What’s in it for you? That is the most important, your results. Not worshipping dating coaches during Covid 19… Unless you are a sheep

Most people doesn’t care about me, they want results.

What's in It for Me (WIIFM) | Thought Leadership @ INCEIF

Well except sheeps, they want to worship since they are delusional. I mean that is an exception.

The ones who worship has no self esteem

They worship the same dating coaches or rotate them out to a different one for infields, over and over until they get no results, but they don’t change. They are delusional autistic sheeps

During Covid 19, the sheeps can’t afford to worship anyways

They might be saving up their stimulus package checks.

They will get burnt by other Covid 19 products designed to get some cash flow during the pandemic which wouldn’t work

Their products are confusing, it isn’t clear so you will invest in a bootcamp


Vitamin D3 | Drops – Jamieson Vitamins

I wasn’t stupid, I was supplementing with that, also a specific type of honey which I know can kill bacteria that other antibiotics can’t

I’m always 50 steps ahead of everything… I already knew that I would catch it one day

I’m unkillable, i’m always 50 steps ahead.

My business survived the pandemic, as an accelerator.. I saw it coming, I thought maybe a recession, financial collapse… or stimulus, something. I didn’t know it was Covid 19..

I think being OCD helps you prepared for shit.

I’m prepared for even a zombie apocalypse, metaphorically speaking.

I did develop my skills…

I knew the other dating coaches machevillan marketing will never work


In the beginning of the pandemic, something was odd, New York caught it, but California was spared for so many months.

But only the blacks and Latinos were spreading it..

Melanin was the cause, sunlight…

It was a vitamin D deficiency.

Why did Brazil had it? why did so many other places, it all lined up.

Now India has it, really badly, dark skin.

The inability to absorb melanin.

I knew vitamin C wasn’t enough,

I mixed on Indian herb with this specific honey, with this other stuff I won’t say…

When I was coughing before, lagingitist, one thing burned away all of it…

A mixture…

regardless, this isn’t a cure, but does help boost immunity, inflammation

I also figured out how to lose fat faster, also, how to gain so much muscle in a month an a half, almost 3 weeks now.

My brain can solve just about anything…


But it doesn’t, since I spend almost every day developing skills…

Not just marketing which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I just say it as it is, people like it.

Most of the machevellian businesses finds this totally insane…

Its like a Dan Pena shouting at people kind of way…

When your not obsessed with money, but obsessed with your student results… somehow that works.

It takes too much energy for other narcissistic sociopath ambitious people to care.

I really don’t care.

But the outside struggles I see on the news, I never let it emotionally bother me.

They even said for restaurants, most can only survive 3 more months with social distancing…

Pivoting is important.

The old ways are no more, same with daygame, social skills, not social skills is the only thing that works.

Even long after I died, Elite 30 will still work.

You can’t replace body language, communication skills, social skills.

A skillset PUAs doesn’t have, with auttism, sociopathy when they are SMVing it.

After you worship, tell yourself bullshit like oh the coach can do it, I can do it. It is all game… okay now what? You just lost so much money…

This is false, since you would need to have the same type of SMV as the dating coach. So if they look black, you need to be a white, latino, middle eastern or black to kind of make it work. Not always.

Second if it is their instagram, you would need to have exactly the same configuration as them. Not everyone is a club promoter or has the money to travel to 100 countries

You are funneled to the bootcamp. I mean you spend so much for 7 days. If I taught you, you were a normal case, that would be close to 3 lays.

Its like saying oh Shaq can do it more Michael Phelp

Or listening to bro science for building muscles, while ignoring your doctor or a nutritionist if he doesn’t look as jacked…

How did that work out for you?

Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero, is the only daygame product that works

It will also be the only daygame products that will always work. It won’t change.

If someone makes a product, it didn’t work well before, it wouldn’t work well in the future.

If their products sounds delusional, autistic, while they are SMVing it, well you will get more confused.

You think they have new advances in their game, yet Elite 30, the old social skills is curb stomping every daygame system in the world. Even during Covid 19

Success leaves clues

-John Elite

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