.

There is no proof they have more than 3, or 6 daygame students laid.

So why foist your Mental bullshit on the industry when Mystery started 2 years after me.

He isn’t a daygamer, I don’t think Mystery even has a daygame infield, nevermind more than one infield..

I also learned that night game is just cold approach, game is game. Which is total bullshit.

Night game doesn’t translate well to daygame. I rarely see it happen.

Dating coaches are good at one thing, but not the other, its rare if anyone is both.

One outweights the other.

But starting with a Mystery Method derivative foundation will fuck you up badly for daygame.

You are thinking in a box, 4 walls in a loud night club.

It is like playing chess.

Then when they do daygame, which requires social skills, not socio skills, then they can’t do it, except go for positive reactions.,

you need to drop any reasoning by analogy, like this dating coach said this or that, generation to generation.

I say burn it all down,

start reasoning by first principles,

think outside the Mystery Method, RSD box.

Maybe use what the real naturals used, social skills, social calibrations, emotional control/impact, then finally a few tactics which wasn’t everything since the other three skills outweighs game tactics.

Besides if you only use tactics, say you are enough, you would mostly just get white students for tinder laid testimonials, covering their entire face so people can’t see they are mostly white.

Which tinder testimonials doesn’t even count, when it is status maxing, perceived natural status of white people.

Now mix that with other status maxing, a high status job like saying you are a DJ or sending videos of it, or 3rd world money, status advantage, or an exotic status in Brazil when you are one race, all the women are the other or same while you are the exotic one instead.

As a result I finally called out Mystery, who I am his predecessor.

I am the godfather of daygame, or zombie game by accident since I just wanted to get laid using this lay guide thing in 2001, the first published game manual on the internet.


I was part of that movement. But I have field tested, split tested every style, but I am willing to discard what doesn’t work unlike them.

If Mystery or Misery Method only has 6 laid testimonials or 3 for daygame for their derivative systems, then we need to discard that bullshit.

After I did that, I started to educate them that the Mystery Method isn’t a daygame system, just a night game one.

While it is effective for night game, even the derivative, it isn’t effective for daygame.

It made PUAS build non stop attraction, which could of easily be accomplished by social calibrations of Elite 30 which builds gradual attraction instead of all his push pull shit or self amusement, negs.

I still use teases, so does my students when she is off the line. But they don’t use push/pulls.

Second you don’t need to use the ABCDEF structure, or so much tactics, technical game since that just confuses you.

My system is natural, but tactics, but adaptive.

I have a rough adaptive structure, not a rigid one, that is using social skills, social calibrations to replace game.

Suddenly, I was getting even more daygame laid testimonials during the delta variant.

One after another, since this social calibrations, social skills which naturals uses kicks the living shit out of the Mystery Method for daygame.

I’m the only one getting laid testimonials for the delta variant for my products, both of them, the black student Elite 30, the middle eastern student Elite Playbook.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get people to stop reasoning by analogy, the past, cause Mystery said this, RSD said that.

But I am focusing on Mystery since he isn’t even a daygamer, only did night game was you can’t solve the problems of daygame with the same mindsets that created them in the first place using the Mystery Method. Then RSD, then Simple Pickup, Then Justin Wayne, Then Funnels…. which is just zombie game.

My plan was to start educating people that Mystery method needs to be extracted from daygame forever, LIKE A CANCER…

People should use social skills to build that line to keep her on the line. Every time you use my triangular social skills flow drill, you get her opening up, then she stays for another 30 seconds.

Then social calibrations automatically builds attraction due to the alpha male body language of a tribe leader, the opposite to Aspergers traits.

If the students wants more emotional control to be more chilled, then they just have to supplement it. They now are enough.

Game tactics are just the icing on the cake. You just need to know how to get an instadate, how to find out 30 things about her on a date. How to seed the maneuever, seed the sexuality to the extreme which they don’t do. Since they only seed the pull. Then finally loop the logical objections until she says yes. (No such thing as an emotional objection, for sales, that is dealt with earlier). Then how to close in the bedroom without alcohol. .

So I started to educate others how to keep her on the line with an adaptive loose structure which was natural using social skills, algorithms, behavioral game, rather than this aspergers Mystery Method or Misery Method bullshit which is too in your head. But we didn’t stop there.

I then made 2 Youtube Live videos in a row talking about how my students got laid during the Delta Variant for daygame.

After that, I started to attack the you are enough concept. But will get into more detail, since you are enough if you are white, for tinder, for night game… daygame well where are their laid testimonials for it? Doesn’t exist.

For ABCS of Low self esteem that is just brainwashing.

Instead of telling yourself to be enough, actually transform like my students which are rebuilt like the military to actually be enough.

RSD is similar, they use this same kind of brainwashing for low self esteem people.

Self proclaimed high laycounts guy has this mindset you are a 10/10, expect the lay. While that is true, I agree with the mindset, some preparation, training, skills are important.

He mostly has white students getting results, so all his tinder testimonials are censored, the person is covered, since it would seem super white.

Yes they are more than enough… well for tinder. Some are enough for night game.

But for daygame they are not enough…

They call it sales skills or poker.

Well that is like selling a better product with tactics, or playing poker with more chips since they mostly get white people laid.

Which in fact the are enough, they are more than enough on Tinder.

Yes they have a few ethnics laid here and there, but usually taller ones.

I taught their old student who was 5’5, got him 2 lays. I even taught a 5’7 short bald middle eastern guy who used his courses, got no results.

I got him laid in a week using Elite 30 since that was all he could afford during Covid 19 at the time.

