Truth! Daygame pickup, why white dating coaches have no skills


That is why they don’t have any laid testimonials in daygame


  • You will learn why white dating coaches doesn’t have any transferable game for minorities
  • You will learn how skills isn’t the same thing as value or game
  • You will learn why your skills aren’t that high
  • You will learn what is unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence
  • Learn how you can boost your skills at home with Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero
  • Learn why you should not worship white dating coaches
  • Why John Elite has 432 laid/pull testimonials while white dating coaches can’t even get more than a few for daygame


Sometimes I wonder, why these white dating coaches are so inferior to teaching daygame compared to me. Like I am some A.I who can calculate everything and it always works for the students…

Like in any other industry, when something is so inferior, with so few testimonials or results. They would be fined or whatever for it.

I even struggle to see why people are such sheeps and they believe these creatures.

I sometimes feel like Elon Musk vs the entire world. Or Usain Bolt vs a bunch of midgets in a race.

Sometimes I think they are just retarded, with their theories, their opinions as facts.

None can see clearly, like sociopaths.

To me, they are like low functioning beings with higher value or SMV.


While they can be superior creatures for the sexual market value compared to some minorities.

But I see them inferior when it comes to skills.

In any other industry, if you don’t learn marketing, public speaking, copywriting, consulting, you are fucked.

These are skills…

But their skills for the industry anyways, they are purely using the machevellian part of the dark triad personality. They have no marketing skills. They just know instinctively how to deceive and to charm the sheeps


I also think it is better if white dating coaches can teach white students only, illegal to teach minorities who aren’t tall white and blacks, positive stereotypes.

It just doesn’t make sense.

They have all these theories like Todd V, but they are all half baked.

Anyone else who isn’t delusional can see it is all feel good mental masturbation… not much different than his RSD days. It is just to feel smart for dumb sheeps!


They think they are scientific or smart and they argue with each other. Thinking they are better than the other.

Not even one has as many laid/pull testimonials as me, even combined.


In fact they have less than the minorities which is really strange.

If aliens flew to the earth and studied what is a dating coach, none of this shit will compute.


They are so certain they are right, but they only can get night game testimonials or online.

Yet they are worshipped.

They don’t even need proof, can just say here is my evidence, but with no proof.

No where in the world in any other industry can you get away with that.




You wonder why I John Elite talk about these things… When you think about it this way. None of this makes sense.

You have to conclude the perception of the sheeps… with multiple mental illnesses aren’t perceiving a true reality.

There are some sort of delusions, or magical thinking going on.

Without the sheeps… there are no wolves


Another question is, if they don’t have some height and SMV going for women who are llke 5/10 like Todd V’s girlfriend…

Is it possible they never evolved with skills because they don’t have to?

They could get some limited results, maybe not much better than their students. But, at the same time, them having aspergers or autism/sociopathy. Do they just get ugly women?

Are they lacking social skills and social calibrations because of these mental illnesses? The cormorbidity?

If they are so right, how come they can’t even get more than a handful of laid/pull testimonials?


Does John Elite sees them as lower lifeforms?

But they win purely due to their SMV?

Are they skilless, but with such high value, that they are using value, instead of game?

Are they just a better product, who thinks its their sales skills or game, but in reality, the are just SMVing it, as better products. But with very little if almost no skills.


If its 20/35 to get over the line of fuckability… Is it possible, their looks, their race is already 8/10. Is their game 2/10?

Is that 2/10 even transferable to minorities?

Is that 2/10 even have any social skills it it? If not, is it just squaring off with bad social calibrations, forcing her off the line, non stop validation, just vibbing it, or…

vibbing their SMV?


Do white people love spam approaching or volume and no calibrations because they have such high value, that they never develop their skills?

Are they calling it red pill, its all game, to deny their SMV?

Or if they are dark triad, can they can empathize with minorities?


Do they live in a fantasy world for normal tall good looking white people and these guys are a lower caste? Without social skills. Just socio skills?

Why should John Elite just stand there and say nothing while his fellow Asians or minorities are not getting results from these high value white guys…

That they are losing time and money getting nothing in return…

So delusional they don’t know they are getting screwed over… like how the Elites, screws over the sheeps.

Are sheeps just too dumb? so the wolves takes an advantage and sheep dogs like me or Sheppard are fighting the good fight, even if the sheeps doesn’t know how they are enslaved?


Isn’t it weird how they talk about they are getting you out of the Matrix. But they are the agents guarding the Matrix itself?


To the universe, a question that it ask you is. Are these other dating coaches helping others with their greed and ego? or are they helping themselves?

See it as a lucrative opportunity to sheer the wool of the sheeps?

Taking advantage of the mentally ill, the comorbidity?

Is your heart and mind so greedy, so perverse. so proud. Are you spiritually damaged?

How would you be judged when you pass away in the future?

What have you done for humanity? They will ask you as you get a life review.

If the answer is screwing over one sheep after another…

Won’t you get your judgement then?

Or are you so deluded, with such a perverse mind, you can justify anything…?



Food for thought.




-John Elite

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