Real reason you like my brutal honesty so much or scare of it

Most of you lies to yourself all the time. You aren’t honest with yourself. You simply aren’t.

You pretend to be nice to people because you don’t want to offend them. Yes you are more emotionally than me, but emotionally weak.

The problem is your emotions are tired to your actions. Its so strong. For me, i’m able to disconnect and reconnect at will.

This is why I can read everyone is such detail.

Emotions are important, its the universal currency of dealing with people.

At the same time with emotions, you always will be driven by fear.

So you play it safe in a normal fucking job without a side hustle

When I say fucking, or the word cunt, or the word faggot. You get triggered like a snowflake because your mom belittles your dad and you have no male role models

Your parents are snowflakes or one of them is.

So you stopped being brutally honest, but start being fearful of one of them. Most likely one has a narcissistic trait and yells at you all day.

Then you feel weak as hell. Your social skills suffers after doing your job. Blame them for the success too.

You come to me, see a guy who is willing to lose money and wrong clients to get the right clients by being brutally honest.

Everyone is emotional pussies. Oh John Wayne you can’t tell your audience that. They think Todd Valentine is the best. Even if he is not the best, its their perception.

Meaning there is no truth anymore in the daygame world. The secret is most of the daygame industry is marketing.

Can you fucking see that. Even when I swear, I am being so brutally honest, I don’t need a filter.

Don’t you see there is a hierarchy of influence in daygame.

  1. marketing is the top by far, if people are emotional sheeps and snowflakes or like emotionally weak like a women
  2. advice videos trumps any same day lay infields
  3. proof of your results, but people attribute white dating coaches with a number close as successful because they assume
  4. testimonials, you guys doesn’t care. Most of the industry doesn’t care anymore because they can’t get it. They have some SMV advantage that isn’t transferable.

Its fucking sad, this world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Here I am from an earlier generation where snowflakes, feminism was rare.

Now i’m a fucking dinosaur where I don’t submit to man hating women. I even troll them while most of you can’t. I flirt with them, while most of you wont because you are a dishonest fuck.

Look in the mirror, you know you are a dishonest fuck, its why you go to RSD.



2 Replies to “Real reason you like my brutal honesty so much or scare of it”

  1. It’s deeper than that. A lot of Asian guys don’t want to be successful!
    It’s like with weight loss, if someone gives a fat person a practicable path
    to a better life, they will usually reject it.
    They will go towards dodgy self sabotaging advice instead, so they
    can always have an excuse or a way to think of themselves as being helpless.

    “It’s hopeless for me, there is no way I can lose fat”.

    Meanwhile there are plenty of ways that people teach on how to lose fat.

    Same deal here with Day game. Also, secretly this means they don’t want an Asian like
    you to be seen as successful! They want to maintain the stereotype that Asians
    can’t get girls no matter what. A black pill of sorts.
    It’s called catastrophism. Assuming any and all efforts to be pointless without testing
    or reasoning properly.

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