But there was still a problem…

the problem was.. people were still worshipping white dating coaches by default.

This one had evidence, lots of it, but zero proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. Stupid charts isn’t proof, it is self-proclaimed.

Or sticking out your tongue in a nightclub.

Or seeking arrangements lead gen bullshit.

Or stupid tinder shit, which isn’t even game. It is just displaying white turkey meat, then status maxing.

Which didn’t work for my short Indian student at 5’5.

But as long as they can pass the plausibility meter… they don’t need proof, they just need evidence. Most has no proof in this industry.

Don’t confuse white dating coaches with white naturals who has nothing to do with the daygame industry… those white guys are not autistic, they are unstoppable.

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to just call out Mystery altogether that his night game system needs to be burned to the ground for daygame.

Imagine it is like boxing. Elite 30 is the defense, like Mayweather Jr.

He can’t be knocked out, since he has this defensive stance called the philly shell defense when she tries to reject him, making him rejection proof just like Elite 30.

He jabs using social skills to keep her on the line, right crosses or right punch when she starts to try to reject him (metaphorically speaking), hook punch when she is invested in the conversation to keep her further on the line, of course touches are upper cuts.

Not touch her way to victory when you spike her emotion due to zero social skills… then laughing non stop as an actual advice, which was taught to my 5’5 Indian student.

That is just stupid, idealistic thinking. Sounding good on paper, but doesn’t have any real proof it works in real life…

Sure you can do the early on laughing like a Hynea, but not throughout the entire interaction to replace social skills, touching your way to victory in daygame similar to RSD Tyler.

Then later the only so called proof is pouring water on her tits.

Or their night game bullshit, seeding the pull saying oh drinks are expensive here lets go back to my place, I got cheaper drinks.

That is only maneuvering

But you don’t even know what happened afterwards with their so called 100 pull infields.

Yeah, pull… no proof of a single same day lay or same night lay, just evidence…

Then making excuses how you can’t post that because of the laws this or that, yet my students has more proof.

Just censor their face well. Cut the audio. Just excuses.

If you try to teach that to short Asian men, they will just pull her, nothing happens if they don’t seed the sexuality, nuke it to the max, going all in, to the point of no return.

In fact that did happen to a short Asian guy in the club, where he just walking in following Self proclaimed high laycounts guy, then nothing happened with the women….

To get the real objections out. They will always deal with lesser objections which isn’t even the real objections they should be dealing with…. (don’t use alcohol to deal with objections of course, then wrestle with her either, that is just as bad as hiding her shoes).

I chose to call it “the John Elite Method” the solution to daygame. FUCK MYSTERY, FUCK NIGHT GAME

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to do away with the Mystery Method which influenced RSD, also influenced London Daygame, Justin Wayne, Funnels, we’d be really happy.

After the black student got laid,

I posted the middle eastern student for the delta variant.

Before that was the Indian 5’5 student.

Plus I have 488 laid/pull testimonials for daygame. Some of my students has hotter latina girlfriends, fuck buddies than self proclaimed high laycounts guy even at 5’7. , we created the John Elite Method.

I can now get people to stop putting Mystery on a pedestal calling him a godfather, when he is a night gamer, when in reality I was the godfather for daygame. Generation 1. Of course the naturals are generation 0 who has lasted longer overall throughout human history.

I then started to let other daygamers use the John Elite Method.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

488 laid pull testimonials in daygame

Still getting students laid for the delta variant in daygame. Yet their daygame courses doesn’t work for daygame.

Well to play the devils advocate, I can’t believe self proclaimed high laycounts guy’s course was the only other dating coach to get any daygame laid testimonials for his product.

Still maybe he has more students, those guys were white, but the entire screen was covered so I don’t know who were those 2 laid testimonials.

While other daygame coaches has 0 for their laid testimonials for daygame for their courses which funnels you into an expensive BootCamp during Covid 19 even if they released new courses.

How many courses do you need to solve the daygame problem,

unless they are creating the daygame problem, then use the treatment in the bootcamps.

Not a cure like my courses which they both worked back to back, the black student then the middle eastern.

Also Indian student. One is Elite 30, Elite Playbook, Elite Access.

None of them used the same course but they all work during the delta variant.

(nobody cares about tinder testimonials, they don’t count)

Also, I got 34+ Asian laid testimonials.

They have only 5-7 the most in this industry.

Most only has 1 Asian, like Justin Wayne.

Or lots have 0 like Krapisma King. Opinions as facts, delusional, RSD dick rider.

The Transformation Of My Students:

After creating the John Elite Method, I was not only able to get so many Asian men laid, also so many minorities laid even so many autistic white students laid, I’ve also been able to stop reasoning by analogy, when I used to field test and discard 99% of every daygame system using game strategies when I have lower SMV reasoning by analogy., because I can now focus on teaching social skills, social calibrations instead of gamey game tactics, structures, techniques. .

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to get the most laid testimonials in the whole daygame industry combined, many times over on top of that.

Its not even close, I don’t teach what they teach since I don’t reason by analogy.

I say reason by first principles, not reason by analogy.

I say burnt it all down, rebuild from first principles.

-John Elite

P.S…. fuck Mystery, I’m his predecessor 2 years before he started posting online. Stfu. I am not his age, but I am older than I look. I was actually the O.G for this zombie game bullshit. Its funny I wanted to be an artist, maybe 3D animator. So I went to university, since someone from that school a teacher was friends with my parents. They pitched me to go here. Start with 2D first they said…. then that was the very year of pickup on the internet, the layguide. What if I didn’t listen to this teacher?….


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