I was a daygame coach trying to get them to listen RSD was toxic. I really wanted to get more Asians laid so I wouldn’t have to keep posting laid testimonials while the Asian men still becomes RSD victims trapped by low self esteem high ego dismissing my coaching.

I wanted to be able to get all the Asian men laid with the cure Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero and I could help my own people.

The thing is there was so many Asian RSD victims. That meant I wasn’t able to get all the Asian men laid with the cure Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero, let alone help my own people.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because they are into the:

-looks don’t matter, race don’t matter, height doesn’t matter comforting delusional brainwashing, or gaslighting from this self development cult.

-I felt even worse about the situation because they had high ego, low self esteem, they get triggered easily.

-I felt like I had to walk on eggshells talking to Asian men .

The problem was that if I said the word fuck, or any swear words, I will trigger the high ego, low self esteem Asian men.

They will stop listening.

Which meant I am getting every other race laid, even the Asians.

But I can’t get through to the low self esteem delusional Asians, which meant I can only help the existing Asians once they were burnt by RSD.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I created Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero all about social calibrations, social skills!

It was now crystal clear to me how to get more Asian men laid with Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero, because I saw that Asian men finally had a vaccine to daygame.

I also learned that game was only a value delivery system.

Unless you were tall, strong or a pretty boy type, you can’t delivery the value spam approaching. , you need to use Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero as a foundation to boost your value instead of using game first instead.

As a result I now have 470 laid/pull testimonials.

After I did that, I started to get students laid even during Covid 19.

Suddenly, I was even getting them laid during the lockdown.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get them to listen RSD was toxic was that social skills is 2.5 points, social calibrations was 2.5 points. Emotional control is 2.5 points, game is 2.5 points. That makes 10 points. Why not focus on the first two instead so you get 5/10 easily?

My plan was to start posting more video testimonials.

So I started posting one after another. But I didn’t stop there.

I then showed that Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero cut though Covid 19 since women were more distrusting during the pandemic. You need social skills to build trust like evolutionary psychology.

After that, I even Skyped a student 3 times, where he was autistic, got no results. Then got a same day lay with Elite 30. After 3 Skype analysis, he got 10 fuck buddies, a 5 some, banged 2 models, got one as a girlfriend.

But there was still a problem…

Now I have haters showing up everywhere getting super jealous. It wasn’t one hater, but several at the exact same time saying how I deserved to get attack because of some bullshit reason.

When in fact they were just jealous failed dating coaches who can’t stand to see others fail since it made them insecure and reminds themselves of their own failures as a PUA and as a no name brand dating coach before their business fell apart.

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to focus on Asian men more.

I chose to call it “RSD is the worst thing to happen to Asian men since Covid 19”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to get them to finally listen instead of getting turned off…i’ll be really happy.

After I started to focus on educating them more why RSD isn’t the vaccine or the cure, but just the endless treatment.

That Covid 19 showed which daygame system worked. Only one daygame product worked for Covid 19, that is Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero, I created RSD is the worst thing to happen to Asian men since Covid 19.

I can now get more Asians laid and more daygamers laid even during a lockdown while the RSD victims are spam approaching now with gamey game, getting suicidal.

I then started to let other Asian men use RSD is the worst thing to happen to Asian men since Covid 19.
As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

-I got more students laid during Covid 19 than anyone else in the world.
My students were banging models. Women above their looks scale, getting multiple fuck buddies even during the lockdown
-I just kept getting more and more laid testimonials
-After creating RSD is the worst thing to happen to Asian men since Covid 19 concept, I was not only able to show that only Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero works in a first world country since it is social skills, social calibrations which builds massive trust while RSD technologies just gets you auto rejected during a pandemic…

-I’ve also been able to stop focusing on so much game… since before 2001 when I started, there was no such thing as red pill game.
-Now these RSD fuckers are trying to rewrite history of evolutionary psychology with their gamey shit that is just purely appeals to autistic Asians, because we can now get them laid with social skills, social calibrations to keep the women on the line.

It is like Thors hammer. It only lifts with social skills. Game is the rock or rubble holding the hammer in place.

No amount of gamey tactics works during Covid 19 except social skills. Which the Asian men lacked.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to non stop laid testimonials for daygame while my haters keeps getting more and more jealous, with their bullshit reason why they should attack me.

-John (Asian Batman) Elite

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