I was a daygame coach trying to get hardcases laid, Asian students, even impossible cases. I really wanted to get most of the students laid, or at least pulling women home so I wouldn’t have to keep encouraging, comforting students since it doesn’t keep them disciplined or on the line since some was resistant .

I wanted to be able to destroy their resistant ego and I could have the most student laid testimonials in the world. Also, help Asian men.

The thing was low self esteem resistant students who argues backs, resist my training, projecting their opinions as facts. That meant I wasn’t able to destroy their resistant ego. So I could help some hardcases, especially Asian men

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I didn’t feel like comforting them, or walking on eggshells not triggering them since they only had a few days to get laid on the bootcamp.

I felt even worse about the situation because the more you go with their hardcase behavior, the longer it takes on the bootcamp to get them results if they aren’t training for a week.

I felt like they were metaphorically like dogs that didn’t want to learn new tricks.

The problem was that they were so used to other dating coaches comforting them though their comfort camps where they just extract their money, which was a process that kept repeating itself. Which meant I can’t keep them disciplined to get the skills down as fast as I wanted to…

In the beginning of my career, Asian men were getting auto rejected with my coaching while all the other tall students, mostly white, other races were getting laid.

Then something amazing happened…

That’s when I started to use tough love…or what I called ego destruction, which means you have to get the student to let go of their ego or submit.

It wasn’t stockholm syndrome, but it was like the army. Where discipline can save your life! Where comfort would get you killed, or auto rejected in daygame

It was now crystal clear to me how to get more students laid, because I beat every single daygame coach combined many times over for testimonials count. I’m already up to 470, they barely can get a handful

I also learned that comfort, encouraging them doesn’t get as many students laid as my current student results. It might of been cut down to less than 50, vs 476.

You need to start submitting to the discipline so you can release your hand brakes of low self esteem which disables you from adapting and improving your skillset in daygame instead.

As a result I now have 476 laid/pull testimonials.

After I did that, I started to make students do squats if they start resisting during the bootcamps. 
Trust me, some did a lot of squats, they can barely walk

Suddenly, I was getting almost all my students laid, or at least pulling women home.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get hardcases laid, Asian students, even impossible cases was you have to reward good behavior, then punish bad behavior.
Since good students rarely gets yelled at. Bad students rarely not get yelled at.

My plan was to start teaching students more like the military with discipline in every bootcamp.

So I started breaking down their snowflake ego. But I didn’t stop there…

I then made them do so many drills over and over even a hundred times of skills like social skills drills, body language drills until they did it automatically.

After that, I in ear coached them so they can execute their skills they drilled down over a hundred times.

But there was still a problem…

There were still some students who were called unteachable case. No matter if you yell or encourage them, they simply were uncoachable. They were worse than hardcases or impossible cases.

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to just cut these people out of the training since it would go on forever and over and over as they love to procrastinate.

I chose to call it “unteachable cases shouldn’t be taught. Yet everyone else should who are easy cases, normal cases, hardcases, impossible cases which I finally figured out in 2020”

I am still creating a new solution…. a concept where it is like planting the seeds or foundation. Hard work without expecting results through hard drills that germinates the seed. Then it will sprout the third time, then lastly grow. Of course I don’t have the patients for unteachable cases yet. But a vaccine or solution is being worked out. 

I thought if we could create something that would make it possible to at least impossible cases to get laid, i’ll be really happy.

After I got so many impossible cases laid during Covid 19 in 2020, 2021… I was getting more laid testimonials than anyone else combined again.

Plus getting even more insane student results as one had 10 fuck buddies, 5 some, 2 models, one model girlfriend, we created unteachable cases shouldn’t be taught.

Yet everyone else should who are easy cases, normal cases, hardcases, impossible cases which I finally figured out in 2020.

I do not look forward to 2021’s unteachable case solution I am working on. But with it, it will help me dominate the industry even further. Unlock new teaching abilities, more student results when most dating coaches can’t even get their first daygame laid testimonials, or even a handful

I can now teach easy cases, normal cases, hardcase, impossible cases…. well still, for unteachable cases, kindly fvck off…. I’m still working on a new solution.

I then started to let other Asian men use unteachable cases shouldn’t be taught.
Yet everyone else should who are easy cases, normal cases, hardcases, impossible cases which I finally figured out in 2020.

As a result of all this I was able to achieve the following:

Most of my bootcamp students laid

A total domination over the daygame industry even during Covid 19, lockdowns

After creating unteachable cases shouldn’t be taught concept until I field test a solution…. Yet everyone else should who are easy cases, normal cases, hardcases, impossible cases which I finally figured out in 2020…

I was not only able to get so many students laid during Covid 19 due to iron discipline which was even tougher than before, I’ve also been able to stop trying to comfort Asian men so they won’t get triggered. But to destroy their ego with tough love where they will finally let go and start improving without hands breaking their results like a know it all, because I can now get impossible cases laid since 2020.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to use discipline to help my students succeed despite a Covid 19 lockdown.

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-John Elite

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