You will learn

  • Why social skills, social calibrations, emotional control is a better strategy if you are a negative stereotype when your value is lower and you need to do skill maxing
  • You will learn that people really do SMV it despite their so called origins story which is dubious….
  • You will learn about how I started in University doing daygame by accident using this stupid guide which was suppose to be night game, not daygame… The dreaded lay guide. This was a real story…
  • My mothers friend’s husband recommend me go to art school since I wanted to do something artistic. I used to want to draw comic books but I was like the RSD victim of it. I had so many bad habits…it wasn’t my thing. But it led me to daygame. If it weren’t for that conversation.. who knows how my life would of ended up. Maybe I would of been married to some Asian women, a father by now… regretting my life….
  • You will learn about my quest to find every game tactic imaginable… everything… But in the end I realize skills adds to your value, so it is really all value when you add skills
  • Outside of having a slightly chubbier jaw area, which I can get rid of.. jawline is looking more squarish, but i’m not aging since my birthday.. wtf is going on. I’m too scared to get old so I don’t….
  • You will learn about my past.. as a dating coach. I’ve been a dating coach since 2012… a bit too long. Yes I have that much teaching experience, that’s already 9 years
  • It wasn’t like anyone had to teach me how to teach, I always had my own system. I simply am going back to teach GamingElite’s daygame system which is cutting through the pandemic. I sometimes think my game was tainted later… should of just listened to my Pakistani mentor. He tried to warn me. I didn’t listen, told him to fuck off at some point. He was always right.
  • GamingElite had so many testimonials, more than most dating coaches now, even way back then. I used to take clients from other dating coaches. Also worked when people referred me to others as students. Since I was able to get so many people laid.
  • I hate to say it, but almost all the taller students got laid, not so much Asians… white students too, I taught so many. Way too many before.
  • I created a product that was the Elite Playbook today, was a primitive version. That was more of a game product. I thought people would really enjoy Skype coaching with it. What a genius creation. Of course the core got updated here and there. Also, a new commentary that critiques some of the things of the past like romance. But also lots of small tweaks most people who are autistic with no depth can’t see…
  • Elite 30 social calibrations is misunderstood, one of the most disruptive technologies the daygame world has ever seen before. It ripped apart everything including Covid 19
  • I had to reinvent everything, discard 99% of every red pill shit I learned before… for a guy who dislikes lines, or gamey tactics, I did one point learned every single one of them. Skills is more important. It’s all value when you count each skill by 2.5 points each… That is my conclusion.
  • I used to get 10 laid testimonials, some pulls a week. It was over 30-40 a month…. I was gifted.
  • When I was on my own, it got most intense, the pull testimonials that was 80% pull, 70% laid. For the core group, more got laid instead…
  • Elite 30 was tearing through game, both the products are symbiotic, one is defense, one is offense of the game. I didn’t need to release new products…. Imo, I think most dating coaches are creating confusing products to not get the student results, then funnel them into a bigger program or a bootcamp. There is where all the money is. It is a smart strategy….
  • People takes my bootcamp if the need it, all my programs has laid testimonials. I can get them results even without a drawn out bootcamp.
  • 2020 was tough. I give the credit all to myself. I decided to finally take on delusional impossible case resistant, know it all clients. Normally I tell them to fuck off, or we aren’t a good fit. But I finally cracked the code for impossible cases. THEY TAKE CREDIT FOR SOMETHING THEY CAN’T EVEN FIGURE OUT FOR COVID 19 FOR THE STUDENTS FOR SOCIAL SKILLS?
  • 2021, I am creating new technologies for unteachable cases… this was always my own.. since they can’t do it yet. Its not something most dating coaches will want to take on. I’ll be so happy to just have a normal hardcase. THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR UNTEACHABLE CASES, THEY TRY TO TAKE CREDIT FOR IT? SERIOUSLY? ALL THAT FUCKING WORK I DID… THEY JUST TAKE CREDIT? OR SHOULD I SAY, STEAL CREDIT?
  • Using the raising of the self esteem exercises changed everything. I created another break through. Now my students can see their mistakes, some appologized to me realizing I am not mean. But I saw all their mistakes, they couldn’t perceive it before. Now they can, they are seeing for the first time in their lives. Some of the students are overjoy.
  • If I can get all the Asians to do the 7 day 5 hours a day challenge, to listen to self esteem related stuff, they will all wake up and realize I was always there to help them. They can’t perceive it now… like my low self esteem students. They just give me that scowl on their face being triggered…
  • Forget the treatment, go for the cure.

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That is my rant, enjoy the video. Sorry for all the delays, I should put some effort into youtube videos, subscribe or something.

-John Elite

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