My second live, great advice for minorities (inner game and outer game)

I gave a ton of advice, more than usual. I really don’t give that much advice before, but because its live, I didn’t write out a chart on what to say. People just can’t stop asking questions.

The stuff in here is very important. Sometimes the minority mindsets or Asian mindset is wrong. You need to be more dominant. Break negative stereotypes.

Women has so much power over men these days. But you still have control of your own mindsets. That much you can control.

Hope you get a lot of value and learn a lot of stuff in this video.

We will focus on the good things again. Lately a lot of distractions. People who plot and will attack indirectly in the future as if they expected others to not see the mask everyone else can see.


My bootcamps have the most depth. Lots of the game isn’t even understood by the other Waynes. It goes deep. Imagine the youtube live videos are going to 60% depth or understanding. Or the light switches going off.

Bootcamps are 100%. Immersion will only be 90%. Products maybe 75%, but I didn’t release my other products. So you are only seeing a small part of the overall picture. Skype can get some more of it.



-John Wayne

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