There I was, a daygame coach trying to make daygamers knows it is not about positive reactions, but positive compliance.

The thing is, at the time was rsd victims taking massive uncalibrated action with pure autism, going direct, giving validation since they want to get some type of positive reaction to feel they are doing something.

The big problem was that it was like someone who wasn’t sold on what you are selling (THE WOMEN)… so you give them a direct compliment, they get staggered by it. Then non stop validation, touches, looks good in front of the camera.

But that doesn’t mean that is positive compliance.

That meant I couldn’t get RSD victims to see they were just getting positive reactions, or IOI’s as mystery said, but not positive compliance.

They were just ego tripping with bad tactics, trying to win the battle but were consistently losing the war building bad habits, which meant people were worshipping positive reactions which gave RSD dating coaches an advantage when they didn’t even pull at all.

Now RSD Todd or Todd V can just walk a women into a cab then we are supposed to believe that is a pull.. Unless she is sucking his dick in the cab, where is the rest of the infield?

That is just positive reactions to the point delusional dating coaches can pretend to analysis RSD as the best when there is no proof to back that up based on positive reactions.

Or RSD Tyler can touch his way to victory getting positive reactions while the dumb autistic RSD sociopath sheeps are charmed… manipulated by this clown game

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I taught them positive compliance, not positive reactions about number close videos don’t mean shit,

neither does positive reactions from the women or fake reactions as she wants to not hurt your feelings. But won’t comply afterwards.

Otherwise there are dating coaches out there without many daygame laid testimonials teaching bad harmful advice that could destroy tons of daygamers.

I’ve seen it happen in Vancouver with RSD Julien’s game which led to no daygame results during the training period!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get students laid with social skills, social calibrations since you will be getting positive compliance since my students gets laid non stop.

My students even have the proof to back it up with lay videos, lay pics, the whatsapp conversations.

None of them goes direct, or gives validation at all, because women was just seeing how far you will take this?

Since I have some very fobby Asian students who are ego tripping, but the women doesn’t want to hurt their feelings since they may never approach again if they did.

Since the main reason why a women was so nice was, some guy cussed her out during approaching so she doesn’t want that repeated again.

Also, women has no ability to say no. So she flakes on you long as possible until you get the clue on text since he was also cussed out on text by offended a guy directly rejecting them

My plan was to start teaching them validation is stupid, not the missing part of game, but how it will ruin your life.

Same with direct game which is just like a salesman selling something she doesn’t want, but she doesn’t have the heart to turn him down so she lets him go along with it giving fake reactions or indicators of interest….

So I started explaining in my students infields, some are so autistic with such low self esteem they just ego trip ignoring her, constantly talking about themselves, can’t read her facial expressions or hear her tonality that she is annoyed.

They are delusional until they can raise their self esteem with binaural beat to raise their self esteem, lower their egos.

I then analyzed the students infields, showing them where they are going off the line. A concept in sales when the conversation becomes non compliant, often times started by the student themselves since they can’t adapt or tease when she is rolling her eyes, or flirt when she is over investing in the interaction .

After that, I debunked mystery’s IOI’s or indicators of interest concept.

That was only designed for autistic PUAs looking for some type of reaction since they have no empathy, ego tripping being delusional.

Building on that success, I decided to explain in Elite 30 that body language can create compliance since that is alpha behavior… opposite to Asperger’s, which is behavioral game a new concept.

I call it “positive compliance is better than positive reactions.

I rather she be frowning all the way home for the students as they finger her, rather than ego trip on positive reactions. These amatuer dating coaches who should stick to night game instead of projecting their opinions as facts on daygame”.

With positive compliance is better than positive reactions.

I rather she be frowning all the way home for the students as they finger her, rather than ego trip on positive reactions.

These amatuer dating coaches who should stick to night game instead of projecting their opinions as facts on daygame

I can now get 477 laid pull testimonials since nobody goes direct, nobody gives validation!


They have to feel like they are accomplishing something, they have to feel smart.. when in reality they are dumb

They are just repulsing the women…

This is why autistic PUAS loves to heavily escalate, or non stop self amusement….

They are clueless, that is unscientific, since they don’t have the laid testimonials to back it up

Todd V sounds so smart without saying anything important or scientific. But is actually dumber than a door knob.

Not that he can get a women through a door more than once…

Oh he is not RSD anymore, ummm dude used to be, nothing about him has changed.

He is just confusing you

RSD Tyler is just confusing you the lowest self esteem sheeps who are heavily escalating…


See the source image


You didn’t want to offend him, as he gave you a compliment on your jacket.. so you felt staggered as a women was when you gave her a compliment

Now you are giving fake reactions, afterall the amount of enthusiasm, you didn’t want to offend this guy telling you about solar panels

You just nod your head, oh yeah, great… solar panels as you roll your eyes

Luckily he can’t see you doing that….

To most people they will see that salesman was doing a good job, in reality as he gives you his business card or tries to email you… guess what happened?


It was your real email, but it wasn’t enough…

You were giving fake reactions, you were giving him indicators of fake interest just as the women are.

You were completely off the line from the beginning just as he was.

That stupid compliment on your jacket got enough of your attention, but was inferior strategy…

I’m Ready To Improve Social Skills, Social Calibrations Of Your Outer Game With “Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero” Today

-John Elite

If you are reading this… you are the resistance…

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