I don’t know if I should blog daily. Maybe focus on Youtube

YouTube brings in more money than blogging in my field testing. I need to put out more content. Its not easy, most people doesn’t know its only me.

Lately I have been a slave to all of this video editing and making thumbnails. Would be easier if I focused on other shit.

For environmental exposure, when I moved here, I changed a lot. I wasn’t as hungry as a PUA. I don’t have anything more to prove. When you see my future infields. You will see me at the top of my game. I conquered all of Europe. Except Riga, fuck that place. 6’3 women everywhere. Hard as Vancouver, everyone is in relationships to survive.

If i’m blogging daily, this month has been one of the worst months of my career in terms of making money. The only difference is the YouTube. When I get sick, neglect my audience, this usually happens. I was near death with the flu.

My latest video is about how me being shorter skinner can over come the bigger taller stronger more handsome dating coaches if we are getting similar results. Well my girls are way more attractive than I am and taller. Who has more skill?


I realized most of the sheeps can’t read anyways. Even if my blog was brutally honest, sheeps are really dumb.

Having said that my next post will be about preselection. Where I stayed in Cali, had a lot of Spanish people. Tons, it was near the border. My roommate who looks Latino, has zero preselection in Vancouver. When they think of Latino here, they think of large social circle and never venturing out. Or they have yellow fever.

My student the Mexican guy already got laid in night game. While I only taught him how to deal with approach anxiety, I only get 20% of the credit. He did the rest once that one weakness was unlocked. Still.

You have a few days but you have no idea what you are missing with the Wayne Playbook with Skype. That one skype can make all the difference in your life. Like asking a billionare in the game how to improve. It will go a long way.


I might judge people for being stupid. PUAs are broken people. I was really stupid when I was a teenager and also in my early 20’s. I read every book on every subject until I regained the depth and clarity. I also realized a lot of self help books were scams to make money. This was how I was aware there is an RSD in every industry.

My depth and understanding of the game is obviously the most vast. But, other areas i’m retarded in. When you see future infields, Deepak has to lead the direction because I can’t read maps. I’m not perfect. I’m really not good at survival skills compared to my roommate. But i’m the best in one area. Top 1% for coaching daygame. This is not an exaggeration. Only 4 students didn’t pull or get laid in my bootcamps total. It was snowing and raining. So I can’t be blamed. Also, impossible cases. Hundreds did get laid or pulled.

-John Wayne

4 Replies to “I don’t know if I should blog daily. Maybe focus on Youtube”

  1. Hey John,

    As a daily reader of your blog, I’m a little sad to hear you are considering backing off of blog posts. But I can understand you wanting to maximize your time and focusing more on YouTube than your blog. It seems a lot of Pick Up coaches use talking head videos and infield videos as the foundation of their business. Guys like Bradicus have created a worldwide audience by posting MANY videos of his (worldwide) infields. As far as I know, his website is barely ever updated other than bootcamp dates.

    But what I like about your written posts on your blog is you can speak uncensored and explain things with as much depth as necessary. With YouTube videos, the audience attention span is so short, and the sidebar offers so many distractions to click away, that content has to be short, and as a result, more shallow than a written post. That’s why your “GOlden Nuggets” is a great idea.

    Youtube seems like the perfect platform to provide entertainment, draw in new viewers (potential clients) and establish your expertise. I guess it’s just a matter of volume and quality. Your subscriber count can only grow exponentially as you add videos regularly. But you know this already.

    The other thing I love about your blog is we get to see more about you and your life. For example, it feels much more sincere when you write about surviving your illness or how excited you are about your trip to see Dan Pena. Videos about this stuff, on the other hand, can sometimes come off as self absorbed. Just my opinion.

    Videos are easier to watch, but harder to make – but the payoff is greater. With enough subscribers, you can easily put yourself on the map with the more popular YouTube PUA companies. Most guys who struggle with girls are NOT tall, white, pre-selected etc. so your potential viewer base is a gigantic demographic waiting to find you.

    Once your channel takes off, are you willing to manage the armies of RSD fanboy trolls that will take over your comments section to discredit you? That could be a huge waste of time for you. But I know you are up for a fight.

    On the other hand, YT drama and conflict is the single best way to get high view counts and boost your YT presence. I know you have a lot to say about other coaching companies – Dan Pena said “Go On The Attack”.

    I hope you don’t abandon your blog 100%. I think your posts are an important part of how you communicate with your audience.

    I’m not a business coach, a web designer or a YouTuber myself but if I could offer some ideas that would help your Youtube channel get the attention it deserves, I would say:

    – Create templates for your thumbnails to save time and create a consistent brand
    – Take the time to speed up your editing workflow…keyword shortcuts/plugins for repeated tasks etc. (I edit on Final Cut Pro X so I can’t help unfortunately)
    – Pump out videos with provocative titles and sexy thumbnails (infields will always get more attention)
    – Eventually outsource editing and thumbnails

    In the background, I would love to see you clean up your blog so you can attract more readers. By that I mean:

    – Get a better, shorter, simpler, easier to find URL and transfer your blog posts there
    – Find a FAST LOADING, clean looking new interface
    – Tag content with key words for Search Engine Optimization
    – Choose a blog theme that allows your readers to search content & go back through old posts

    Right now, the blog loads really slowly, and it’s hard to go back to see old posts, and you can’t search for anything.

    Ok, just thought I would share my thoughts. I wouldn’t spend to time to share ideas with you if I didn’t believe in your philosophy and business.

    I know your blog isn’t loaded with comments, but there are regular readers. It can’t just be me. What do others think?

    Good luck, and don’t forget us when you are a household name.

    – M


    1. I’ll still write, but not daily. When I was sick, I stopped posting youtube videos. But that made less money. This was a shit month. If you don’t keep up with the marketing, you lose clients. Sometimes a client converts in a certain amount of time like 26 days or something according to what I learned on the seminar. Deepak isn’t too happy about it. But he wants my health to come first. That’s more important.

      I’ll still be blogging every few days or whenever I want. If I wanted to make a blog post today I will. But priorities are, youtube is where I earned all the money and I have to make a living.

      You are smart, you have depth and understanding. But most of the people are stupid, like animals. You can appreciate something that they can’t. The industry isn’t full of smart people sometimes. But a lot of immature broken people. PUA attracts that. I realized after talking to more people at the seminar I went to.

      Wayne dating lifestyles wont’ let me use a domain. Otherwise I am competiting with the company. So they let me keep the blog. If they use one, they get to keep my testimonials and censor my post.

      -John Wayne


  2. I think it doesn’t have to be daily, quality over quantity right?
    Also in youtube you have to be careful about youtube censorship.
    Snowflakes might flag down your videos as being racist or bullying if not careful.
    But in your blog you can go ham on scammy assholes!


    1. More often is better and variety. I learned this from a guy who made 100 million on the seminar. 7 main videos. I didn’t want my 7 to be same day lay infields. That’s great and all, but I want to turn dear Asians post into a video series. 39 videos of golden nuggets and 56 upsold somewhere else hidden or maybe posted only exclusively on the blog. People doesn’t buy shit unless it takes 26 days or something. So consistently is important. Also, unlike before, i’m not going to schedule my life around my videos. But the videos around my lifestyle as I did in California. The way I used to film it before too helped during daygaming.

      -John Wayne

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