Surprising Signs incels are tumors or cancers of society

I want to talk about a topic of incels and how they are like cancer or tumours

Elliot Rodger talks to camera in YouTube Video he posted during killing spree

They start out as tumours because for the first seven years of their life their mother or father yells at them.

They have passed off the narcissistic sociopathic Aspergers genes to these incels so what happens afterwards is the tumour starts to grow the self-esteem gets lower and lower.



The tumor is no longer benign at age 21, it grows rapidly

Around the age of 21 where a lot of people experience the most stress in their life, these in cells have Express their tumours although it’s benign.

Overtime with the lack of self-esteem they develop a very critical voice in their head telling them that they are worthless.

When Asperger’s Syndrome sets in they start to fail more and more with women because of the lack of social skills.


On top of not taking care of their appearance because their social skills hurts their ability to make money. They get picked on at work for their lack of social intelligence.

All these things together compound into a massive tumour. They start having delusional thoughts an angry thoughts about women.




I have field-tested with my incel students telling them to write down all the thoughts they have and it usually is very grim and dark.

Mind you some of my students are incels impossible cases but they still have a Pua belief system.

As the years go by they are so delusional, you tell them to do something and their brain scrambles your message because it’s full of cancer.

They start to think that everything you do is to screw them over or take value from them.



This is ironic thought because a lot of these people are value takers as tumours or cancer sucking off from a host with their sociopathic behaviours towards other people.

They have no value to give so when they do one nice thing for you they believe that they are Saints and you are the enemy. They typically are leeches.


They are totally delusional to the point where they don’t realize there is Vibe or energy is dark and that repels women.

Women can sense a lot about a guy just like an octopus can measure the waves in the water like a radar.

When she senses he has a tumour or incel traits, her pussy automatically dries up faster than the desert sand.

The lack of social skills also gets them rejected because the Asperger syndrome part of their tumour affects their social skills.




Everything that happens in your life is your fault, everything


There is sociopathic Behavior of their tumour makes it very hard for them to admit that maybe it is their fault and they are the ones to blame for repelling women.

They lack any sort of Personality outside being a tumour and everyone around it can sense it.

In fact, all the tumours act alike, especially in lookism or slut hate.

They don’t make much money in the world they are just nothing but a living parasite.

A lot of them collects autism bucks. Autism bux is a term that is for guys collecting autism disability checks for Asperger syndrome, or what they call high functioning autism.

Overtime they blame women when they cannot connect with women because they can’t socialize with women.



Their tumour is so strong that they really believe it’s the woman’s fault but they are so nervous in terms of approaching women.

As sociopaths believe it is never their fault. Over time they have more and more negative thoughts at the tumour growth, especially in their mid-20s.

Now they hate women intensely and they start to blame everyone else but themselves. Everything is thoughts feelings and actions. Or should I say belief thoughts and action.

With so many negative and Grimm beliefs especially those from slut hate or lookism, now you have a collective bunch of tumours all in one place with the same sociopathic mindsets, with the same high functioning autism diagnosis collecting autism bucks.

They have the darkest vibe in the world next to Islamic extremist.



They are complete losers in life banding together acting like victims or tragic Heroes.

They don’t realize they are not Heroes but villains. The reason why they are villains is that they are worthless tumors who are delusional who thinks they’re right about everything with absolutely nothing to show for it in their life.

They have never accomplished a damn thing in their life. They can’t accomplish anything except being low functioning because they are usually too busy blaming something else. So they don’t have my starting line to improve their lives.



Is there any cure for incels? The answer is usually no.

If they take the Pua route, I suggest really focusing on conversational skills and social skills in terms of nonverbal communication.

Perhaps taking some acting lessons so they don’t look like Elliot Rodgers when they talk to women, they have to hide their dark tumorous traits.

This is why they repel most of society since most of society is a functional place where people are always having sex with each other.

When you build up a lifestyle and you work on your social skills you will get women usually around the same looks scale as you or below.


Or if you are unattractive you can still build a lot of trust with women in the Social Circle.

These guys could not even make friends with women which helps booster Instagram because they are too creepy to be even friend-zoned because they are like tumours.



Then after a certain amount of time these guys feel like they can’t take it anymore. They get so angry for some of them they actually shoot up a school.

These are cowards or tumours that became cancerous because of their own failure with women.

They will never take the first step and it’ll take more than one year before they make one positive change in your life.


When you understand tumours and Cancers and how they’re delusional, you have a metaphor that can explain.

In order for them to change, they must audit their thoughts and feelings.

Even if you did affirmations to move their life forward, with negative thoughts that boat will still sink.

They need a mental diet to starve out the tumour in their own mind. OR STARVE OUT THEIR OWN TUMOR


Most of all they need to get laid many many times and they are going in a downward spiral because of their tumour mindsets and their lower sexual market value.

They could bang a prostitute but they won’t because she isn’t into him and that also hurts their pride. Even if that might help them a bit as a hard reset to their vibe.



Yes, it’s true that they are not good looking but they never discovered the ability to improve their fashion or Aesthetics.

They will often tell you about how they tried hard to improve their fashion even if it looks like s*** because their mental filters do not understand what women find attractive.

They will have the audacity to tell you that Zara fashion looks gay.

But they won’t admit to women that they look like a homeless person or roadkill. What right do they have to project their tumorous reality about women when they haven’t even lost their virginity?


They would tell you how that used to work out and how they f*** that up to because they hunch like crazy and they f***** up their skeleton.

Their hunch comes from the lack of technique in the gym because they can’t stop hunching due to the fight-flight or freeze, mostly freeze response.


They will even blame their cat around them if it walks by because it’s never their fault because they are tumours.

Could you feel any sort of sympathy or empathy or pity towards these tumours, I would say absolutely not.


Dating coaches or some of them have the exact same sociopathic Asperger’s mindset without any social skills whatsoever.

But the difference is the software because they have a different operating system call Pua. Versus looks Theory they have a theory of persuasion. Also higher SMV.

They all have the same Hardware in their mind in reality, they are delusional and they think they’re right about everything. But they have a different operating system.


A lot of gangsters also have the same mentality as this.

Almost all of society has undesirable traits started from sociopath. They only make up 4% of the population but they caused the most Devastation in disruption in society.


Perhaps all of this tumour Behavior is part of evolutionary psychology. They have last thousands of years or millions of years in human evolution.

But the incels is something that is more recent. The sexual market value has changed a lot over the years.

Especially with online dating in Instagram we’re even ugly women who are 5 out of 10 and looks are being validated more than their 8 out of 10 looking friends.


Society now requires you to adapt. If everything is survival and replication value, every woman has a job these days so your survival value doesn’t mean s***.

Now it is more about replication value.


Like I tell my impossible case or incel students, yes I do have impossible case incel students and I got them laid.

Difference is looks theory they can’t get laid from lookism or slut hate.


You think some of them can get laid with a women who isn’t 4/10 in looks. A smelly fat whale that looks like a dude if they get laid.

I hope you find this post educational and you are the sum of the 5 people you are closest to. Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Ditch loser friends…


-John Elite

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