Inner game flows to outer game

Once you have your inner mindsets down, it flows to your body languageOUTER GAME.png

Had a student taking Kaizen, first day he did his lessons he already got a date.

Yep, one of my concepts is outside in. Inside out.

What it means is if you already maxed out your outer game, you switch to inner game.

If you maxed out your inner game and plateaued, you switch back to outer game

Then you go back to inner game,

Then back to outer game.


See the source image

You can try to disrupt the flow by fixing the body language which is Kaizen or Elite 30.

When the outside is changed and everyone is treating you differently, then the inside changes. for your beliefs or thoughts.

You can go in an upward spiral or downward spiral depending

See the source image

Just don’t plateau.


One student just got a date learning Kaizen on his first day of the course.

Another student in 3MP is using Kaizen and it turns out his fast thoughts and his fast speech affected the way he moves his body.

While I think mindsets are important, I’ve always been more of an outer game guy, outside in.

That’s why I have so much student results.


Check out Kaizen, might be exactly what you need all along

Bad habits takes 21 days to change. Elite 30 is a 30 day challenge. Kaizen course is 31 days.

Your tonality can also affect your body language

Speak too fast, too unnatural, guess what, your hand gesture are going to be screwed up.

Also your bad body language affects your speech, its all related.


I’m trying to redesign the site. Between looking more professional or functional.

There are so many testimonials, it is slowing down the site.

I know that seems weird, but i’m a victim of my own student success.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m not a marketer. I don’t claim to know how to be a good PUA marketer.

Sometimes it isn’t about who is the best dating coach. But the one people knows.

Most are envious of me, but at the same time, I still get students with a fraction of the YouTube views and subscribers because students wants results.


-John Elite

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