Breaking News! John Elite Access: The Must Have. If You Lack Clarity, Need Next Steps. Guess How Many Days A Year Does My Students Use John Elite Access?…

How often do people use the program John Elite Access?

A lot of people think that students will not use John Elite access more than 12 times a year which is the total b*******.

In reality it depends on the student,

Some students uses it every single day, even twice a day

some students use it in the beginning, took a bit of a break and did it their own way. They Fucked up their life  doing it their own way… Then they use the program to repair their life

Some students use it for game

Other students uses it for a self development

Others uses it for my mental filter since I’m  usually always right

Even if the student thinks he is totally right due to low self-esteem, delusions, and that backstabber in her voice. in three or four months their message or beliefs, actions blows up in their face

It Always is John I’m sorry you are correct

Then I would say, I told you so

There are some students who only uses it once a week, or four times a month

But Having access to my mental filter made a lot of differences in their lives

The student results so far

One student who is black already has two lays during covid-19 using John Elite access

 other students have made more money…

Some Of the other students has bulked up dramatically for muscle mass 

Some Of the students got total clarity on what to do in the future in Day game

Some Of the students use my meant to strategize  how to move forward in their lives even during covid-19 since it affects everyone income

Some Students wants to know what supplementation is good for ADHD or reducing cortisol in their bodies… So they don’t freak the f*** out

Although This is a very new program… There is already a student laid

Not To mention twice

In fact, every single program of mine has student laid testimonials, unlike other dating coaches who thinks they are so great

Haters Gonna Hate

It is like having access to the mental filter of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Sometimes that one quick question can make all the difference in the world.

Don’t worry, I won’t yell at you like Steve jobs in this program

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 - The Verge

It is like having access to the mental filter of Steve Jobs or some billionaire

Buy be able to ask very quick questions, you can save decades worth of mistakes just by having access

A lot of people who are sociopaths are completely delusional 

Even If they succeed for a little bit in life…  I called this the law of 33%

They improve a little bit in life, having a growth spurt in their business or other areas in dating

However the delusions of a sociopath. Got them there in the first place, isn’t good enough to get them past  the 33% mark

They Will get stuck in they will Plateau, just as the other dating coaches have during covid-19

Imagine Knowing exactly what to do so you can solve your issues quickly for my non-deluded person who has a lot of life experience, wisdom

Imagine Having a lighthouse so you can steer your boat in the right direction

Wisdom Is not knowledge, wisdom is knowing what mistakes to avoid which is more important

Knowing Which mistakes to avoid saves you so much time and money

Most Of the time the students don’t want to bother me for free advice… 

they start to feel guilty about it, when they ask me for free advice all the time wasting my precious time

however with John Elite access oh, you no longer have to worry about wasting my precious time

Your Mental filter has never worked

However my mental filtering always leads to student results in multiple areas of their life including high-income skills

Of course I am not one of those gurus who teaches you how to make six figures

It Is a fact that my students have made six figures and seven figures for my mental filter and skills… Since a lot of these skills were translated directly from my day game system is the best day game system in the entire world many times over…

if you use it as a metaphor, you can literally translate it for persuasion in other areas of your life

I limited it to just 5 minute answers so it doesn’t go back and forth. Only two questions a day

Twice A Day - Home | Facebook

How does John Early Access work?

I designed it so I don’t have to go back and forth over and over like I do with impossible cases

There is no end to their autism

They Would just get more ADHD and not focussed 

Then They would throw their neural Pathways at me from their bad habits and mistakes

Then Be completely totally unteachable and unchangeable 

Usually I spend about 5 minutes with the audio telling them exactly what needs to be done

If they ask a follow-up question… I usually count that as the second question

I asked him to ask me again tomorrow

There Are three type of things you can do with John Elite access

 the first thing to do is to ask me a question which I will fully answer

The second thing students ask me is what I call Next Step

From There and my mental filter, I told them what I see that should be changed

Sometimes They don’t know what they don’t know 

Since They don’t have my mental filter, artistic type of students usually see things from a very surface-level

Just as surface-level as other hater dating coaches who only see the surface level of my game

They Have no depth to their thinking…

People With low self-esteem usually believe they know everything

It’s The opposite with me I believe I am 99% wrong so I got to keep learning to be 98%

So I keep learning until I see common patterns then the light bulb goes off

Over The years this has helped me understood the world and to improve my neural Pathways and mental filter

Is I am so wrong then why am I the only day game coaching that world that actually has students Non-Stop and still making money during this pandemic

I mean money yesterday and also before yesterday to the jealous haters out there

Just get envious again since you failed thinking you were an expert. Who gives a shit what you think you crazy psycho

My advice to the jealous haters out there is just to wait to pandemic out

Wait Until the ships are vaccinated so you can continue to prey on the Sheep’s 

Don’t Blame me because your business failed and you are a f****** idiot who knows absolutely f*** all in terms of high-income skills

You Were just using your Machiavellism  for marketing, or manipulation with no formal training thinking you’re the expert

Now I get to say to you oh, what the f*** do you really know…

besides brainwashing people like a cult leader…

You Know nothing and covid-19 proved that

Your stuff will work before covid-19, since the  sheeps like to waste money when they have money to waste due to low self-esteem worshipping other dating coaches


You need to have Elite 30 already or Elite Playbook to join. I already told a few they can’t. I won’t let other students join it either for a year who are impossible cases or unteachable

This student exclusive used John Elite Playbook. No it isn’t some program like acting despite what the dumb sociopath autistic haters say. Since their autistic daygame products has 4 laid testimonials for 3 products. What chance do you think their program has during Covid 19? Zero.

I reserve the right to deny students I do not think are a good fit

One Indian guy who was a total sociopath and completely lack depth  in his autistic mind

A total  psycho who actually went to jail for his insane Indian temper… 

not the first time I heard this before an Indian dealing with the police

He Kept asking stupid f****** questions as if he was retarded

 he pretended to want to buy Elite Playbook asking you for free advice even if I blocked him in the past for the very same reason 

 of course there are other students I did not let them join

When I heard this Asian guy say he didn’t believe in himself

 that he wanted to commit suicide,

 I am not dealing with that s*** again, that unteachable s***

If I have to spend a year with these facts it is not worth the stress

For The price $365 a year… What is the catch?

If There was a catch it is like a  gym membership,

Not Everyone has the time to use it

However I still reminded students to use it regardless if time has passed by just to make sure they are on the right track

Since I cannot be a drill sergeant in this regard… I still care about my students results

That Is the limitation of the program… This is not a coaching program but in the advice program

Two advice a day

Not All of you will qualify

Especially those who took it for granted, or they wanted to take it but they delayed replying

As A bonus I am including my secret program for working out

A Lot of students have seen massive games in their muscles in less than a month which normally takes about a year

 this saves them a lot of time

Yes You can ask me what the workout program is

This increases the value of the program

Sometimes That right advice can change your entire life

That One small piece of advice that Golden Nugget

 but imagine having  those gold nuggets but  2 a day

You Literally can ask me a question or two every single day and I have no problems with that

Or ask me what is the next step

I get it some of you can’t afford it. That’s why you are always stuck.

It takes self esteem. Also its not for everyone.

Most likely it isn’t for you.

But it is the right program for a lot of students…

-John Elite

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