Hey, did you know that I got students laid through all 3 of the Covid 19 lockdowns? That they are all different for the strategies?

So what is social skills, social calibrations? ?

It’s all about fitting into the evolutionary psychology tribe with social skills, while the social calibrations, non verbal communication is the alpha males body language.

I am dating coach who has more students laid during Covid 19 than anyone else for daygame who has 476 laid/pull testimonials.

I’m going to share with you 3 secrets about all about fitting into the evolutionary psychology tribe with social skills, while the social calibrations, non verbal communication is the alpha males body language and how you can get laid during the lockdowns of Covid 19 even during the pandemic for daygame since my students were part of all 3 of the lockdowns.

So the first secret is, social skills helps you fit into the in tribe so she doesn’t get freaked out

The big idea here is by using so much game like autistic sociopath PUAS spam approaching you are part of the out tribe.

This is important because if you are part of the outtribe, you will make her scared, she will run away, which will frustrate you, making you want to quit game or go on tinder with no social skills, social calibrations whatsoever!

The second secret is Social calibrations is the alpha male leader of the intribe

The main thing to understand here is that the body language I am teaching you is identical to the alpha male leader or the opposite of the out tribe autistic Asperger syndrome guy.

This means those with autistic traits during evolutionary psychology doesn’t procreate. Women avoids them since they won’t create good offspring, except whiny high cortisol, autistic children which ruins their future generation. Is not the looks, but the autism traits that repels women.

The third secret is its not fashion, but framing…..

You dress white washed so you are part of the intribe, not the outtribe, like the wuhan washed mental filter which got you auto rejected, even beaten up during Covid 19. You need to be white washed, since my students never experienced any hate or racism, or xenophobia.

This is key because its not just about being fashionable. But by dressing white washed, rich, you are killing a few birds with one stone metaphorically speaking.

What I mean by that is, you are raising your looks which isn’t enough. You are raising your money category, also you are white washed so you fit into the white girls tribe. You don’t provoke unnecessary xenophobia.

You might be thinking that it’s tougher since it is Covid 19, every year game is supposed to get tougher right?

Well the tricky thing is that that the people who are telling you this is teaching gamey game for autistic sociopaths without real social skills. They have socio skills, an autistic version that they dare called social skills.

It is like a homage or imitation watch of a Rolex. It’s not the same, it looks similar, but women knows the difference.

Social skills is really hard, some of my students never got the skills down even after 3 months of practicing social skills flow drills.

Its not part of their hardware in their brain, same with most dating coaches. So they use value, gamify everything like an autistic robot, then value deny with half truth pills which gaslight you until they can funnel you into a bootcamp as the only resort for their entrepreneural dreams.

If I wanted to teach you in a bootcamp, you should do it because you need it. Not because I funneled you confusing you saying it is all game…

…Since its getting twice as easy now with social skills, twice as hard with socio skills for daygame!

And so I’ve created this Elite Bundle you can get laid by building the foundation digging downwards. Then putting the steel beams with Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero. Then build upwards with Elite Playbook.

This is like boxing, the defense is Elite 30, where you are rejection proof keeping her on the line.

She wants to reject you but she stays due to your alpha body language.

Also, social skills which keeps her on the line.

The reason they sprout out stupid nonsense like 10% stats is they are autistic as fuck. They don’t have social skills.

That is why they have 2 daygame laid testimonials. Sprouting nonsense theories calling it the most optimized, but 2 laid testimonials isn’t even optimized if I have 238X more….

And so what this is going to do is You can use the Skypes from the Elite Bundle to go step by step, as you build your social intelligence foundation with Elite 30 before you switch over to the Elite Playbook later on to build emotional control, game over it!

When you click the link, you can sign up.

I honestly don’t know how much longer i’ll keep this Elite Bundle with 6 Skypes available and prices will probably go up because these products already works.

So I don’t have to make new products or reinvent the wheel like the do. Not that they even have a wheel that can move you forward.

They have this gamey sociopath game which is like a square wheel, that is inefficient which requires a lot of effort, spam approaching without any skills SMVing it which doesn’t work for everyone.

So click the links to get it today while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for minorities, also hardcases just like you who are struggling with getting laid for daygame during the covid 19 lockdowns. There are to many to post

I also have Elite Access incase it is tougher, you need more guidance during Covid 19 for daygame since there are so many deaths out there, it is affecting your mindset, focus, also knowing what are the next steps since your mindset is like a stormy ocean where you feel you are drowning.

I can throw 2 life preservers a day, where you can grab onto, which you can stay a float.

This is not for know it all who knows it none who swims towards the wrong direction. T

his got so many students laid. All my courses did., but today I’m talking about the Elite Bundle, which is amazing.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

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-John Elite

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