Impossible case pulls second time, couldn’t get hard again? Still..Impossible case, not hardcase, no one could of even done this, I am a god (part 2)

Hold on a second, I want to document this. Around 12:15am, Feb 12th. He just contacted me and pulled again.

I also want to call out some potential students who ghosted me lately. I’m going to call you guys out on your shit.

But first, yes he pulled again, couldn’t get an erection. I taught him or left a voicemail over WhatsApp the new tactics my Mexican student was taught to get over approach anxiety.

Remember this student was so afraid he couldn’t get it up. Yes I am innovative and invent and field test new things in the game. He got laid night game, I get 20% credit. Lets focus, i’m tired. Screenshots. I’ll censor it now. I’m writing and updating now.

Unlike JT Tran who cuts out the entire top part of the screenshot, I actually show it, it is the same person here. You can see.

I’m blurring his face right now so you know its real. Look at the time. Its not that far away.




-John Wayne

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