Did you know that It is stupid autistic PUA game lines or game techniques or game tactics aren’t the answer?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about gamey lines are the most important, and while that is important, I’m going to share three secretss with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you daygame forever for my system the sexual connection.


So what is the new concept behavioral game. An old concept old as civilization itself since it is evolutionary psychology…?

It’s about using behavior traits instead of autistic PUA lines to get you laid faster with alpha male behaviors instead of stupid scripted autistic sociopathic PUA gamey game lines.

So the first secrets is, fuck the lines. Game products are more about stupid lines, techniques, push pulls, or openers.

The big idea here is they gamify social skills with socio skills calling it game. They in their deluded mind SMVing it with high percieved natural status that they think they are unlocking her mind. In reality both them and her doesn’t speak english well. They are just vibbing their value or SMV, height, percieved natural status. .

This is important because Its not the fucking stupid lines. There are no lines in my products just algorithms.

Like you have a creative and artistic vibe… a line that I used as neutral openers.

If you break it down its

Creative = X
Artistic = Y
Are you an artist = Z

But if you break it down, you can replace anything else with X + Y = Z so it is more natural

I call this the adaptive opener

Its not some stupid push/pull….

If you break down the push = compliment, pull = tease…. its just a god damn compliment/tease… so you can literally make up any fucking line you want on the spot like a natural since it is behavior game with social intellegence. Not autistic gamey social skills

Its not some stupid flirt line like oh btw you have sexy legs….

You can use social skills, ask if anyone told her she has sexy legs?

Then ask if she is a flexible person as a question… while maintaining your Elite 30 body language of social calibrations like an alpha male.

Once again, I can’t stress this enough, fuck the stupid autistic PUA lines. Or techniques… it is all about the algorithms…

There is no line in my system

On the bootcamp I would tell them to tease in ear coaching and they will make up something on the spot

She doesn’t care what the fuck you said by how you say it.

It goes on beyond how you say it which is so tactical, think strategy, the behavior game…. Your behavior unlocks her mind!

The second secrets is Learn social skills, social calibrations first…. game is just a value delivery system of stupid lines, tactics, a tool box of autism. In reality game is a firehose spraying their Looks, Perceived status, overall LMS. Behavioral game will DHV more value overall than stupid gamey lines tactics… its not all game.

The main thing to understand here is that Elite 30 social skills is the alpha males body language, social skills helps you navigate every tribe. .

This means together they are a powerful combination… it is what born naturals have by default.

Naturals doesn’t need stupid lines, they can come up with it on the spot

I never teach my students stupid lines. But they come up with it on the spot

When my students body language is corrected, their state of mind changes, their feelings changes, the word flows out differently along with the tonality since congruency is king.

More game products isn’t the answer, you need more social skills, social calibrations….

not more game or socio skills.

The third secrets is They hunch so much so they think social skills or socio gamified autistic sounding social skills sounds platonic. So they use excessive flirts, teases they claim to turn it into a romantic, sexual direction… which is total bullshit.

If you have your Elite 30 body language and social skills, you have a sexual undertone, from the sexual connection, you already have a behavior game of auto sexual undertone flirting. So you don’t need to overly verbalize it or overly verbalize sexual jokes calling it turning it sexual. Maybe stop hunching for a change.

This is key because it is not about using all these stupid flirts which they are just algorithms to me, not lines.

If you need to excessively flirt, you don’t have enough social skills or body language of social calibrations to hold the frame

Imagine the longer you have this calibrated Elite 30 behavioral game. Mix that with real social skills, not robotic PUA lines that sounds autistic….

The longer you are in a conversation holding that frame, the more the sexual attraction builds. Relying less on excessive flirting, touching or romantic bullshit which not every guy fits into her frame. .

Now, I bet you’re thinking….

It’s still game, since other dating coaches are releasing new products even if you gone from one game product after another getting no results. You have this FOMO mentality, fear of missing out….

Well the tricky thing is that My courses are like Moderna for Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Pfizer for Elite Playbook. Its already the cure or vaccine of the game.

Their new course is like remdesivir which doesn’t work as well. Its the treatment, not the vaccine or cure.

That ineffective treatment will make you blame yourself so you will take a bootcamp thinking there is something wrong with you. When in reality they made their courses confusing so they can hook you up to their ventilator bootcamp to make more money.

And so I’ve created this Elite Bundle with Elite Access you can get laid with behavioral game, using algorithms, behavior game instead of stupid autistic PUA lines or techniques or tactics for people without social skills, just socio skills.

And I, as dating coach who has more students laid during Covid 19 than anyone else for daygame who has the most student laid testimonials for daygame in the world. Not to mention the most during Covid 19 even during the 3 lockdowns.

I have endless laid testimonials,

I only posted a fraction of them on Youtube.

what I do is teach you what the inner circle of high value naturals, players, rich powerful people mentored me with this behavioral game.

They all by default mastered social skills, social calibrations, emotional control. These are not the same as the naturals for PUAs, the red pill version, these people are born this way without even realizing you can teach this stuff for a living.

Behavioral game is the future. The PUA lines, techniques are a thing of the past. Which died once Covid 19 happened.

So what I’ve done is I’ve codified all of this for you so you can use behavioral game instead of stupid push pull tactics like autistic fucks.

I also have Elite Access incase it is tougher, you need more guidance during Covid 19 for daygame since there are so many deaths out there, it is affecting your mindset, focus, also knowing what are the next steps since your mindset is like a stormy ocean where you feel you are drowning.

I can throw 2 life preservers a day, where you can grab onto, which you can stay a float.

This is not for know it all who knows it none who swims towards the wrong direction. This got so many students laid. All my courses did., but today I’m talking about the Elite Bundle with Elite Access , which is amazing.

I’m John Elite and I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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-John Elite

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